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  1. Milamber91 added a topic in Art & Media   

    BDO Boutique Issue No.1 e-Magazine
    Here we go bois.

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  2. Milamber91 added a topic in Art & Media   

    HOT this month! BDO Boutique May 2017 - KillMagicka's BEACH EXTRAVAGANZA


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  3. Milamber91 added a post in a topic BDO freezes my PC when I open MAP   

    No reply? No update?
    It can't be only me suffering from this.
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  4. Milamber91 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    BDO freezes my PC when I open MAP
    The game freezes sometimes when I open the Map interface (this has happened half a dozen times by now).
    Its quite bad, as I can't even move the mouse or open task manager or anything, my entire computer freezes.
    I am using a 64bit windows 8.1 with a nvidia gtx 970, an intel i5 cpu and 16gb RAM.
    Not sure what the problem is since this seems to happen at random, but it has become quite frequent and is definitely an issue.
    I would be happy to provide more information/help/etc. to help you guys investigate this.
    Thank you!
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  5. Milamber91 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild name restricted to 16 characters...?
    Well there isn't much to be said, other than I believe I speak for many when I point out that being restricted to 16 characters for a Guild name in this day and age is sort of crappy.
    So many guild names are being taken and used already, I believe increasing character limit for guild name would benefit both those who naturally want that slightly longer guild name as well as those who need those extra characters because struggling already with taken guild names.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion!
    - Pirate Knight Milamber
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  6. Milamber91 added a post in a topic Way to swich servers?   

    I have also been asking this and haven't got a clear answer from anybody yet.
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  7. Milamber91 added a post in a topic Server Selection and Discussion Thread   

    NA Server role-play community on Orwen-Channel 2
    Doth thou quest?
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  8. Milamber91 added a post in a topic RP Guilds Pick your Server!   

    Orwen channel 2, correct.
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  9. Milamber91 added a post in a topic Orwen - Channel 2   

    I shall be there, shortly.
    Leave some treasure for me to plunder, ye scurvy shrimps!
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  10. Milamber91 added a post in a topic A Beginners Guide to Roleplay   

    I could roleplay, but I am already a pirate questsman in pursuit of glory and treasures.
    The quest... it calls to me... by blood, and by fate!
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  11. Milamber91 added a post in a topic Good & Evil (poll)   

    I will cleanse these realms of all that is foul and evil.
    Hero all the way, to the quest!
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  12. Milamber91 added a post in a topic Never met a worse gaming population in my life   

    Look, the bad apples will eventually fall of the tree.
    Those of us who like the game enough, will stay, and we will be the community.
    But since we're only just barely at launch, these seas are bound to be turbulent, mateys!
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  13. Milamber91 added a post in a topic Server Transfer   

    Yeah, I was also wondering the same thing.
    Would be nice if we could create characters on multiple servers by default. Because otherwise some people, such as myself, potentially end up having to decide which friends to play with and which friends not to play with.
    And, come on, in this day and age, thats no good.
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