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  1. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic How To Make Silver   

    Olvia is a paradise for lifeskills. All type of trees such as ash/birch/fir/maple. You ll need the sap from them for alchemy. I recently came back to the game i was artisan 4 back when we were still using energy on alchemy/processing etc. Still slacking but i managed to push to artisan 8 73% before the maint hit. Bddatabase under the quests tab has all the quests for production such as alchemy/cooking/gathering. Also do the advancement quests they reward also hard/sharp shards. Also as far as alchemy goes try to get alts with skilled5 gathering and camp them at places like olvia/treant. Olvia you can gather g-----s for magic fruit procs with magic hoe which is like 37k on marketplace. Treant you can gather lots of pine saps needed for experience elixirs. I used to gather blood as well but now i just preorder it. Sad part about alchemy is that we have no professional+ recipes like cooking has so its really difficult to hit Master after finishing all the quests. But at least imperial alchemy has currently the most expensive crate of golden hand elixirs which comes up to 1.1m each.
    For advanced cooking recipes always remember that on the sites the recipes use the green versions. You can substitute those green versions with the blue versions of the item needed which in some cases are easily found on the marketplace. So if something needs a meat pie you can use the blue version of it. Normal pies are not sold but people sell the blue ones cause they cant use them for imperial crates.
    Lastly for fast leveling gathering there are currently 2 best spots. One is the graveyward in the desert and the other is the sheep ranch near heidel.
    P.S If you really wanna push cooking try and get +3 clothes, canape costume+a sharp life stone even if its white/green can reduce the time to like 1.1s/each craft with using the advanced utensil. I got +3 clothes with 30 fs on first set and +3 again with 36. Failed for +4 with 54 and 61. But i would just sit to +3 since you dont need the +4 reduced time since canape.
    Hope this wasnt too long And also thanks for the guide and links
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  2. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    Shards event when?
    Blackstones event when?
    Metal solvent buff when?
    Master Lifeskills fix when?
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  3. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic Coming back ...olvia servers be like   

    You can you just wont get exp you can still chill in the server channel.
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  4. Lucifer Morningstar added a topic in General   

    Coming back ...olvia servers be like

    Lifeskills exp event when?
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  5. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic Letter From an Alchemist   

    Do i seem like  i care for exp/silver spent? Money in this game is easy to make. In my server Alustin higher alchemist i ve seen is artisan 5 and she told me she has done most of the altinova quests. I ve leveled to artisan 2 60% with just crafting bloods. And nope i bought an imperfect white and leveled it to blue with special seeds. I was lucky to not proc rough but stay at imperfect because rough=more mats. Now its at yellow and it still takes approx 300-400k special seeds IF i buy them from marketplace. But i have 4 strong fences with special every 4hours so i dont really care. People need to stop QQ. Alchemy stones are NOT for everyone. You either buy Big or spent lots of money to make it. I got polished destruction blue sturdy protection green and imperfect life yellow. I know i wont sell my alchemy stones. All i need to do is sell my shining powders that proc a lot from what i am crafting and just snipe the imperfect ones ;). Btw i could probably just do all altinova quests and reach artisan 5+ but hey i am also level 54 almost level 55 and got processing artisan 2 as well. So yeah disagree with me as much as you want it doesnt change the fact this change was GOOD and people need to stop QQ. Afk now cause i need to grind sausans. You guys keep it up with the crafting and please sell the imperfect white ones in the marketplace so i can snipe. Cheers
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  6. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic Letter From an Alchemist   

    I am alchemy artisan 2 almost artisan 3 I am mostly on all channels top 3 sometimes top 1. Pre-patch I only used special seeds to level up my stone of life. I failed 13 times to get it from blue to yellow still using special seeds all the time. I don't know what the fudge you are on about . Special seeds was the fastest and most cost effective way to level it. I leveled destruction and protection same way. Alchemy stones are not for everyone they are supposed to be BiS. I lold when I saw people trying to create alchemy stones at skilled then qq about it failing. Seriously get a grip. I am now on 16 fails to level my yellow imperfect alchemy stone of life up to rough. But I am keep on farming and making money and still trying to upgrade. Current price of imperfect stone of life yellow is 29m. It can go up to 220m at sturdy. ALCHEMY STONES ARE BiS THEY ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE STOP QQ.
    And as I aid I event used only special/pure/sturdy even before the patch I am also artisan 3 processing. You guys need to stop qq. Nothing wrong with how they made it. 

