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  1. Zedword added a post in a topic ManUp? More like 1 ManGreed.   

    More like 215 AP average when everyone wears rosar offhands :^)
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  2. Zedword added a post in a topic BDO NA Guild Ranks top 10   

    ? LotD just beat blackrose 1v1 sunday siege in about 20-25 minutes
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  3. Zedword added a post in a topic TRI Red Coral Earrings Vs. TRI Blue Coral Earrings   

    He's just trolling, every big guild is evasion stacking and using tri or tet red corals to counter the evasion. A lot are using kutum instead and starting to go hybrid AP/DP like RU and KR are doing now.
    Thing is DP stacking doesnt mean much but a little bit more survivability goes a long way in the one shot fest that is BDO. Since you dont really need 250 AP to wombo combo kids you can run with 220 AP and 300 DP and be a king. This is the new meta in KR and RU. Not only that, but the new kamislav content hits super hard so DP stacking will help there while maintaining the AP to clear it.
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  4. Zedword added a post in a topic Lords of the Dead <LotD> -- Recruiting PvP Players   

    I guess:
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  5. Zedword added a post in a topic Who will be the strongest guild when server merge comes?   

    I dunno why but this always looked like 2 different types of diarrhea mixing together in a toilet bowl to me
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  6. Zedword added a post in a topic Awakening Drop RNG skewed?   

    Did you even read what I posted?
    Previously there was an easy way to tell how well we did based on DMG done. The amount of hunters seals and to a lesser extent gold bars.
    IE: I used to get 2-3 10G bars every zarka before the change. Now, it's completely random.
    The way it seems to work now is you need to do enough DMG or there need to be less than X amount of people there so everyone gets registered on the loot table.Meaning that if you do, say top 50, you get put onto the loot table but from there it's random. The way you can tell it works this way is because of how when there are less than whatever the X value is(50 people, 60 people, etc) then boss alts can get top DMG hunter seals, gold bars, and boxes/auras. When these boss alts that I've seen with subpar gear (under 140 AP) get boxes it's the off hours when we can get 3 karanda kills because no one is online at 3 AM. However, primetime hours these boss alts have a hard time getting loot.

    What Daum/PA/cuckao did when they change it was just randomizing the DMG table. The RNG table might still be there, I honestly have no idea. As for DMG table I've been farming world bosses for a very long time and I can assure you back before they changed how the tables worked I could get a stupid amount of livertos/tree belts/marks/etc. The DPS table was really dumb, it allowed guys like me or specific guilds(Veritas/Flex/Luciform on Orwen at the time) and very geared players to make ten times what the average player could make.
    The issue I'm bringing up isn't about the RNG table or the DMG table being unfair. It's that it seems like whatever change they implemented is affecting more individual accounts/characters than others. Harpy hasn't been around very long, and while statistically it's very possible for people to have 2,3, and even 4 boxes it's highly unlikely. This is the issue at hand, how is it these individuals seem like they're rolling loaded dice?
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  7. Zedword added a post in a topic Awakening Drop RNG skewed?   

    The DMG based system definitely existed 3 months ago, but they definitely got rid of it. I'm highly geared and I'm susceptible to RNG on each boss.
    Example that actually happened:
    100-0 Karanda at 3 AM on a Friday only 20 people there

    I was there the whole time, got 3 hunters seals and some black stones(214 AP ranger)
    Guildmate got box with his wizard boss alt with 114 AP.
    Doesn't seem like it's based on DMG to me anymore to be honest.  I know that each individual has a random chance to get a box and the same goes for latent auras, but he also got more hunter seals than me which is what we believed to be what calculated your dmg. more seals meant more dmg done, doesn't seem to be the case anymore.
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  8. Zedword added a post in a topic Kutum OIffhand for Rangers   

    I'm running
    1x BS carmae
    1x extraction
    With full boss gear it enables me to run knights, hamburgs, and valencia special. I sometimes swap around the valencia for other food, but I run 3x food at all times in game. Running food to complete your buffs takes away from what other food buffs you could be getting.
    I could be using a costume to fill out 1 crit or 1 AS and using 1 food, but I like being able to use my ghuille or other costume for xp.
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  9. Zedword added a post in a topic Orwen better than Edan   

    It's a lot more than two people, those are the outlier examples he's giving.
    I'm 215/263 with full boss/tet zarka(lul 10 AP neck)
    Based on the dmg and numbers some of the dudes in iconic put up when I fight them I'd say their gear is around my level or higher. Same goes for relevant.
    They just don't want you to know their gear because its fun stomping casuals like 1/4 of Orwen will be doing to the baddies on Edan come server merge.
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  10. Zedword added a topic in General   

    Awakening Drop RNG skewed?
    So, Karanda died again and we had our 2nd guildmate get his 3rd box. We also have about 7 people with two boxes. While I know RNG is RNG, harpy has not been out long enough for these kinds of numbers on individual players.
    Anyone else notice an odd amount of drops on only one or two players?
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  11. Zedword added a post in a topic Kutum OIffhand for Rangers   

    I use a black spirit crystal carmae to get 5/5 for both AS and crit with full boss and a zarka, better than eating food imo.
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  12. Zedword added a post in a topic Kutum OIffhand for Rangers   

    That's why I said use Kutum for PvP and steel for PvE, most of the rangers posting in this thread probably already have their steel branded so they can't get rid of it anyway
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  13. Zedword added a post in a topic Kutum OIffhand for Rangers   

    If you get a khutum now, upgrade it to TRI and don't brand it and use it for PvP only with 2x awakened black spirit crystals and use a steel for PvE. Based on testing it's going to be better than steel for PvP right now, but I think the AP steroid from nouver is better overall.
    Sell it when you get a nouver and never look back.
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  14. Zedword added a post in a topic Welp, Jail makes me not want to PvP   

    100% WRONG.
    Example: I kill someone in sausan camp and am now at 240k karma. For some reason I AFK and the sausans kill me I MIGHT lose a gem and will lose 1% XP.
    In Valencia I kill one person, am at 240k karma, the person comes back to kill the villian which forces me to flag again, and while fighting I die to a crescent and lose 3 gems and 2% experience.
    BEING A VILLIAN FLAGS YOU AS NEGATIVE KARMA. Even though you are not negative karma you are treated like you are. Happened to me earlier... Died to a crescent when PvPing the person I had killed and lost 3 crystals and 2% XP at level 58 which is about an hour of my time I lost.
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  15. Zedword added a post in a topic Tell us where the awakened warrior touched you?   

    You're all just fighting bad warriors. I can get 1 shot by black spirit rage as a level 58 203/237 ranger right now. I'm full boss gear except muskans, using pri ult heve boots until I get muskan.
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