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  1. Iriel added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    I agree, almost two months passed since we last had an update regarding this new system.
    I would also love to hear some news if there has been any progress.
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  2. Iriel added a post in a topic PK is not PVP!!!!   

    @Maddog I suggest you go search for a definition of PvP before starting useless topics.
    PvP, consensual or not, is just PvP.
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  3. Iriel added a post in a topic Patch Notes – March 3rd   

    I'm sure other people mentioned this already, but I also want to add my voice regarding this point.
    This is a good example of how NOT to write a class related change.
    You have to be more detailed, and specify which skills were changed and how they were changed and, if there were any changes in damage, by how much.
    Every other MMO I can think of is just much more detailed when presenting changes of this nature. Have a look at Tera, ESO or GW2 PvP/Class related patch notes, and that's just to mention a few. DAUM KR does a very good job as well in its Black Desert KR patch notes, detailing every small change.
    I do not want to see anything so generic and non-explanatory again. Especially when it concerns PvP and Class Changes.
    It is something that must be taken seriously and reported with every detail.
    @CM_Tytyes I understand, but even if you only have generic information available regarding a class change, please do your best collecting more detailed information in the future to provide the players with everything they need to know.
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  4. Iriel added a post in a topic PM Diary 3   

    I'm really happy about most of the news, and also really welcoming a duel system in game (especially if extended to party).
    At the same time though I'm unhappy about the news regarding CCs. I understand the reason, KR got a new system and it would be difficult to go back for us.
    But the Korean service also introduced the awakened weapon system, which we don't have yet. This leaves us with some unbalances in the system, especially suffered by melee classes (see http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/18525-important-current-pvp-cc-system/).
    So, even if it's technically not feasible to go back to the old system, I hope some tweaks will be possible at least.
    Please keep us updated on this matter as it is of extreme importance for everyone interested in PvP.
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  5. Iriel added a topic in Suggestions   

    Black Desert NA/EU Website Additional Content
    DAUM EU - Black Desert NA/EU Website Suggestions
    This post contains some suggestions about possible improvements and additional content for the NA/EU Black Desert website, based mostly on features of the Korean website of the game, surely older at this time, but including definitely more content that would be great to have also in our version of the web page.
    1) Game Information / Lore
    The Korean website at http://black.game.daum.net/black/guide/introduce/index.daum has lots more information regarding the game, its history and main regional aspects. It would be nice to have this knowledge included in the website of our version as well, and it would surely help promoting and introducing the game to potential new players, as well as providing a beautiful lore reference for the game for everyone.

    2) Interactive Map / Guild Occupation Status
    The Korean website at http://black.game.daum.net/black/guide/world/map.daum hosts a beautiful artistic map of the game, reporting many of the main in-game locations together with some beautiful screenshots, which surely give a wonderful idea of the beauty and variety of the different landscapes that one can expect to find in game. 

    Another version of this map also shows the current status of guild occupations on the server. It would be great to have that. Daum has shown great interest in guild sieges content in Korea, also periodically featuring short footage of in-game sieges on their official YouTube channel/website (see http://black.game.daum.net/black/pds/video/index.daum#1).
    I hope this will be possible for EU/NA as well, and that Daum EU will follow the occupation status of the main in-game regions with the same interest!

    3) The Wiki
    The Korean website at http://blackwiki.daum.net/ hosts a wonderful and comprehensive wiki of the game, containing a massive amount of information regarding the many many different aspects of this really big game.

    It would be awesome if we could get an English translation of this wiki, and have it included in our EU/NA website for the game.
    4) The Fankit
    Daum KR recently released a downloadable Fankit for Black Desert. This includes logos, images, icons, screenshots, and part of the Soundtrack for the game. It would be great to have that or an expanded version of that for the NA/EU community as well in the future. It can currently be found at http://black.game.daum.net/black/pds/fansitekit/index.daum on the KR website. So please keep this possibility in mind Daum!

