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  1. Suri added a post in a topic Sniping Value Packs off the market place?   

    I would say around 5hrs. of sitting by the market and bidding whenever they go up. Of course that number is just from my personal experience and it's affected heavily by how many are being listed on the market, how many players are also trying at the time, and just simply how lucky you are. My recommendation would be to do some sort of AFK activity like cooking/alchemy/processing while in close proximity to the auction house so that you can run down and bid whenever it goes up. You should be able to get at least one every month by doing this. Good Luck!
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  2. Suri added a post in a topic What do I do with my stacks of seaweed?   

    Here you go:
    Good Luck!
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  3. Suri added a post in a topic What do I do with my stacks of seaweed?   

    Just turn them into Crio for the Daily Quest. It's just flavor text. You don't need to bundle anything.
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  4. Suri added a post in a topic 7 days   

    If you're asking for help from others by using the forums don't be an ass about it. If you'd rather just be rude and insult people who are trying to help go deal with support instead since it's their job to deal with these issues. None of these people have an obligation to help you and you're not improving your situation by being hostile towards them.
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  5. Suri added a post in a topic Kakao, can we please talk about Ranger   

    I think you misinterpreted my comment. I was never giving advice, but just sharing my personal results (and I thought I made it pretty clear with my word choice). I added that statement because I haven't done any actual tests regarding the effects of extraction gems and how they work, the statements I make are purely from the experience I gathered while playing the class. What I said isn't factual by any means, i'm just sharing my own personal observations and interpretations regarding how mana regeneration has worked for me. I have not cross referenced my results with others and therefore I won't make a blatant claim as though my personal results are the truth. I also felt it was important to say that I haven't played in a while since I haven't kept up with all the patch notes and changes that were made to the class. If the fact that i'm willing to state that my personal results may differ for others devalues my observations then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
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  6. Suri added a post in a topic Kakao, can we please talk about Ranger   

    Double extraction gems have personally worked really well for me. Bow skills generally do have more of an affinity for extraction gems since they tend to do more hits overall. Also, something I noticed is that if you have a high amount of damage and are nuking through mobs (which is great!) you're going to have a lot more trouble managing mana. I think this is cause you may not necessarily be landing all of your hits on a cluster of mobs since some of them are dying. This may also be exacerbated due to the fact that extraction gems restore mana on hit and when you kill them too fast a lot of the hits aren't going anywhere. Personally for me, since i'm not too well geared and only started playing again a little over a month ago, using 2x Extraction gems and shotgun actually restores my mana since nothing actually dies from one shotgun and I am able to get all my hits in.
    I think your damage is too high or the mobs are too weak for you to actually get any benefit out of your extraction gems. You might actually have a smoother experience grinding by dropping your AP a bit and getting the full benefit of your extraction gems.
    TL;DR Rangers have high dmg and high mana cost. Mana regen comes from actual hits instead of ezpz regen skills like some classes. You currently aren't getting hits in cause you're killing them too fast.
    Just my 2 cents. I haven't played in a while so there may be changes and things I don't understand yet so feel free to correct me.
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  7. Suri added a post in a topic Hello darkness, my old friend..   

    Aww, that sucks. Have a like! I hope you get some good RNG to make up for your misfortune.
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  8. Suri added a post in a topic Why did they force us into awakening weapons?   

    Inflicts Knockdown on hit
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  9. Suri added a post in a topic T4 pets   

    I mashed up a Lv.1 T3 + Lv.10 T4 and got a T4 as a result. Could have been me just getting lucky, but those are my results if it helps.
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  10. Suri added a post in a topic cant sell outfits, why no warning before purchase?   

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  11. Suri added a post in a topic Any Suggestion Ever Got implemented?   

    To my understanding, most changes or content that they implement in the game are always going to be introduced in the Korean version first. They generally do this because it's extra work to translate the content and the western version of the game is generally handled more carefully and they need to take into things such as localization. So even if we do have a great idea and they listen to us and ask to have it implemented, we aren't going to get it first sadly. Here is one such example: "On the 8th January, the KR the Korean version will receive the revamped Party Play setting which is based on our feedback from CBT1. So far players had the feeling that they were penalized for playing together with friends, as the experience benefit was rather turning into a malus. As we are still preparing launch, the running services will be able to enjoy the new benefits sooner of course. We will see this in our CBT2."
    Though i'm not too sure about the current state of the game (I just recently started playing again), I personally felt that they did quite a good job listening to players when making decisions. When they were deciding the server structure and the Karma system a lot of player feedback was taken into account when they made their decision. I clearly remember there was a poll on the forums when they were choosing the server structure. Anyways, i'm not too sure about any recent changes, but if you look at "PM Diary" in News & Announcements you can see a lot of the changes they took back in beta based on player feedback. Cheers.
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  12. Suri added a post in a topic A fence in my inventory   

    I believe all fences have to be rented. Hover over your Contribution Points on the top left of your screen to double check whether you have points placed into any rented items. If you don't have any Contribution Points invested in renting the fence then i'm just as curious as you are as to how you received it.
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  13. Suri added a post in a topic Penguin and Hawk skins   

    Here you are. Enjoy!
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  14. Suri added a post in a topic Okay you did good on SORC but now its time for RANGER NERF!!   

    You can't fight against burst damage classes if you aren't geared enough to survive their burst or skilled enough to evade it. And yes their burst is strong since it happens to drain all their mana and stamina making them utter trash after they use it.
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  15. Suri added a post in a topic Horse breeding is broken   

    Or you could wait till they release the horse appearance change coupons and it won't matter which one you get.
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