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  1. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic BDO Datamined DP stats - Just show us AP, DP, Evasion and ACC on char sheet   

    What does that "like" even mean is a fair question.  What that specific "like" means is, I asked CM Aethon to reply back to the thread explaining that client side data is only a portion of the equation which in turn can be misleading or even outdated.  When someone digs through the client files they are bound to see all kinds of information, files, images etc, the issue with this process is the sheer one sided nature.  I can say I admire the tenacity shown for this discussion, and I am sure it will be interesting to see what other discoveries are made.  That being said we do not have any additional insight to offer you in reference to the game's statistical calculations, instead you are urged to take anything you read from non-official sources with a grain of salt.
    Now that that is out of the way, I have to agree I am not as active on the forums as I once was, although I still read them daily.  As always it is a pleasure to see such lively discussions, the forums are still without a doubt the most contested grinding spot.
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  2. PM_Jouska added a topic in General   

    How to contact the BDO Team
    Greetings Adventurers,
    This topic has been made to provide everyone with quick links to the proper reporting channels for various issues.  Please refer to the points below and use the proper links to submit reports to us.
    Server Connectivity & Lag
    Report Server Related Issue HereWhile playing if you experience server lag such as non-responsive monsters, delay in loot windows appearing, repeated disconnection use this form.
     Exploits & Hacks
    Report Exploits & Hacks HereIf you witness a player you believe is using Third Party Software, please submit a report via this form with all evidence you can provide, especially video if possible. You can also use this form to report any illicit software you discover and we will review your report and take the proper action as per our policies to resolve such cases.
     Forum Moderation Dispute
    forumdisputes@blackdesertonline.comIf at any point you need to dispute an action against your forum account or the actions of the moderation on the forums, please contact the Community Management Team via the provided email.
     Ticket Resolution Disputes
    csreview@kakaogames-eu.comIf you wish to contact someone regarding a response you received on a support ticket please send an email to the Customer Service Review Team.
     Game Suspensions & Bans
    Appeal a Suspension or BanIf your game account has been banned or suspended and you wish to appeal this action you can use this form to file your appeal and it will be reviewed by the Customer Support Team.
     Customer Support
    Contact Customer SupportIf you have a problem with your account, a game bug or a technical issue please submit a Support Ticket and our Customer Support Team will work with you to find a resolution.
    jouska@kakaogames-us.comIf you would like to contact me directly please send me an e-mail, this allows me to keep better track of messages and store more than the forum software is designed to handle.
     CM Aethon
    aethon@kakaogames-us.comYou can reach CM Aethon directly via the e-mail listed above.
     CM Serenity
    serenity@kakaogames-us.comYou can reach CM Serenity directly via the e-mail listed above. 
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  3. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    Expected Server Up is 11:00 UTC.
    Thanks War, I will pass on the kind words.
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  4. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    Thanks for your patience while we make sure this process is handled correctly, and as always your support and advice is appreciated.
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  5. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    Updated the OP to reflect the new projected server up-time.  Sorry for the delay everyone, we are working diligently to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible.
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  6. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic Empte bottle bug?   

    Nope, please refer to this announcement.

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  7. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic Unable to buy shovels.   

    Please refer to this thread.

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  8. PM_Jouska added a topic in News & Announcements   

