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  1. Jettesnell added a post in a topic Private BDO servers - Game changers   

    I've found one Private server, tried it out since it used the EU/NA client, only had to make a copy and add their launcher.
    For starters, they do not have the source code or anything like that, the servers are very buggy. There isn't really any lag issues imo, but monsters runs in the air, disappears when you attack them etc. Overall it felt like a buggy version of CBT1. A + side was that you could try out the Ninja on the server i checked out. You are also given boss gear at level 1 and 30k pearls, sadly weight and inventory space expansions in the store are bugged and do not work. 
    At this point, there is no real reason t play a private server, except for a laugh and a fun evening messing around. The official servers are far better at this point. But well, considering that they manage to make a working server this quickly, in a few years we will have servers on the same level as official if it keeps up in this pace. 
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  2. Jettesnell added a post in a topic dasdsa   

    Name changes happen during maintenance. I did a Namechange myself a while back, just wait until the weekly maint and it will change. 
    As for the guild part, I have no idea since I did a Character name change, not a family. 
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  3. Jettesnell added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 6th   

    Love how there are people that think they actually only did this in 8 hours. Some really need to get their head out of their asses
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  4. Jettesnell added a post in a topic IP block - Racist and politically incorrect move by Daum Games   

    OP has the same "logic" of a modern feminist and Swedish politician. Don't bother trying to reason with this creature, better to just kill it and put it out of it's misery.
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  5. Jettesnell added a post in a topic Can't leave guild   

    We need you back in our life Shanir, game isn't the same without you bantering in comms  
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  6. Jettesnell added a post in a topic say something you hate about bdo   

    1) Content was released way too fast. Mediah should have been released 3 months after launch, inbetween should be balance patches and smaller things. 
    2) The game focus way too much on RNG elements and unnecessary grind. Seriously, why do we have to grind for Amity? Make it slightly harder, put a cap at 1k, and change so it never decrease after it's been achieved. Monster knowledge should be a progression, not an RNG. Exploring should be mroe rewarding and adventurous. Give treasure chests better rewards, make them hard to find, more caves etc. 
    3) Prices in store, most of it should be dropped with 20%
    4) The Upgrading System.. Horrible. Asians like RNG on this, Western like 100% success with upgrading items hard to find/expensive
    5) Why are there no nudes of Jouska.. We need this. 
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  7. Jettesnell added a post in a topic Are the publishers of this game good?   

    It is good, don't feel comfortable on voting either yes or no, as I believe they are in the middle. The communication in beta was awesome, at launch it sort of disappeared, and it's slowly coming back. The customer support has been great once they respond for me, but it takes a lifetime for them to respond. 
    Overall they aren't too shabby, but there is much they need to improve on unless they wish to get on the same level of reputation as Gameforge in the eu. 
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  8. Jettesnell added a post in a topic SINGLE PLAYER GAME   

  9. Jettesnell added a post in a topic SINGLE PLAYER GAME   

    Exactly, I find it to be that as well, but it isn't pay 2 win. Pay 2 win is when you are forced to use irl money to simply play core features of the game. Extra weight isn't a core feature, it's something that is extremely convenient and saves a lot of time not having to run to a npc or a bank all the time. Black Desert is Pay for convenience to a extreme point, but it isn't pay 2 win. 
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  10. Jettesnell added a post in a topic PvP is a complete JOKE   

    Bloody phone auto correct  Meant Sorcs >.>
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  11. Jettesnell added a post in a topic PvP is a complete JOKE   

    Hah, another clueless fool.
    1. Of course you get less points as a warrior/valk, you are a bloody tank, idiot. 
    2. Sorcs nerf was needed, they are still very strong, despite the bug. The people crying about the nerf either can't play the class or are crying, hoping it will get enough attention so they get buffed and op again. 
    3. Of course Rangers and wizards are stronger in a tea fight, they are ranged dos classes. 
    Its sad sad how many people lack the ability to think a bit logical before crying out. 
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  12. Jettesnell added a post in a topic SINGLE PLAYER GAME   

    It's cute how some people like op always believe they have the ability to judge a game after barely scratching the surface. 
    OP, if you don't want to play alone, they bloody bring in some friends to play with. Unless you go through real life the same way you go through an mmo, all alone, then you might have a problem. 
    Also, the game isn't p2w. It's sure a lot easier if you choose to spend a little on weight etc. But it isn't required. It's pay for convenience. 
    [Edited content] Inappropriate language
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  13. Jettesnell added a post in a topic Its the 26th and still no Valencia announced?   

    It's a bloody weekend, chill dammit. 
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  14. Jettesnell added a post in a topic Node Wars Feedback and Suggestions   

    The server structure should be the same in both regions, so the hardware is most likely not the issue. I believe it's a network issue and net provider crap. 
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  15. Jettesnell added a post in a topic Node Wars Feedback and Suggestions   

    Alright, not surprised them. It seems like NA had a bunch of issues since release. The launch in EU was probably one of the smoothest launches I've experienced. There is also no lag whatsoever ever, at least that's how I experience it, and so does my team mates in my guild. 
    Weird how different it is between the regions, they must have a bad net provider there. 
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