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  1. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    @MChrome: In case you're wondering if the whole world has gone crazy because of the people you've had to respond to, your arguments are very clear and understandable.  They're also valid.
    I'm sitting on 90 million silver as a casual who doesn't do AFK activities because I sold a Tree Spirit armor (I don't play enough to want to worry about upgrading it), and I can't buy anything that I want, really.  I want a +15 Liverto Axe, and I want an Ancient Weapon Core belt.  Neither are ever really available, so the money I have amounts to not much, unless I want to get into the accessory upgrading game on my Witch's Earrings.  Which I don't care to right now.
    And even if I did, I could still get iced by RNG, even playing the failstack game properly.  I just hate the failstack game because it's RNG to try to help your RNG, so I'm not willing to spend 24 million silver on an attempt for 2 extra AP.
    Money doesn't spontaneously generate good items in-game, and purchasing dyes doesn't even create inflation in the economy.  And if pumping accessories to Tri with some unlimiited pool of silver really destabilizes the game that much, then the game is designed terribly to begin with.  That's just what I think, anyway.
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  2. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic the game pvp balance became a parody with this last patch   

    The problem is that in many cases, "l2p" and "git gud" are appropriate responses delivered inappropriately.  They're tactless and inflammatory, but on target, and what ends up happening is everyone gets caught in the web of tactless flaming.  No one stops to realize that they, in fact, need to try to work around the changes before screaming about them.
    Before the changes with the most recent patch, as a Zerk, I modified my approach to the fight against Sorcs.  I would use Shake Offs to mitigate damage and attempt to get a stomp off behind the Sorc, or otherwise just burn the Sorc out of stam so they can't spam Night Crow as often.  Or Lava Piercer into them when you think they are going to use Dark Flame from a Night Crow in order to grab them from the front.  It was a game of patience and timing.
    But no one has any patience, and no one stops to consider timing.  Most people seem to just legitimately slam their faces into their keyboards, and if one person consistently wins, it's a balance/gear/level/desync/etc. issue.  It's never, ever the player who just needs to approve or modify his/her approach.
    So, yes.  Get good.  Learn to play.  Stop using personal insult as a springboard to avoiding any personal responsibility for your failures.
    And when you were a Rank 14 Rogue, all you did was spend every possible moment online and queued into BGs.  The High Warlord warrior on Turalyon had I think 3 people cycling in to keep the character logged in and gaining as much honor as possible to hit Rank 14.  None of that has anything to do with being PvP-savvy in an MMO.
    And when you were getting multiple gladiators, you were most likely in an RPM comp and easy-streeted your way up the ranks.  My friend rolled Rogue+Resto Shaman in 2s and hit glad, and meanwhile I recognized that PvP in WoW was really just for comedic value only.  It really wasn't that fulfilling and was balanced like garbage in the BC days anyway.
    So no one cares about your credentials for why you don't have to try to get better when a balance patch hits the scene.  If anything you should know how to accommodate and already be getting good.
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  3. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Still no word from Daum about this broke patch ?   

    You want a developer to mollycoddle knee-jerk balance reactions that very apparently don't even try to work around the changes, instead simply complaining that they can't do exactly what they used to do with the same effectiveness they used to do it, regardless of how well THAT was balanced?
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  4. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Dye P2W, is community OK about it? (POLL)   

    If I'm fighting someone in-game, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference if they bought $1000 worth of dyes and sold them, then used that silver to buy the best gear *they could find* on the AH and enhance it, or if they had just been playing for 16 hours a day.
    As a result, I really don't care.
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  5. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic the game pvp balance became a parody with this last patch   

    What grab/cc changes?
    EDIT - Found it:
    Other crowd control skill will not be applied after using grabbing or bound skill.
    I really wish they did a better job of explaining these changes.  What's the CD on CC after using a grab?  Can we still chain grabs?  Can we just not do the Float combo after Undertaker?  I'll have to play with it.
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  6. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic What happened to the sorc's Accuracy?   

    You had an expectation to DF-spam a block down?  What is the purpose of a block, even, if it can't discourage a heavy frontal assault?
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  7. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic No refund on camo   

    I have some ideas why we're the only server to change it, but in order to support them, it requires data that I don't have.  I just know the suit gives +2 gathering, and the NPCs wearing it all gather.  Its combat usefulness seems like an oversight to me, one that the other regions didn't deem important enough to change.  This region did.
    But honestly I don't care.  I'm just amused about the demands for a refund, like things that impact combat balance in MMOs don't change all the time.  I don't care if they paid extra for it, they only did so out of a selfish interest to have a paid leg up, regardless of its potential impact on large-scale PvP balance/fairness for all.
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  8. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic p2w vs p2progress   

    If a game's design allows it to be susceptible to P2W, I think it's the design that's a problem.  Otherwise, your community constantly splits hairs on what is or isn't P2W.
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  9. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic No refund on camo   

    Are you saying you didn't buy it for its intended gathering purpose?  You specifically bought it for node wars, siege battles, and red battlefield?
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  10. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Berserker buffs.... not so much   

    I'll have to test this out, because that's pretty damn unfortunate.
    The damage buffs really caught me off guard, though.  I can sort of see them wanting to emphasize timing Shake Off instead of spamming it for the SA, but I'm really curious to see how damage looks now with various combos.
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  11. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Why do I feel like I've been ripped off yet again?   