    Hacker Hunting Initiative
    Greetings Adventurers,
    Unfortunately we have been getting reports of players who want to spoil Black Desert Online by cheating and hacking.  You have probably seen one of the various videos or threads reporting this type of behavior and it is important we make our stance clear.   We are aggressively pursuing those who think they can get away with this and banning their accounts.  For those who are taking the time to report these player, we thank you as your videos have been invaluable and request that you keep up the good work.
    Much like yourself, the BDO Team wants Black Desert to be a game for everyone to enjoy, this means we cannot sit idly by and let this type of behavior exist.  We invite each of you to join us in the Hacker Hunting Initiative as we bring the banhammer down on those who can’t cut it without cheating.  We have setup a special queue for Hacker & Exploit Reports and going forward we will be rewarding those who submit video proof that confirms such activity.
    Hacker & Exploit Report Form
    Now to be clear all submissions will be reviewed by our staff and the video needs to visibly include the server, channel, evidence of cheating and name of the player in question.  When you submit a video as described above and it leads to the removal of the cheater you will earn one of the following rewards.  Please note these rewards are only given to the first five confirmed reports and reports on players that have already been banned will not receive an reward.  Once the investigation is complete and ban is finalized rewards will be sent out.
    Report a Bot
    If you find & report a player who is using third party software to automatically farm monsters, run trade packs etc. Please note that people AFK leveling horses and carrying tradepacks to level strength does not count. 5x GM’s Blessing 1 (1h)
     Report a Hacker
    If you find & report a player who is using third party software to bypass attack speed limitation, move at impossible speeds etc while they play the game.5x Elion’s Tears5x GM’s Blessing 2 (1h)
     Report a Disruptive Hacker
    If you find & report a player who is hacking to specifically interrupt other players such as griefing grinding locations, Field Bosses etc.10x Elion’s Tears5x GM’s Blessing 3 (1h)Edit: All reports will be thoroughly investigated, but if one happen to be done when knowing it was a player all along actions could be taken against the reporter's account. (If for instance you don't like a player, or want to get rid of someone farming at a popular farm spot knowing he's a real and legitimate player)
    We truly appreciate the support the Community has shown in putting a stop to this type of behavior and look forward to working in tandem with each of you as we help such players find a new game to spoil.  We also want to assure you this is not the only action we are taking to block such activity, we are working with the Developers to improve game security as well as Xigncode to improve our automated detection system.
    Thanks again & Happy Hunting
    -The BDO Team
    Thanks to the efforts of the community alongside advances in our detection and preventative measures, the Hacker Hunt Initiative is no longer producing a high volume of reports. As a result of this we'll be discontinuing the rewards aspect of the program to direct our focus into more pressing areas of our services.
    We of course still encourage players to submit reports of potential violations of our Terms of Use to Customer Support, where our staff will launch an investigation into the matter with all haste.
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  9. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic Did Jouska got a heart attack ?   

    I will have check on it, the email may not have update yet.  My jouska@daumgames-eu.com email is still operational and forwards to the new one.
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  10. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic Did Jouska got a heart attack ?   

    Definitely not dead, nor am I removing threads that adhere to the forum rules that every user agreed to when they made their account. At this stage I am taking time to read what everyone has to say, both here on the forums, Reddit, and the recent slew of e-mails I have received.  As you can imagine there is no shortage of such reading material, and once I have caught up, I will continue to do what I have always done; present your communications to all others involved.
    That being said I will get back to work now, and as soon as I am given an update to share, I will be here to share it.
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  11. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    NOTE: The previous announcement has been polished in order to deliver and clarify the intention better.
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  12. PM_Jouska added a topic in News & Announcements   

    [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items
    Greetings Adventurers,
    Today we are writing you to provide insight into a new mechanic you can expect to see next week, following the normally scheduled maintenance. As many of you are aware, the Value Package was recently introduced to our Pearl Store. After detailed discussions with the Developers at Pearl Abyss, it has been decided that the Value Pack as well as other Pearl Shop Items will be made available via the Market Place over the next series of updates. 
    - Players might be allowed to register maximum of 5 Pearl Shop Items per week on the Market Place.
    We understand that this change will spark discussions, and have asked Pearl Abyss to share their thoughts behind this decision.
    Pearl Abyss considers in-game accessibility to Pearl Items necessary in Black Desert.
    Regardless of the region, there will always be players who, for whatever reason, do not get to experience all the features Black Desert offers including Pearl Shop Items. Adding a mechanic that grants access to Pearl Shop Items with in game currency will allow more players to enjoy such content more easily.
    For the same reason, the players of other regions like Korea, Japan and Russia are preferring those features since it allows them better accessibility to Pearl Shop Items.
    We are open to the community’s feedback and we encourage you to share your thoughts and concerns in a constructive manner on this change.  
    NOTE: The previous announcement has been polished in order to deliver and clarify the intention better.
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  13. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    Fair enough point, there is no way to dispute a persons beliefs, as such things are completely subjective.  With that in mind I will stick to what the creators of the game have told us, and leave the rest to more philosophical minds than myself.
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  14. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    Thank you for the solid write-up and feedback, it is always good to see the game from other players experiences.  I will reiterate that there is no mechanic or code within the game that makes one character/player/account more lucky than another.  However I too have meet people who seem to simply have that Midas touch (in and out of game), unfortunately I have not convinced any of them to go in half way with me on a few lottery tickets.
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  15. PM_Jouska added a topic in Events   

