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  1. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    Thanks for all of this! I don't have much technical knowledge, so my boyfriend had to help me writing down your points..  If you'd like, please check the post again, if we wrote everything correct. Also we both don't understand what you mean with the last thing you wrote about the paging/swap thing... I have no idea what that is, so I left that out for now. If you can tell me exactly what to write on the post I will add it to the list.. although that may be difficult..
    Which brings me to the following:
    I'm running out of space at my top post... should I just add things with new posts?  I could also open a new thread and reserve the first few posts for the list, does anyone have good ideas?  
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  2. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic Pet Breeding outcomes!   

    Are there people who tried this:
    Tier 1; lvl10 x Tier 3 lvl10 = Tier?
    I skipped over this thread, but couldn't find any, sorry if I oversaw it.
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  3. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    I added deactivating the High End Mode to the possible solution for bluescreening/computer freezing.
    I also added a little colour to the formatting to easier find things.
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  4. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    Thanks alot for this one! I will add it to the list now.
    And thanks everyone, who contributed to this thread so far, even if we are still grasping at straws, maybe Daum will see this! (haha, fat chance...)
    I also want to apologize for neglecting this thread so much, but works alot of stress lately... >.<
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  5. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    Are you going to add the eye-patch, that was there in the beta to the cash shop again? c:
    I want it gimme!

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  6. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    Thank you everyone, who took interest in this thread so far an shared their information here!
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  7. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes   

    Thank you! 
    I do have a NVIDIA Graphic card: GeForce GTX 980 Ti
    I will add an extra list, where I list possible causes for the issue so we can keep track of those, too.
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  8. LuciaSeriin added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Possible solutions for various game crashes/freezes
    Hello everyone!
    Since you have come to this thread, you might have seen this error: "The File is corrupted. If it persists, please run file-recovery from the launcher." with your game crashing afterwards. Or maybe your game just closed without any warning whatsover, or you got a bluescreen, or your whole computer got stuck without even beeing able to bluescreen... the list is long!
    Many people have this issue, sometimes it's random other times it happens on specific things, some solutions have worked and now stopped working. There are already countless threads about this topic and it's hard to find what you are looking for having to read though pages and pages of posts. Right now I'm in the situation that I have found a way to make my game work, but the same steps don't work for other people, that's why I would like to help.
    So what is this thread about?
    I'd like to make this a thread, in which we collect (possible) solutions for this issue for people to try out without having to search for an eternity. Meaning you tell me what worked for you and I will add it to the list below. If many of you contribute what you know, maybe we will find steps to avoid this error for everyone.
    Right now the list is very small, since I can only add the solutions I know about, so please tell me what you know so I can add it!
    Please also tell us, if you've got a guess on what is causing this! 
    List of possible solutions:
    Things to do with BDO itself:
    File Corruption Error:
    delete the version.dat file located in your BDO folder, this will make the launcher check your files and possibly repairing themyou may have to do this everytime you want to launch the gamehaving your antivirus turned off, while the repair is in process might help toogo to your BDO installation folder into bin64, right click the BlackDesert64.exe open properties > compatibility tab > run this program as an administratordelete this file: xgncode.txt located here: Black Desert Online > bin 64 > xc > na > 2  you have to restart your computer before you launch the gameyou have to do this everytime you want to launch the gameThank you Cairenn Tairisiu for the following steps!go to Black Desert Online > PAZcopy all the PAZ files to a safe backup folder after you do a file recovery operationnext time you crash, open the most recent Client Log file (located at Black Desert Online > Log) and find the PAZ file (near the end of the log file) that triggered the crashgo to the backup folder, copy that one file over into the PAZ folder and overwrite the existing PAZ filerestart the game. It should run for a while now without full file checks or rebooting because of XIGNBluescreen and/or Computer Freeze:
    disable High End Mode in the Graphic settings of your game (try this, even if your Computer should be able to easily handle this, if you have High End Mode activated you automatically enable experimental features (whatever those are), which might cause problems)Things to do with your computer/hardware:
    Bluescreen and/or Computer Freeze:
    make sure all your drivers are updated on their latest versionThank you Alexkidd for the following:!Please only do this, if you know what you are doing! If you mess up updating your Bios correctly you can majorly mess up your computer!If you are running an Intel Processor I5 or I7 with a Skylake build a bug Confirmed by Intel in the microcode may be the cause for crashesUpdating your Bios might fix thisThank you Alexkidd for the following:if you use a PSU, it's possible that it malfunctions or get's overloaded, since BDO pushes really hard on your hardwareCheck if your PSU's capacity is sufficient for your Hardware; or if it doesn't work properly anymore due to wear and tear. Change it, if that's the case! Things to do with your antivirus-programm:
    File Corruption Error:
    have the Black Desert Online folder in the exception list of your antivirushave the Black Desert Online folder in the exception list of Windows Defender 
    Note: You may not have to do all of these steps to make the game work. Or you may be unlucky and your game won't work even after doing all these steps. If the latter is the case for you, make sure to check back to this thread, when more solutions are added. As of now all 'solutions' are temporary!
    To better investigate the possible cause(s) of these problems I added the following list. If you've got an assumption, what might be causing the issue for you, feel free to tell me and I will add it here. If one of the possible causes is applicable to you, please tell us, too, so the people investigating get a better overview.
    List of possible causes: 
    issue with NVIDIA Driversor graphic card driver in general, since AMD users get the same problemXIGNissues with the experimetal features of the High End Mode 
    Bad performance issue:
    BDO picking the wrong GPU (on a computer with a dedicated GPU and integrated GPU) 
    Feel free to give me critique and tell me how I can make this thread better! I want this to be as much of a help for everyone as possible and I would be happy for many of you helping me!
    26.03.2016 Thread postedList of possible causes added; thanks @Alyseea07.04.2016 PAZ-file methode added: thanks @Cairenn Tairisiuchanged thread title to address game crashes in general11.04.2016added colour-coded categories for game crashesadded High End Mode to the list of possible causesadded deactivating the High End Mode to possible solutionsadded Intel Bios bug: thanks @Alexkiddadded PSU issue: thanks @Alexkidd 
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  9. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic File Corrupted, If this persists repair at the launcher.   

