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  1. Wrath added a post in a topic About to join the ranks of the others who have left this class....   

    Those have been proven to only work in PvE btw, just saying ..
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  2. Wrath added a post in a topic PSA: Do not roll Berserker. Source: 1st ever 61 Zerk & day 1 veteran   

    Drafunx paid that panda site well over $1,000 USD to level him to 61, and once he hit 61, proceeded to blow up all of his gear. How can you make an argument against a berserker based on the say-so of someone who can't even play the class because he didn't even train it himself? He was mediocre at best, and that's stretching it.
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  3. Wrath added a post in a topic PSA warrior in KR is now dead   

    Good riddance 
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  4. Wrath added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    I don't remember saying witch's made up the majority of characters in the game, merely that there are too many running around for them to be as OP as they currently are, but thank you for your input I guess.
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  5. Wrath added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    My frustration at what, witch's getting a nerf? If that's your definition of frustration, then by all means, I'm one very frustrated individual. Hopefully this only one of several to come. Lord knows the game needs it. Too many witch/wizards running around for the classes to be as OP as they currently are, but yes, crying over one skill getting a nerf is just sad. I could understand if it was ninja, kunoichi, tamer or valk getting a nerf, since they're bottom of the barrel classes as it is, but for the, arguably, top of the top tier classes to get a nerf to one skill, and people lose their shit over it, is truly pathetic in my eyes.
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  6. Wrath added a post in a topic Witch nerfed hidden patch   

    Most OP smash-your-face-on-the-keyboard, get kills with your eyes closed, doesn't need accuracy, SA/blocks at every turn, double teleport, damn near invincible class got a nerf to 1 skill? How sad. How very, very sad. Allow me to play you a song on the world's tiniest violin.

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  7. Wrath added a post in a topic As I go to list my items on the market....   

    Once Striker comes out, mine will be up there as well.
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  8. Wrath added a post in a topic Bidding System Poll   

    I spent quite literally 15 minutes trying to buy ONE relic fragment yesterday, to make my last relic scroll, because every 50 seconds a new bid was started, and people posting 1-2 of the items, while god knows how many people are trying to buy them, and having to sit there and wait to buy the cheapest item. It's -----ing infuriating.
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  9. Wrath added a post in a topic Impressive servers as ever....   

    If everyone who was sick of the shit servers went away, there'd be no-one left to play, aside from you I guess. These shitty servers are a serious issue, arguably the biggest facing NA/EU atm.
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  10. Wrath added a post in a topic I wish the Devs would focus on making more rewarding negative karma gameplay   

    nty. literally anything but that.
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  11. Wrath added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Not sure why you're quoting me, since my quote wasn't even at you, lol. 
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  12. Wrath added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    You must be a witch/wizard to be that oblivious to the state of the class, or a troll. Probably a troll.
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  13. Wrath added a post in a topic Do you feel salty?   

    I never made the sailboat, so no.
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  14. Wrath added a post in a topic Kamasylvia 5man Party grind 240+ AP   

    People in the west just realized that solo grinding is faster.
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