    Beauty Album Events
    Greetings Adventurers,
    This week we are excited to debut the new Beauty Album and to kick off this new feature we are hosting few events.
    1.Show your Beauty!
    Starting today players can purchase an Appearance Change Coupon (7 Days) for 1 Loyalty. Note: This is a one time purchase per account.
    Start:July 6th (After Maintenance)End: July 20th (After Maintenance) 
    2.Best of the Best
    The Beauty Album allows you to share your character customization in game, based on that we're going to run a beauty contest where the votes will be the amount of download and likes from the community. Everything will happen in game.
    Start:July 6th (After Maintenance)End: July 20th (End of day)Rules:
    For 2 weeks players will be able to use the Beauty Album to upload their character customizationOthers players will be able to vote (Like) for the best but also download the template.After 2 weeks we will pick the Top 5 Likes and Top 5  Download per class per server as our winners.Duplicated entries/participants will be excluded. One time winning per account only.If a player X wins based on the Top 5 likes but is also in the Top 5 Download his second entry will not be taken in consideration. We will simply pick one extra winner.Rewards:
    Random Dye Box*10 + 1*Appearance coupon (30 days)
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  16. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

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  17. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    My e-mail is jouska@daumgames-eu.com feel free to email me if you would like to have a personal discussion about this, or start a standalone thread to discuss it with the community.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
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  18. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    Not at all rude, thank you for the contribution.
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  19. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    Thank you for the link, I believe you misunderstood the original message.  When I refereed to a subscription in that post I meant a price you had to pay to play the game, which this is not.  Unless you are trying to suggest the value pack should be required to login.
    Regardless, please keep your comments in this thread on topic.
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  20. PM_Jouska added a topic in News & Announcements   

    Value Pack Discussions
    Greeting Adventurers,
    Following this week's scheduled maintenance, with the introduction of the Value Package, there has been an outpouring of comments, criticism, feedback, and suggestions.  Of course these discussions have brought many valid points from multiple perspectives. Our Community Managers have been working diligently to keep up with the rush of threads, posts, and private messages.  We want you to know that this has not fallen on deaf ears, and we will be taking your messages to the developers in order to find a suitable resolution.  We have seen many proposed solutions and suggestions, all of which are being noted.  
    The goal is to find a solution that is best suited for our region, and to that end we ask that you continue to share your thoughts so we can properly communicate on your behalf.  Of course we ask you do this as constructively as possible, the forums rules will be enforced, but that does not mean you are restricted from sharing your point of view, we simply ask you do so without abuse.
    We understand how critical this topic is for many players, and we are going to make a point to communicate this.  As always we appreciate your support, and regardless of your stance we want to hear from you.
    -The BDO Team
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  21. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic can you guys make plunge a cm plz   

    The truth of the matter is a single user is trying to bypass forum rules and has created multiple accounts to support their claims.  It is unfortunate that someone is this upset, but it is understandable that they wish to communicate this.  Hopefully in the future they will be able to do so in a manner that adheres to our forum rules, as many others have and can be seen across many current topics.
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  22. PM_Jouska added a topic in News & Announcements   

    Introducing the Value Pack
    Greetings Adventurers,
    We’re excited to announce the introduction of the Value Package with the upcoming patch on July 20th, this tidy little pack contains a bundle of helpful goodies to assist you on your adventures through Black Desert Online.
    As this is a fairly sizeable addition to the game and there are several quality of life enhancing items included, we’ll go over the contents of the pack in greater detail below.

    Value Package Contents Pearl Shop (30 Days)
    Distant Node Investment
    Players can remotely invest in a node using the in-game map, similar to the un-invest node function.
    Increase of Bag / Storage slots by +16
    All characters on account will temporarily gain an additional +16 inventory slots.
    Weight Limit Increased +100
    All characters on account will temporarily gain an additional +100 weight capacity.
    Unlimited Beauty Shop Access
    For the duration of the Value Package players will be able to utilize the Beauty Shop Access as if they had purchased a 30 Day version from the pearl shop.
    Combat / Life / Skill / Horse Experience gain +10%
    For the duration of the Value Package players will receive an additional 10% experience gain for the forms of experience gain listed above.
    Marketplace Collection Tax reduced by 30%
    For the duration of the Value Package players will receive a 30% reduction in the amount of tax applied from items sold on the Auction House. For instance: You sell an item for 100% of its value - Minus 30% of taxe - Minus 5% of local taxes = So you get 65% of the original value. With this item you get an extra 30% of those 65% => 84.5%
    Merv’s Palette (30d)
    Players will gain the ability to use any dye available within the game on their armor without owning it. Please check below for additional information.
    Bonus Items for purchase: Elion’s Blessing (x5), Bleach (x10)
    Value Package Contents - 1400 Loyalty (1 Day)
    Distant Node Investment
    Players can remotely invest in a node using the in-game map, similar to the un-invest node function.
    Increase of Bag / Storage slots by +16
    All characters on account will temporarily gain an additional +16 inventory slots.
    Weight Limit Increased +100
    All characters on account will temporarily gain an additional +100 weight capacity.
    Unlimited Beauty Shop Access (1d)
    For the duration of the Value Package players will be able to utilize the Beauty Shop Access as if they had purchased a 1 Day version from the pearl shop.
    Combat / Life / Skill / Horse Experience gain +10%
    For the duration of the Value Package players will receive an additional 10% experience gain for the forms of experience gain listed above.
    Marketplace Collection Tax reduced by 30%
    For the duration of the Value Package players will receive a 30% reduction in the amount of tax applied from items sold on the Auction House.
    Additionally to extend a thank you to our awesome community for their support and give everyone a chance to experience the Value Pack for themselves. Players that have purchased one of the following game packages will be able to redeem a coupon on their account page:
    Traveler’s Package:
    Value Package (30 days) (x1), Elion’s Blessing (x5), Bleach (x10)
    Explorer’s Package:
    Value Package (30 days) (x2), Elion’s Blessing (x10), Bleach (x20)
    Conqueror’s Package:
    Value Package (30 days) (x3), Elion’s Blessing (x15), Bleach (x30)
    * Coupons should be available by Friday the 22nd of July