    Really hope @CM_Jouska can have a look at this, and let us know if these extensions will be possible in the future. I'm sure they would be happily welcomed by the whole Black Desert community. Feel free to add your voice to this thread, especially if you want to support these changes or even propose possible additional improvements!
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  6. Iriel added a post in a topic Official Black Desert Artbook   

     Indeed! A signed edition would be so awesome! I agree that would be a great prize for some special in game contests/anniversaries.

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  7. Iriel added a post in a topic Remove the Fishing ship   

    I also think the fishing boat on the cash shop should be simply a cosmetic item.
    The fishing boat license that comes with it should be removed, leaving only the skin.
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  8. Iriel added a post in a topic [Important] Current PvP CC-System !!!   

    Definitely agree with @Loken here.
    The new system implemented in the CBT2 should be reverted to the pre-awakening one. This really creates unbalance in some PvP situations, giving advantage to some classes (mostly those who can output high amounts of raw damage in a short time) with respect to those that have to necesarily land CCs in order to do so.
    I also have been testing the system with some guildies in arena, and at the current state, together with the already existing CC rng and resistance, it really feels out of place, making some classes completely useless since they rely on being able to chain CCs to damage their opponent.
    I can understand this maybe got in because it was included in the KR client. But since we don't have awakening yet in our version - and the increased damage that comes with that and counterbalances the CCs changes - this leaves us ultimately with a damaged system which simply deprives some classes of their possibility of PvPing efficiently.
    Please @CM_Jouska look into this, especially if this wasn't planned, and keep us updated on the topic.
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  9. Iriel added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    +1 this. When we were asking about bringing old KR CBT Flagging system back, you told us it could be exploited for this same reason.
    Now doesn't this apply here too? Really Daum?
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  10. Iriel added a post in a topic Q&A with the Developers!   

    Have you been working on improving the game engine, especially regarding texture/objects pop-in?
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  11. Iriel added a post in a topic Official Black Desert Artbook   

    It would be something completely new as there isn't any Korean version available at the moment. But I'm sure it can become a possibility if many people keep asking for it!
    Indeed, other MMOs did that, and it woud be wonderful to see that happening for BDO too!
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  12. Iriel added a post in a topic The new CM says hello   

    Hello and welcome CM_Praballo, nice to meet a new member of Daum's team!
    Keep up the good work, and please continue selecting and relaying our feedback to the Black Desert team! ^^
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  13. Iriel added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    I like the new system proposed by @Chun-Chun as it really simplifies things.
    Yellow tier was more or less useless, having the same PvP death penalties as white tier, and I'm fine with unifying the two under the new blue karma tier.
    The color scheme is also much more intuitive: blue->purple->red.
    The only thing I would change is the warehouse block, since at the moment there is no place offering services for outlaws in the first 4 regions (like it will be in Valencia). If an outlaw fortress/town were to be added in the first regions of the game, then the warehouse block in the other towns would also make perfect sense.
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  14. Iriel added a topic in Art & Media   

    Official Black Desert Artbook
    Dear Players, most of you did probably notice a few beautiful sketches and models by the developers of Black Desert in the latest PM Diary posted by @PM_Belsazar.
    After talking with other players, many expressed interest in seeing the release of a collection of available art, drawing and sketches from the production stages of the game, possibly in the form of a beautiful and well made artbook. Would you support the idea by buying it if made available at a later date?
    I am sure it could be a beautiful collector's item, and would be an object of great interest for all the players who really love the game.
    I'd also like to ask the team at Daum EU @CM_Jouska if they would be interested in this possibility if there is enough positive feedback by the community.
    Thanks a lot for considering the idea, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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  15. Iriel added a post in a topic Liverto vs. Yuria Discussion   

    That's pretty nice. I was considering it was quite hard to do fair tests in BD since there's no real damage meter.
    Though not counting crits may be a bit biased towards Yuria I think, since Liverto offers those +2 crit rate with respect to Yuria.
    Idk how much, would like to repeat these tests just to check!
    Also would love to see (at least in perfect, testing condition), to how much damage that "+5 additional damage to humans" amounts.
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