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  1. Arthan added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    17/jul Western War Camp 
    Cerbervs vs (Ancestral & SymphonyX)
    Won: (Ancestral & SymphonyX) -> Node for Ancestral
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  2. Arthan added a post in a topic closed   

    Nice job guys, we love Babar too
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  3. Arthan added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Cerberus is the name, but it was saved for a "clan"... so ingame our guild name is Cerbervs.
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  4. Arthan added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Maybe THOR  dont "being a zerg legion"... we are not THOR (we let thor over 2 months ago), we are Cerberus.
    If all the people thinks that it easy create and hold an alliance... try to do it. If you think that it is easy control your ppl when X ally just kill them (because we can damage between us)... try to do it.
    We are not a zerg, we are X people from X guilds working together for a target. We dont go to lvl1 or lvl2 nodes destroying the guilds...
    If you like it.. fine. If you hate us... fine. This is a node war... not a GvG or 1vs1 to give us your numbers.
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  5. Arthan added a post in a topic Please close this thread.   

    On this week:
    [3] Western Guard Camp [-] Cerbervs vs Ancestrall vs MyLittlePwny
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  6. Arthan added a post in a topic Please close this thread.   

    First of all thanks to Asura and Zer0 for the coordinate fight, you know that it not easy coordinate your own ppl, try to organize attacks from 3 different lines, from 3 different guilds was very fun, even when we can kill us
    Futilez was very very very hard, when we think that they lost, these ..ing guys turn up again the recovery centers, incredible work...
    About our name... we are Cerberus, and if the only bad thing that you can say about us is for our name change, we are on the right way.
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  7. Arthan added a post in a topic NODE WARS RESULTS 19.06.2015   

    Western Guard Camp - We won against AKGL and Legacy.
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  8. Arthan added a post in a topic Changing guild name   

    we sent a lot of tickets asking for the guild name change, and all time we get the same results... the guild name cant be changed.
    I hope they will create any token or something else to do it.
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  9. Arthan added a post in a topic Which guild will get a territory. Jordine EU   

    I will not talk about our position... you can put us on T4 or T5, we will see on node wars... 
    But... really???
    <T1>   |
    (1.)Harmony vs Grind
    3.IRON vs Futilez     4.Angestral (53 members)       5. SLAY    6.Last Dream (34 members)   7.High Dawn (who are them)    8. Eclypse 
    9.Divinwhatever (t3 really? did you fight agains them. they are t2 ...)    10.Avalon     11.Millenium     12.Thorr
    Try to do a real list, not this kind of joke...
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  10. Arthan added a post in a topic Which guild will get a territory. Jordine EU   

    Did you forget say that when rome said the GM is coming, 3 of you run away? 
    Or why since that moment, for "magic", you died all times?
    As I said, Tier 2 with cheats
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  11. Arthan added a post in a topic Which guild will get a territory. Jordine EU   

    I think that you must fight agains that guilds to know them... (and... I'm not from IRON)
    Tier 1 Guilds:
    Tier 2 Guilds:
    <GRIND> ; <Harmony> ; <THoRR> ; <Divinium Furor> ; <TheSoulSlayers> ; <Avalon> ; <FUtilez>  ; <Millenium (with cheats)>
    Tier 3+ Guilds: 
    Everyone else and <Millenium (without cheats)>
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  12. Arthan added a post in a topic Multiserver finally?   

    This is the problem, I don't know why they didn't put REGION instead SERVER...
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  13. Arthan added a topic in General   

    Multiserver finally?
    On Key Dates post we can read:
      Once the claiming process has opened, you will have to create first a character on a server of your liking
    So... that means multiserver or the note is referer to EU / NA megaservers? Any info about that?
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  14. Arthan added a post in a topic Show off your Male Character   

    This is my main.

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