    Palette of Merv
    We know a large number of our players spend an incredible amount of time customizing your characters down to the last intricate detail. Many of you have been very active in sharing these creations within the beauty album, one of our favorites of course was the creative individual who took pictures of a camel instead of their character’s face.
    As always we strive to provide players with a wide variety of methods in which to truly make their character unique in Black Desert Online. We’re happy to announce that on July 20th we’ll be adding the Palette of Merv to the list of available options to do so.
    Most of you are likely familiar on the process of dying your armor at this point, the palette alters this function slightly. There are a few key differences that require mentioning:
    Once activated you may use any dye available within the game.
    You must use bleach to dye over a piece of armor that has already been dyed.
    After the Palette of Merv has expired (30 days) your armor will return to its original undyed state.

    It only take a few additional steps to make use of the Palette:
    Activate the Palette of Merv Item via your pearl inventory.
    Open your dye window by pressing “J” on your keyboard.
    Select the Palette of Merv dye section. (Indicated in the above image)
    Select the armor you would like to dye and begin customizing!
    As always we hope you enjoy your time in Black Desert Online and wish everyone the best of luck on their adventures, please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.
    Value Packages for those who purchased previously will go out this Friday.
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  23. PM_Jouska added a topic in News & Announcements   

    Server Stability & Connectivity Issues
    Greetings Adventurers,
    Recently our servers have been the target of ongoing DDoS Attacks that have resulted in many players experiencing connectivity issues as well as server instability and lag spikes.  These attacks have been distributed across multiple game servers and our authentication servers.
    As you can imagine dealing with these problems has been difficult to say the least, and as a result many players have been impacted by the results.  We have been working to resolve the problems, but as many are aware we still have work to do.  Most recently we have contacted multiple Internet Service Providers for assistance in mitigating the attacks, and as a result some of them have applied countermeasures for protection which inadvertently may be contributing to the disconnects.  We will be continuing our coordination with the various ISP companies to find a suitable solution as soon as possible.
    Recently we changed our Port Setup and some users have had success forwarding ports 9991,9992 and 9993.  While the specific instruction on how to do this varies from router to router our Help Desk Article has additional links to assist. >Here<
    We also would like to announce that, because of the situation, we will be offering to all of our players the following items. (We're planning to send them by in-game mail on Friday the 22nd of July)
    2*GM's Intermediate Lucky Box 5*GM's Blessing 2 (1h)Our next course of action will be to improve our server hardware.  To facilitate these changes we will be sending a portion of of Team to the NA Data Center, but in the interim we would like to request some additional information from those being affected.
    If you would like to assist us in narrowing down these issues, we’ve included a form with a set of instructions on how to submit useful data. This will be reviewed by our tech team as they work to resolve the matter.
    Please follow the steps on this form and submit the requested information:
    * Note there is an optional step at the end for advanced users wishing to contribute additional information.
    We understand that this has caused problems for many of the Community, and we assure you that the problem has our undivided attention.  As soon as we have more information to report there will be another announcement.
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  24. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic Moving forward: Server crashes during node wars and future-proofing plans   

    Thank you for the tag, we are looking into this issue and a resolution method.  I do not have an answer at this moment, but as soon as we do there will be an update via the forum.
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  25. PM_Jouska added a post in a topic Welcome CM Aethon!   

    @xSkyX Our Forum Software provides a Private Message function, please use it or take your discussion to a different thread so this one can stay on topic.
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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