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  7. Lucifer Morningstar added a topic in General   

    Alchemy Stone Of Life Yellow Proc EU
    So after 12 fails from blue to yellow its finally here.
    Server Alustin EU. Artisan 2 Alchemy atm.
    I present to you Imperfect alchemy stone of life yellow proc. Time to gather some money and make it sturdy
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  8. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic The swag way of doing Alchemy-Blood for the Blood God [Guide]   

    Indeed but "higher" things cant be crafted in batches. Cause the mats are expensive. I remember getting 4 shining powders out of total 20 crafts of clown's blood. And clown's blood is really cheap to craft and you can always gather the blood on an alt. Quantity >quality on our case due to the fact that its rng and even apprentice has chances for shining powder. I must have sold over 100 powders all my way up to artisan. But yeah if you have the money and mats to craft the "higher" stuff feel free to do so. Its also better exp
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  9. Lucifer Morningstar added a topic in Guides   

    The swag way of doing Alchemy-Blood for the Blood God [Guide]
    Sup guys. I am Gandalfium From the guild Eternity in Alustin EU.
    I was rank 1 processing artisan on many channels for a while then i switched to alchemy/fishing/gathering/farming.
    This guide will focus on the most cost effective way of leveling your alchemy to at least professional+
    At the end of the post i will post some usefull links regarding recipes and alchemy stones.
    So here we go!!!
    1) Why should i do alchemy?
    Basically one of the main reasons people do alchemy on KR is because of imperial crafting and making tons of money on alchemy elixir crates. 2nd one is because you can make some of the BiS elixirs. This is one of them for example Op elixir. Just a FYI. You need at least Artisan 1 to proc blue elixirs that require "skilled" on bddatabase. If you are professional you can proc blue elixirs that require apprentice like the experience elixirs which proc elixirs of splendid experience which increase the timer to 8 mins instead of 5.
    2)Is it profitable?
    Yes and no. At early levels you will find yourself crafting a lot of liquid reagents and wise man's/clown/legendary/tyrant bloods. There is an rng factor after the mediah patch which procs Shining Powders. These powders are used for alchemy stones which are endgame items. There are currently 3 versions of alchemy stones. Destruction/Life/Protection.
    Here is a usefull link for more information regarding Alchemy stones. Alchemy stones BDOTOME Guide.
    You could always sell the shining powders at 144k each if you dont want to Try your luck at rng. Personally i kept selling my shining powders until Artisan so i could keep on buying more mats to level up Alchemy. Also people will list low grade Alchemy stones for around 1m so if you dont wanna test your Rng you could always snipe those and upgrade them yourself.
    3)Pot addict or just Elixir Guru?
    I am being asked a lot if its really worth it to craft the elixirs at artisan. So far i got a 10 stack of 100% c.dmg pots/100% knockdown/100% back attack. After the maintenance we are doing guild bosses with my guild and we will be testing the effects of the elixirs on the bosses. But just imagine having double crit dmg for 8mins in a guild boss and 30-40 people having double dmg. That would literally make life so much easier. So are we just pot addicts or are we just smart enough to provide our guild/friends with op advantage at bosses/events/pvp? Up to you to decide.
    Now that the 3 most used questions are answered i will tell you the most effective way of starting to level alchemy.
    First things first. Get a residence. In your base city. I am using Calpheon as my base of operations so i have my house close to the marketplace to run back and forth buying mats and crafting. Closer you are the better.
    Once you get a residence you will need an Alchemy tool.Alchemy tools are craftable from tool workshops level 1 up to level 4. Higher the level of the tool workshop the better alchemy tool you can craft and more durability. Yeah i said durability. Alchemy tools like cooking tools have durability and the more you craft the less durability they have. Once it reaches zero they cant be used any more to craft. So you have to into place mode and collect them then discard and put a new one in place. Personally up to artisan i was using intermediate alchemy tool which had 500 durability and was easy to craft. 40 mins to craft with a professional goblin. But if you manage to get a tool workshop level 4 you can craft advanced alchemy tool which also has a nice passive of reducing alchemy crafting by 1 seconds. Also it has much more durability so you dont have to change as often.
    Okay so now lets take it for granted that you managed to get a residence close to marketplace/storage and have an alchemy tool. Whats next?
    Alchemy is like cooking. You put materials for 1 craft then press on continuous crafting and select the amount you want to craft. So for example if you have in your inventory materials for 10 crafts you have to put 1 of each required or 2 if for example you need 2 mineral water. Then select continuous crafting put the number and let it go! Erh i mean craft.
    Personally i crafted This until skilled 9 then swapped over to bloods. If you want you can start crafting bloods at apprentice 1 but you gonna need tons of reagents later on so its a smart move to craft them and stack while they still give a good amount of exp. But if you are going for fast level up and you can afford to buy the reagents from the marketplace instead of crafting then just go for blood crafting. Also apprentice and higher required recipes have a chance at dropping Shining Powder.
    So now that you know how Alchemy pretty much works start crafting those reagents and hopefully once you reach professional you can sacrifice some casuals to the Rng God and maybe do a ritual with some clown's blood so you can craft your first alchemy stone. I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU ATTEMPT YOUR FIRST ALCHEMY STONE AT PROFESSIONAL+.
    (Or just sell the powder and snipe one from marketplace to avoid the wrath of the RNG GOD )
    Usefull links:
    Alchemy stones guide Bdotome: Alchemy stones BDOTOME Guide.
    Database for everything in BDO with recipes and item descriptions and loot drops: Pro Database
    Eternity for Eternity
    Would like to thank my guildies for calling me a no lifer. That gave me a reason to press on to Artisan on 2 professions.
    Much love and if you got any questions hit me up if you are on alustin on Character Gandalfium.
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  10. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    Just give loyalties or pearl shop and the qq will stop. Hope now the plebs that hit master16 can afford my 220m alchemy stones on the marketplace
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  11. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    i got kzarka staff +15 last weekend you jelly master fishers?
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  12. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    All you plebs talking about fishing/trading/training when the actual good professions like processing alchemy cooking are the ones that make shit tons of money once imperial crafting is out. Meanwhile Rank 1 Alchemy in Alustin i d rather spent whole weekend in alchemy than abuse a fishing/trading/training exploit. After all with the money i make from shining powders dropping like candy i can snipe 10 boats a day and make a fleet. Btw good job daum making a bug into an exp event. Only way you are getting away with this is with a loyalties compensation otherwise you ll find lots of people issuing refunds. I know i wont issue but yeah you know how that works. Btw you pleb master fishers do you even have a skin on your boat or a swag fishing costume? Topkek
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  13. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic Processing XP Guide, Help Please   