    That really sucks, I hope you find something that works soon!
    Since some people sent me PM's about the textfile's location/which textfile it is, I'll post a screenshot here for everyone:

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  10. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic File Corrupted, If this persists repair at the launcher.   

    Just a heads up, that the game hasn't crahed since I did all these steps, if anyone want's to try. (Btw, you have to do the step, where you delete the xgncode textfile and restart your computer every time you want to start the game.)
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  11. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic Event: MS Painting Ostereier   


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  12. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

  13. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic File Corrupted, If this persists repair at the launcher.   

    Rigth now my game is running with the steps I did:
    deleting the version.dat (then letting the launcher fix the files)deleting xgncode textfile and restarting PC before launching gamehaving the BDO folder in my Antivirus exception listWhile I do hope, that those steps fixed the issue, I stil doubt it. For now it works, if it crashed again I'll let you people know.
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  14. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic File Corrupted, If this persists repair at the launcher.   

    Until the last patch I got the game to work by deleting the textfile xigncode and then restarting the computer before launching the game, found that information in some other forum, but this stopped working now.
    If anyone is looking to try this out, though the file is located as follows: Black Desert Online > bin64 > xc > na > 2 delete the textfile in there and restart your computer.
    Right now the launcher is checking the files, after I deleted the version.dat and I put the BDO folder into my antivirus exception list, let's see if this works.. :c
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  15. LuciaSeriin added a post in a topic Do horses get less XP on wagons?   

     Now that I have finally set up my trade route from Trent to Velia, I will definatly try trading while leveling up the horses. Before I only traded from Glish to Velia.. but with what little profit I made and the money I spent on experimenting with horse breeding (and not doing anything else to earn money) I was basically broke, after I had to buy my second wagon for 180k!
    What I'd like to add is, that I spent some time leveling one horse individually again, rather than using the wagon and it definatly is WAY faster, like Skaven already said. Guess I'll have to try what works best for me, the profit you make while trading at the same time is definatly an upside.
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