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  1. Silmeria added a post in a topic A Male Counterpart for the future "Dark Elf" Class! [POLL]   

    Bump~ This is something I would love to see in the future. Male elves should also come with a leaner body type option. Or the ability to make him look leaner without it looking abnormal. 
    (Also head size sliders please...)
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  2. Silmeria added a post in a topic A Viable Way to Buy Pearls with Loyalty   

    I find this fair considering the game is B2P. At least some way to ge cash shop items without the current ridiculous restrictions ..I mean Blade and soul is F2P and you can get items from the cash shop without paying real money. So black desert not having a similar system doesn't really make sense. . .
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  3. Silmeria added a post in a topic Character creator, head size option.   

    This is something I made a topic about months ago. Sadly No one really took interest in it. I guess people don't care for proportions that much (or the fact that all the characters sliders min an max capabilities are all different and produce various size appearances on max settings. Can't it all just be the same??)
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  4. Silmeria added a post in a topic Old players get noel costume for free?   

    People with a conquer's pack got semi trolled. 
    1. Crapy outfit
    2. Terrible 5 tier horse with 1 inventory slot
    3. Hardly enough pearls to buy a decent costume.
    But I guess the returning player rewards are good. Got a better horse that way but the loyalty shop could use more work IMO.
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  5. Silmeria added a post in a topic Aesthetic Snobbery: Immersive Clothes & Hairstyles   

    This would be nice >_> but not in the cash shop. I like the idea of making it available to purchase in game from an NPC.
    (The cash shop feels like a f2p game and I really hate that)
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  6. Silmeria added a topic in Suggestions   

    Horse Appearance
    Hello all~
    After playing black desert for awhile I have flound that the loyalty shop could use another item that to me does not give the player any advantages in the game. A horse appearance change coupon would be awesome in the loyalty shop. Since the pet coupon is already in the shop at 1400 points perhaps the horse coupon can be priced at 2800 or 3000 I would definitely log in for that ! The coupon can also be restricted to just the normal appearances and not the special appearances. That way people can still purchase the other coupon if desired or just buy the normal one if they do not want to wait for the log in requirement. 
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  7. Silmeria added a post in a topic New Undergarments Suggestion: Nontransparent Leggings   

    Perfect season for leggings! (   ._.)  please? 
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  8. Silmeria added a post in a topic New Undergarments Suggestion: Nontransparent Leggings   

    I'm really glad that most of the people that posted here have really taken a liking to this topic and hope that helps bring this to the attention to the devs. . .it is also nice to know that jouska has seen it ^-^
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  9. Silmeria added a post in a topic Account-wide costumes in Buy to Play game   

    This has my support
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  10. Silmeria added a post in a topic Allow Costume Mixing with set bonus   

    Please I need proper costume mixing. I made a thread about this before . .  We need a poll or something. 
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  11. Silmeria added a post in a topic A Height meter/measurement in Character Creation   

    This would be great. Along with an option to adjust head size to fit height of character! 
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  12. Silmeria added a post in a topic Game does not feel Buy-to-play: I feel like I have wasted money   

    I agree with this. We need some perks as a B2P model if not it's simply unjust.
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  13. Silmeria added a post in a topic Horse Names   

    It would be nice to at least pay silver to change the name. Perhaps once per horse?
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  14. Silmeria added a post in a topic Colorblind options for mobs and minimap   

    This is a great idea and I support this.
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  15. Silmeria added a post in a topic Please give us a normal looking male character...   

    I have in fact been to your website and looked through all the interesting templates yet there hasn't been one that looks like an average young adult male for warriors while still maintaining a natural appearance.  Yes the details are amazing in the CC I myself have spent hours on it since testing phases, but they are still limited and leave the character looking squished or formed oddly.
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  16. Silmeria added a post in a topic Suggestion: No RNG boxes. Ever.   

    Ugh reminds me of TERA... Please don't do RNG here (;-;  )
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  17. Silmeria added a post in a topic Please give us a normal looking male character...   

    By normal looking I think he means lean. Since called the warrior beefcakes I'm pretty sure he wants someone who is default lean.  All the make classes look like they play football and swim for a living. 
    I say why not?  More options= happy customers
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  18. Silmeria added a post in a topic Furniture Durability and much much more!   

    *sigh* starting to sound like I invested in the wrong game. . .I'll just grind for everything. ..
    (._.   )
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  19. Silmeria added a post in a topic Tactician class.   

    Maybe named something else... All I see is:

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  20. Silmeria added a post in a topic Reordering Character by Last Used/Name/Custom?   

    I support reordering characters by last used!  Please! !
    (Maybe make this a poll? )
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  21. Silmeria added a post in a topic Live Executions   

    Someone is upset. ..
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  22. Silmeria added a post in a topic Underscores still, really?   

    Yes please. We need to get with the times... no underscores or periods between words.
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  23. Silmeria added a post in a topic Nighttime Darkness to Dark   

    Yea I'm fine with how it is. I don't use a lanturn and I even turn others lanturlanturns
    BUT they should adjust the way the sky looks when it rains.  Never any clouds. Just a blank gray screen.
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  24. Silmeria added a post in a topic Sexism Sells?   

    I need this.....could also let us buy ingame from NPCS in the area... (._.    )
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  25. Silmeria added a post in a topic Campfires   

    This would be awesome!  
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