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  1. Kesis added a post in a topic Quest Giving XP   

    Y'know, there is almost a lot of quests, why don't you want to earn XP with the other rewards ? ._.
    I just said that it could be nice to have other ways to XP than bashing mobs >. >
    Hum yes, I agree with you.
    I do like bashing mobs, I was just saying that there is nothing wrong with getting other ways to XP
    I was asking to "add" something ,  notbto replace the mob bashing 
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  2. Kesis added a topic in Suggestions   

    Quest Giving XP
    I stopped the game for few months for one and only reason, I couldn't farm mobs anymore, it reaaaally gets annoying to bash monsters again and again.
    The main quest actually gives XP and I like being able to follow a story without wasting my time because I do XP too.
    What about getting something like this with some secondary quests, and especialy with lvl50+ quests, because this is boring to bash mobs, really, I can't x.x
    Thx for reading, keep up the good work.
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  3. Kesis added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

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  4. Kesis added a post in a topic Peindre les oeufs de Pâques   


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  5. Kesis added a post in a topic Evènement de la Saint-Patrick !   

    Genre il va revenir, ou genre jamais jamais plus d'la vie ?
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  6. Kesis added a post in a topic Le routard   


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  7. Kesis added a post in a topic PM Diary 3   

    Yay price change ! ... erm...
    You are really doing awesome stuff but wath's wrong with those prices ? (x
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  8. Kesis added a post in a topic [Crépuscule] PvP / GvG / Guerre de Noeuds [Jordine]   

    C'est clair que c'est pas dur d'être second au ladder de croissance sur un serveur tout seul
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  9. Kesis added a topic in Suggestions   

    [CASH SHOP] Money Devices Changes
    I got an idea ; it was said that the CashShop will contain some kind of "xp boosters" and others boosters, I'm not saying that the price is too high for a B2P or the cash shop is P2W. 
    I want to introduce a "internal trade" system. In some B2P and some games with Subscription :
    - The player can trade [Silvers] VS [Gold Ingots] (already in game)
    - The player can trade [Loyalities]* VS [Pearls] (not in game)
    I'm not asking to remove the CashShop, I'm asking a access for everyone to any item of the CashShop.
    Thanks for listening, and please, people don't want to pay for exclusives features in a B2P game.
    *(I said [Loyalities] but not necessary this money device.)
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  10. Kesis added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Nom du Personnage : Sephilia
    Nom de Famille : Pennyworth
    Capture d'écran : http://i.imgur.com/lXYO2t0.jpg?1

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  11. Kesis added a post in a topic [ Jordine ] Vae Victis Recrutement sélectif   

    Mieux vaut une petite bourse d'or qu'un grand sac de 'caca' <3 
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  12. Kesis added a post in a topic [Crépuscule] PvP / GvG / Guerre de Noeuds [Jordine]   

    Pas de soucis avec l'âge si tu payes Kebab
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  13. Kesis added a post in a topic Les costumes de la préco   

  14. Kesis added a post in a topic [ALUSTIN] SILENTIUM reprend son recrutement   

    Bienvenue et bonne chance pour vos recrutements ^^
    Je dois avouer que le concept de no vocal expliqué sous cet angle est parfaitement légitime ! ^^
    Bonne continuation :3
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  15. Kesis added a post in a topic [Hat|Nakers] Events Publics Web & In Game   

    Je participes avec ma Ranger :3

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  16. Kesis added a post in a topic Welcome francies, we love to see you   

    I will show you what is "pain".
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  17. Kesis added a post in a topic Welcome francies, we love to see you   

    What the frog is going on ?!
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  18. Kesis added a post in a topic [Crépuscule] PvP / GvG / Guerre de Noeuds [Jordine]   

    Ouhlala, ça m'a l'air d'être vraiment une bonne guilde, 10 outta 10 dude, grosse qualité. Vous devriez venir postuler ici, 100% recommended c:
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  19. Kesis added a post in a topic Improve wizard healing support please   

    Wanna support ? Just buy more pots and go tank c:
    I want a support class in this game, but there is no place for a support class
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  20. Kesis added a post in a topic Please Nerf Tamers   

    People who don't know how to play it : "she sucks lel"
    People who don't know how to fight her : "so op lel"
    That's just like Butcher in HOTS (Blizzard), that's not an OP charac, you just need to know how to counter. 
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  21. Kesis added a post in a topic [PVE] Alternate channels for PVE Only   

    Maybe that's less RP, but the "turn the PvP off" system would give you temporary PvP protection. I mean : 30 min safe, 1h CD.
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  22. Kesis added a post in a topic Potion Spamming: A possible solution   

    I was thinking about pots which gives more health but have longer CD. And the healing system could also be like a universal spell (like escape), because I don't want to play the "first who run out of pots lose" game :c
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  23. Kesis added a post in a topic Fight and healing potions   

    Oh wait, there is something else, if we keep using a potion system, I think that the pots should be disable during a stunt or others controls.
    And they should be disable during the escape spell in my opinion ^^
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  24. Kesis added a topic in Suggestions   

    Fight and healing potions
    Some people said that the healing pots have a too low CD and I was part of them. But I have tested the game during the CBT1 and I changed my opinion about the pots. With this type of gameplay the potions are good, but they have a huge influence in the gameplay, so you've to 'hit' 'pots' 'hit' 'pots' etc., for me pots have to be like 'the last whisper', just using it for saving you from a critical situation. 
    So my suggestions :
    - Pots gives more life with a longer CD.
    - No pots but a universal spell adjusted by the lvl, like the escape spell but for healing. 
    I mean, that's not even RP to use 15 pots during a fight, well I can't even drink during walking then how can they drink 15 pots while fighting without going to the toilets ? (:
    That's my opinion. Thx for listening to me ^^
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  25. Kesis added a post in a topic Guilde Mercenaire   

    Exactement ce que je cherche !
    Vu que je suis dans une multi mais qui malheureusement ne joue pas à BDO je cherchais quelque chose qui me permette de ne pas avoir de contraintes trop grandes et de découvrir l'aspect PvE et surtout PvP du jeu. A y ajouter le fait de pouvoir jouer en groupe c'est exactement ce que je recherche !
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