    You're acting like just another forum troll yourself.  Make claim, don't support it, boast about yourself, make claim about me.
    All I asked for was proof, and this is how you reacted.  Check yourself, I don't care how old you are.
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  12. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Why do I feel like I've been ripped off yet again?   

    Do you have proof of this subroutine that handles the stats, and why it would cause a lag spike?
    If not, you're exactly that delusional expert.
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  13. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Desync misconceptions   

    I think it would have been more useful to discuss the difference between "desync" and "lag".  If I use Shake Off, and in the middle of the Super Armor animation get CC'd, odds are it's a lag issue because the player CC'd me before the server recognized I had used Shake Off, even if my Client knew I used Shake Off first.
    If I grab someone and use Undertaker, then I go to use abilities and their body slides from one position to another, odds are a desynchronization occurred because the result of the commands on my screen had to be updated based on what the server thought happened, and for some reason the two states didn't match up.
    That's what I think, anyway.
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  14. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Why do I feel like I've been ripped off yet again?   

    It sounds like the OP defined his own expectations regardless of what information about the game there was/wasn't available beforehand.  Simply stating "that wasn't part of the deal" doesn't make you correct, and it insinuates some sort of deal between you and the game developer.  Which there was no such deal.
    In short, OP ripped himself off at seemingly every turn.  
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  15. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic they might as well should sell gear upgrades in pay shop   

    If you don't see how hacking is different than using real money to catch your gear up to those who spent time in-game, then you shouldn't be able to be part of this conversation.
    Part of the problem is that people with this mentality don't seem to enjoy playing the game, just receiving rewards.  But I don't understand why a reward-driven person would consciously go deep into such an RNG-heavy game.  Seems like a conflict of interests, because that lack of guarantee that you're going to feel the rush from seeing the reward is going to make you resentful of anything/everything at the drop of a hat.  I'm not sure that's really the game's fault.
    Also, I think it's a sign of poor design if you can make a game Pay-to-Win by enabling cash-based shortcuts to improved gear.  When Pay-to-Win and Play-to-Win end up at the same place, I can't help but laugh at all the complaints about Pay-to-Win.  The argument "that person has an advantage over me for doing nothing" is how I feel about the Play-to-Winners.  Mindless, endless grinding, setting your character up to AFK fish/etc. when you're away, having alts generate energy while they are offline.  To me, you might as well have just given Daum $500 and been at that level.
    Everyone is seemingly entitled to their gear-based PvP advantage, and all I am is sad that no one seems to care one iota about the thrill of an even fight.  I've come to terms with gear-based PvP in BDO, but I can't stop marveling at the people who complain about Pay-to-Win in this game, because all I see is them complaining about the same things that Play-to-Win gives.  I guess allocating free time into the game is just that praise-worthy, to be dogmatically worshiped by the player base.
    If a player puts 8 hours a day into the game, and I put 1 hour a day + some amount of money to put us at the same gear score, I bet the 8 hours a day person would complain about Pay-to-Win if I won a fight against him.  Even if it was a completely fair fight.  That's why I can't help but laugh.
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  16. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Desync in BlackDesert   

    It's really sad when the comments don't seem to suggest they saw that skills were being used mid-grab.  I've never actually had that happen to me personally.
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  17. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic How do you feel about Black Desert right now?   

    I feel the game is great.  There is all kinds of different things you can do whenever you'd like, the world is beautiful, and it feels like you're part of a large world instead of instanced pieces of the world.  I like how I have reasons to still go all over the place instead of only being in a single area all the time, and combat is probably the most fun I've had in an MMO to date.
    I think the RNG is a bit much, and I think gear-influenced PvP is garbage, but the combat is so fun that I like fighting people anyway.  I just can't care if I win or lose, because the weight of gear and ability to spam potions is just lmao.
    Absolutely wonderful game to play casually, imo.  I have no idea why you'd ever want to take this game seriously and go hardcore, unless you just thoroughly enjoy fighting people with an advantage.  I personally don't get how that's satisfying in the slightest.
    EDIT - And yes, I definitely would have purchased the game again knowing what I know now.  Honestly, the game is better than I thought it would be, by a lot.
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  18. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Remove sorcs from game please?   

    You say that, but I'm not so sure.  With all the CC, super armor, and mobility, adding in more damage is a risky proposition.  The air attack combo is a lot of damage to pile on when you pull it off, and depending on where you add the damage, it will either make the CC chain even stronger, or probably not help all that much.  
    Also, that Sorc didn't seem to know what he/she was doing.  Most definitely didn't know what a Zerker can even do, or how RT works.
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  19. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Remove sorcs from game please?   

