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  1. Edan added a post in a topic New icon on skills, what does it mean?   

    the best update ever! 
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  2. Edan added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    question: if I have avarage time to play and I'm quite semi-hardcore, in how many months I would make that gear? Considering I have to replace all of my gear (its tri grunil with basic stuff).

    That would be the time to consider I would not be a practice target anymore.
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  3. Edan added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    nothing to found. just some other stuff instead bdo.
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  4. Edan added a post in a topic Musa PVP discussion   

    The most viable tactic on musa is this: turn camera 180° really fast, dash back, cc, hit hard as you can. 
    Repeat until you confuse the opponent and he will rage quit and go play revelation :)))
    What videos, can you link? 
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  5. Edan added a post in a topic absurd grind   

    absurd thread
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  6. Edan added a post in a topic Is Musa really that bad?   

    "jack of all trades master of none"  lol!

    Well I know how to make a musa better! You give him a great sword! :))
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  7. Edan added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    By 2020 I will have money to make the boss weapons for musa! :))

    Wait! Maybe they will buff it today!! 
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  8. Edan added a post in a topic The Truth about Musa   

    Well at a certain point I was starting to annoy ppl by killing their mobs and fk up their rotations. I could run at least, but the problem is some classes can still catch you and cc the sh!t out of you and you don't have time to react cuz most of the time you die pretty fast. 
    There was a musa who said he made 315dp to resist more. Well that's quite a waste I'd say. 
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  9. Edan added a post in a topic Gearing Advice (200+ AP)   

    What about Sicil's necklace, It's a very good ap/dp for the price and you need some tank anyways.

    And maybe use a tri red coral earring unless you are 61+
    I will make the Kutum actually for pve. It will hit harder I heard. Now I dont know if the Kutum will be better in pvp but I have a Vangertz to test it out.
    I'm thinking to make even the red coral rings tri. More tank is not bad to have. We need to find the balance between damage and tank. Some warriors have DP rings.
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  10. Edan added a post in a topic The Truth about Musa   

    If you chouse Musa you have to ignore the pvp for months until you have that 220ap which will make you relevant.
    Until then you are just a scout on node wars. Even if you have the gear you can't do much apart from killing lonely targets around the main battle. You can also suicide jumping in the middle and hit them with BtB.
    It's quite a pve class until you have very good gear. Oh, and if you meet a warrior run. And since a lot of ppl rerolled on warrior including myself, you will run from most of them.
    First thing I've done with my warrior, I've killed some musas :))
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  11. Edan added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    Wooooowww so much lecture!

    OK it's done guys, I've already rerolled on warrior! my both chars are 58 now (musa is on 65%) and all I can say is, I quite miss the musa now for the fun of playing it but the war is also fun. Musa is a bit faster on pve, mobility,.. etc(?) no etc, there is not much to put on the table anymore.
    On the other hand the warrior can be very mobile too if you put a little effort in it, and very fast in pve also!

    Now... what do I miss? almost nothing and in exchange I get a lot! I'm not gonna make a list of what the warrior has and musa don't cuz we all know it.

    My gear is not top noch but with that I can actually be relevant in node wars! With musa? run or die. That was the problem, I wanted to be more relevant in pvp earlier, not when I get lvl61 and 220ap! Who knows when I will manage to make that? And what will happen when I have 220ap?
    The good part is I actually can reroll back on musa any time I want because I didnt make any boss weapons yet. I have no idea what musa would need, what kind of buff, but it's missing something.
    You can't compromise everything just for the mobility and some... combos.
    LATER EDIT: I need just one reason to go back on musa and I will do it! What would that be?
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  12. Edan added a post in a topic Assistance on Warrior gear   

    I've modified your build

    First try to get duo axion, then buy a liverto duo from the market. It will give you a huge boost in damage because of the hidden stats and the 2x slots. Get attack speed +5 also! more important than crit since you have 100% crit anyway on skills.

    The duo blue coral earrings are very easy to make. 
    Axion hit harder on mobs than Vangerz actually, but on pvp not.

    You can farm on saunils, hexe, rougues for money. Resset knowledge until you have S on all and invest all the energy in the node until you have lvl10. 
    Further on, you should have at least a tri red coral earring, sicil's necklace and maybe a basilisk belt. The ancient ones are pretty awsome considering the price and the amount of ap/dp you get, plus warrior must be a little bit tanky.

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  13. Edan added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    Well I did not invest to much in it since I've bought all TRI normal weapons, except shop stuff and the grinding time. It would not be so much tragedy if I reroll now.

    I realized I'm completely useless in pvp without boss gear and then... that I will be even after and that for a long long time. Maybe I can get on par with the average players in 6 months or more. Getting 200+ AP is not an easy task, but musa would need about 220 maybe or even more. 
    It's a hit & run class. You can't do much more with it. 

    The only good part is that it's really good on pve. And... running away from a fight you can't win...
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  14. Edan added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    I currently play a musa and I started it one month ago and dot lvl 59 almost. I still consider a reroll on warrior, but I'm not sure. 
    I wish it would be better in pvp, but it lacks on something and I don't know what. 
    What are the chances to get a buff in the near future? 
    Big guilds don't even accept musas! It is clearly underpowered.
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  15. Edan added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    Musa is fine guys. It doesn't need any buff, he can run away from any class!
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