    Hello. I am Gandalfium From Alustin.Earlier this morning i was Profesional 7 and 82%. I am usually in the top 5 of my server sometimes 1st when other people disconnect. Usually 2nd-3rd. Processing is a good way of making money and i would really suggest getting the silver embroidered clothes and if you have lots of money try your rng with failstacks and get to +2 at least. At profesional 7 i am procing from 10 planks up to 4 plywoods. 4 cotton fabrics from threads. Etc etc. I have 13d 12h played and mostly i do grinding +processing. Sometimes i do resting in bed for 3 energy/3minutes thats 30/half an ahour. Watching an episode then coming back to spent energy or a movie. I would have been artisan if i didnt focus on other stuff the past days like GvG since i am the main support.
    Back to your question. In heidel there is a chain quest that starts from jymkas wyrmbane close to the quarry. You need to press O and select All quests to show. Its called if i remember correctly "because i like you " or something similar. You will do then a chain of quests and end up in the workshop in heidel to start advanced processing or "beginer knowledge". You can also start the quest for ingots and other like drying etc if you have gathering apprentice 4. After professional it will take a lot of energy to get any exp. At earlier levels i just did ingots and plywoods. Some weapons here and then and some armor. I got an energy pool of 140. Also using the craftsman clothes helps a LOT. Use a sute tea as well for the extra exp in processing as in "life exp". If you have a life exp scroll from the 30-35-40 black spirit use it its 10% for 60minutes. I didnt use those but i guess they would come in handy. Also to get skilled in heating etc from what i read on google you need profesional 5-6 and gathering skilled9. So it will be a while before you can make sturdy plywoods. After all its on what you focus. Some people already have level 10 nodes some others focus their energy on crafting. Its up to you and whether you wanna invest or not.But its worth it at higher levels :). Hope that helps
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  14. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic Launching a game 5 hours late looks really bad for a company.   

    git gud guyz
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  15. Lucifer Morningstar added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    sounds like someone is following trion's footsteps
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