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  1. BDOTyran added a post in a topic I like how everyone stays quiet about Heilang damage :)   

    What skill is that?  (sorry new to tamer)
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  2. BDOTyran added a topic in Dark Knight   

    DK heavy DP build viable?
    I am thinking if its possible to have DK heavy DP built?
    Since class lacks defense and is extremly squshy but on the other hand i think accuracy is not an issue is it possible to go all out DP build (including accesories).
    Leaving DK in about 150 AP in awakening.
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  3. BDOTyran added a post in a topic Awak ninja vs ranger , ninja vs tamer   

    Whats suprisng in ninja awakening is that he is so stationary. Barely any movement at all. Would think that ninja would zoom around (Blader style) dealing dmg.
    Other than that Ninja has some pretty nicely timed attacks at least in first video. And as far as i red from comments hes using grunil +18 O_o?
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  4. BDOTyran added a topic in General   

    WTB/WTS In general chat
    I was wondering what it the deal with WTB/WTS people shouting in the chat. For  example: WTB kzarka short sword Whisper....
    How do that work .... can someone explain it to me?
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  5. BDOTyran added a post in a topic Please remove Xigncode3 from the game.   

    Any client side protection is a sign of a bad coding. Pro companies that actually go actively against cheaters do not use this kind of crap. Everything can be catched server side and Xcode cause nothing but problems. I must run my PC without any antivius protection because everytime it issued a back ground scan (at night) Xcode was in conflict with it and DCed me.
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  6. BDOTyran added a post in a topic [Jordine] Pre-order amount for boss items?   

    I have put about 1.7 mil preorder on mem fragment last night ... didn't get a single one that went on preorder ... i have no idea if anyone outbid me bu i highly doub that. Imo system doesnt work as intended.
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  7. BDOTyran added a post in a topic Gameplay Analyzing of Awakenings: The Problem Of Releasing it over time vs. all at once:   

    You guys really think game devs will go and recode all those patches which are already tested on korean servers just to cater to western players?
    No they won't ... they will continue releasing it like they did on KR servers and there is absolutelly nothing you can do about it ... and same goes with all other future patches.
    Case closed ... move on.
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  8. BDOTyran added a post in a topic Preorder System Concern   

    Well my experiance so far with preorder system was with memory fragments only ... last night i have set preorder 1 milion per fragment ... still didnt get anything ... some memory fragmets went straight to preorder after they were listed but i didn't get any ... was my bid to low? Someone seriouselly paying more than 1mil per fragment?  Idk ... but i think this system is bull shit.
    At least there should be minimum price setting for preorder based on highest preorder.
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  9. BDOTyran added a post in a topic Fishing sucks now!! IM BROKE!!   

    Why do you think fishing got nerfed? Because of some fairy tail about botting and bla bla exploits ... and other crap DAUM throws at you?
    Its because they are nudding you towards cash shop ... perhaps you will get frustrated enough to say ... f**k it i will sell a custume on maket for easy silver.
    All P2W games go down like this, ninja nerfing every possible way of you making money with always same excuse "Players exploited those mechanincs in game to gain un-fair agvantage" wiitch directly translates into "You were making easy mony to fast and you didn't need to spend any money in cash shop".
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  10. BDOTyran added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    Well when customers are start talking with their wallets usually we see some big changes and reply from GMs.  On anything else they are silent.
    Imo paypal dispute - claim != chargeback.  I am not happy the path BDO chosen to follow so you will give me my money back and you can keep my account and perls on it and maybe resel them to someone who is still willing to play. I don't really care.
    And DAUM could state that our version is going P2W from the start. Not some lawyer tricks, say it as it is something like "At the momemnt we do not have proper patch so cash shop items CAN-NOT be sold on market but in few months when we catch up to KR version of the game cash shop items will be sold on the market and thus allowing players to directly echange dollars to silver.
    And you know what would happen?  60% less sold copies. And now that we have buyer protection from paypal DAUM is crying and wite knight defending.
    PS charge back is illegal, paypal opening up dispute and winning it is not.
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  11. BDOTyran added a post in a topic Change cash shop sell limit   

    Well i have a better option .... you can sell for like 10.000 pearls worth of items per week or 20.000. So player can decide what to sell.
    Exchange ratio should be implemented. 1 Pearl = XX silver so what ever you selling is same profit on market.
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  12. BDOTyran added a post in a topic Promoting Fair Gameplay in Black Desert   

    hah. And when you think game company really cares about cheating in game. What DAUM wanted all along is:
    a) Kill of any possible trade in game so they would put gold sellers out of bussiness.
    b) Keep game clean of all P2W crap for few months so you build up your player base
    c) Prepare law-suits in first few months to any cheat vendor and put them out of bussiness as well
    d) Implement pay-2-win model since now, when you killed all bots and gold sellers, you have a monopoly on gold selling
    e) [Yet-To-come] Slightly ninja-nerf drop rates so that casual player base will get next to zero silver in game by hunting and will be forced to get it by cash shop.
    Koreans like most os asians are driven by money. Everything there is about money, being rich, complaining about P2W is non-existant there because their mind set is different than ours. See Korean ppl will never complain because its shameful for them not having money. They will not go ahead and say "do not pay2win" because that would mean you own no money. Hah!  Great for MMO companies right?
    How can any serius player come to BDO and play here? No wonder twitch channels are dead, everyone qutting left and right.
    Farm spots are freaking empty.
    Game has already so much bad rap ... its unbelivable.
    Anyway have fun DAUM with half your player base rage qutting. I am going back to Arch Age at least i can PvP there.
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  13. BDOTyran added a post in a topic Will we be able to sell our costumes that we have equipped, on the market?   

    Exactly as stated above me  .... IF they are planning this changes then they must replace out bought custumes with "boxed" version so anyone who are willing to sell it can do it.
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  14. BDOTyran added a post in a topic Promoting Fair Gameplay in Black Desert   

    I rather have cheaters in game than this PW2 bull crap.
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