    I love how so many people attribute every little thing that might happen in-game to desync/glitch.  It couldn't possibly just be a bit of lag, and when you thought you grabbed, you actually missed.  Just like thinking you shot someone in an FPS but dealing with lag there as well.
    We should spend a week back on 56k modems so people can realize how sometimes it isn't always just the game's fault.
    Also, based on my experience, the desync issue is over exaggerated.  Sometimes it happens, but that's no reason to never try.  It's childish to simply give up after a bit of failure.
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  20. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Remove sorcs from game please?   

    Get some Zerkers to grab the Sorcs, then focus them with your own Wizards/Witches/Rangers.
    Or just keep playing poorly, whatever you want to do.
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  21. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic The Homogenisation Of The Modern MMO   

    So you make up numbers, draw conclusions off of those numbers, and make absolutely no attempt to analyze the marketplace beyond an extraordinarily superficial glance at "the masses".  Then you call it a no-brainer.
    K.  Let me know if you ever open a business.  I'd like to watch.
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  22. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic The Homogenisation Of The Modern MMO   

    I actually agree that homogenization is an issue in MMOs today.  That issue is exacerbated by everyone who logs into the forums after the game releases and demands changes that bring it closer to the same design every other MMO has.  What everyone also seems to always forget is that a game doesn't have to have 10 million subscribers to be successful/profitable.  If you were a business stakeholder looking to invest in a new MMO, would you invest in one that hits the lowest common denominator and competes with all of the big games in town that already have established themselves?  Or would you try to unlock a niche and assert yourself as a go-to game for that niche?  We're talking profits, not infinite wealth gains, and there's often a bandwagon hopping mentality to the mainstream run-of-the-mill style MMOs.  People like leaping from one to the next.  Where will your niche playerbase go if you're the big wig in that space?  A new game may release, but then it's competing directly with you, and you have experience and a foundation on your side.  Sounds smarter to me, personally.
    Also, I agree that the 1% XP loss removal is a step in the wrong direction.  It's also an awkward step that seems to have lost sight of how the systems in the game interact.  Without a real threat to dying when someone flags up against you, the karma system is suddenly ridiculous.  Now, in return for making someone run back from some node that is most likely right next to where you're grinding anyway, you make it so they can be freely killed by anyone at any time with negative karma, they lose XP in PvP, and eventually they potentially lose enhancement levels and such as well?  And what do they get for flagging?  A few minutes before the person is back after feeling no effects whatsoever to being killed, beyond a couple minutes of lost time?
    There has to be some benefit to flagging and killing someone.  For example, make it so if you flag up and kill someone, they can only respawn in town.  That way, they don't lose their XP, but they have to run all the way back.  You buy real time and force them to decide if they want to keep going back from that distance.  Or, severely reduce the penalties of the karma system.  Or remove it entirely.  There's supposed to be reward to the risk of flagging and losing karma, but now there's basically nothing.  You can choose this playstyle, but beyond mindlessly killing someone, you get nothing at all for it.  I can't even think of an analogy that is in the same asinine vein for a different playstyle.  Like if they let you gather from bushes, but all it did was use energy and had a 0% chance of giving you anything, while also not giving you any life skill XP.  Would you gather from the bushes?  Or would you say "Hey, I like gathering, so what gives?  Aren't I supposed to get SOMEthing for using my energy?"
    It's like Daum is trying to dip their toe into this more forgiving system to see how it works, but they're forgetting that they still have their shoes on or something.  At least try to make it a cohesive experience.
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  23. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Feedback: "Players with 0 or more Karma will no longer lose EXP when they die to another player in PvP"   

    I don't know what I expected, but watching both sides of this argument is not unlike watching children throw food at each other in a cafeteria.  Amusing for about 30 seconds, until you realize the mess they're making.
    This change was very surprising, to say the least.  As a result of it, I'm never going to not just keep going back to a farm spot I'm in.  I'll have to be in an especially impatient mood to try changing channels.  And the thrill of potentially losing a fight with consequences out in the open world is gone.
    Much as it means rolling solo is much less dangerous, I think the game is losing something unique, and that's truly unfortunate.
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  24. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic just bought total war, wasted $60 on that   

    That's fine.  I thought people always wanted developers to listen to customer feedback and make changes based on it.
    You can still put developers in the dog house, but I think gaming communities excel at overreaction without understanding.  And in this case, the final product is quite good so far.  Not necessarily perfect, but a high-fantasy Total War game is really scratching my itches, and I'm not going to let CA's previous mistakes get in the way of me scratching a deep itch.
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  25. PrimaGoosa added a post in a topic Range Class vs Melee Class (CLASS IMBALANCE)   

    Calm yourself, Veruca.  You're beginning to look like a child.
    Also, world boss design isn't a class balance issue.  It's a world boss design issue.  
    As a melee you have less of a spotlight "look at my damage" role in the grander scheme, but you are still hugely impactful in fights if you and your team play well together.  The spotlight get-kills classes are almost always going to be more popular.  That doesn't mean there's a huge issue with class balance.
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