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  1. Alu added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    #refund /signed
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  2. Alu added a post in a topic too many nodes, too little guilds   

    I don't know nor care about US, but EU needs the server merges asap.
    What i'm surprised is that we, the people of Jordine, the most populated of the 3 EU servers, are the ones asking for it and not the people of Alustin and Croxus.
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  3. Alu added a post in a topic A special request bug   

    I'm having same issues with Xerxes so i'm gonna try to explain what i found so far using the DB and this might help others to finish with the 1k amity needed for Xerxes:
    As some one mentioned before, Xerxes got 4 quest as we can see in: http://bddatabase.net/us/npc/45206/1/
    So far, "i did Mediahn White Cedar Royal Dining Table" and "Valencian Elder Bookshelf", so i'm missing the Arenda chain quest and Piligrim's Cabinet. 
    For the Arenda chain quest, you need to do some quest from shakatu plus have gathering professional 9 as we can see in this link http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/5709/1/ . Since i'm sitting at gathering pro 7 i cannot continue yet.
    And for the Piligrim's Cabinet quest you must complete first the Arenda chain quest.
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  4. Alu added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    We, the outsiders, already renamed your alliance to ZeroA
    But if you don't like it, we can use other names: Azerus, CeroA, Cerbezeras (lol at this one). Dunno, give us ideas!
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  5. Alu added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Our Frenchies and Germans betrayed us to fo see the Euro semifinals... 
    We did few mistakes, but also learned a lot.
    I was pissed at the end because you zerged us by numbers, but the tactics you used were good, and as I said in another post, making alliances is part of this kind of Wars, so well played.
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  6. Alu added a post in a topic Awakening Bell node war   

    How come 5 guilds got rekt in under 30 mins? no defense structures in bases or what?
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  7. Alu added a post in a topic Mansha forest node war   

    Speaking for Harmony: we went there to see the fight, not to scout. 
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  8. Alu added a post in a topic Mansha forest node war   

    Stuff like "you have no chance alone", "you'll dodge us or get defeated by our main guild alone" is what is creating all that hate towards Grind. 
    Making Alliances before, during, or after war is 100% legit, so is dodging. The problem is when you think that guilds are dodging Grind due to some kind of fear.
    Thinking like that and exposing it to the public, is what makes and will make guilds go together against Grind.
    And sorry to break your dream about 2 guilds under the same Banner thanks to a proper management, if you have 2 guilds is because other guilds were/are full.
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  9. Alu added a post in a topic Mansha forest node war   

    You lost money, you lost people motivation. You claimed to have no competition, yet you failed 2 times to get a node. Something is wrong there.
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  10. Alu added a post in a topic Mansha forest node war   

    Can confirm the building bug for us Harmony too.
    What matters in Draws is the money wasted, tell us tell us
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  11. Alu added a post in a topic Some stats on the P2W dye system   

    To all ppl claiming dye for real money are fine, you are also fine with enabling player to player trading, right? Something that Daum did right to prevent goldsellers. 
    To ppl saying LOLWTF YOU ARE NOT GONNA BUY A ZAKA IF YOU HAVE 1000$, are you playing this game in a competent way? like using red battlefield crystalS, black spirit crystalS, [insert here any random highend crystal] party elixirs of all kinds, 3 diferent special food rotation, duo-tri-pen-tet jewely, everything +15 and with thousands of stones/25+ failstacks per alter/crystal shards ready to upgrade straightm +18 when Valencia comes?
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  12. Alu added a post in a topic Some stats on the P2W dye system   

    What fraud i'm doing? I bought something that I was promised that will never happen and now they are just starting to do the oposite.
    Using your same example, this is like if I go to a 5 star Restaurant and pay 300 euros for a top quality steak and they cheat me and instead of what I ordered they give me a shitty Mcdonalds piece of meat.
    Look, this issue is not about a nerf to a class, a game changing mechanic or something like that. This is something that will destroy the player base of a game that I enjoy and as you also said, i'm doing your option (a) voicing my opposition.
    I'm in the position to take my Visa out and put 1k euros ingame to get the best gear, but i'm not a supporter of any kind of pay2win, so it will never happen.
    I supported this game with a considerable amount of money, and will continue to do so if they remove any traces of p2w. If not, as I said I'll do a chargeback. 
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  13. Alu added a post in a topic Some stats on the P2W dye system   

    As of now, theres is a constant spam of "XXXX dye registered in the market place" on Jordine EU. I see it simple, if they don't remove this asap i'm gonna chargeback the 350+ euros i wasted on this piece of crap game.
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  14. Alu added a post in a topic AH Pre-Order does not work!   

    You can place buy orders for all items. The example i gave are armor reform stones and theres 0 in the market (to add more to the how the pre-order should work). 
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  15. Alu added a post in a topic AH Pre-Order does not work!   

    So why items with pre-orders are selling in the market for less that the pre-order price like the example i stated on the post above yours?
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