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  1. Seynt added a post in a topic Whats the real reason behind ghillie hates?   

    The fuϲk? I'm not surprised at all that ghillie suits would soon be the banter of all the fuсkboys in this game.
    Bottom line it's good. Gives solo players ways to hide or escape large mobs of plebs. If you're gonna have open world this is a must. When pvp becomes actually worth doing in this game, you'll be begging for one after all those sob's come after your ass "hunting for that bounty". Trust
    @Dhaos Tbh though, even if you could identify who killed you, would you honestly fuсk with them when they are rolling deep in that squad or any group for that matter? Would you? No you wouldn't regardless of suits or not.
    Btw getting salty over getting killed by some guy and specifically hunting them down in spite makes you a plebbіtch. Calm down there.
    Can guarantee putting on a ghillie suit doesn't magically make you learn your class and combos in a pvp situation instead of just mashing buttons on pve mobs dude. Godbless.
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  2. Seynt added a post in a topic Next generation...   

    It's Fishing Simulator Online 2016 Edition.
    That's pretty next gen fam.
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  3. Seynt added a post in a topic I HAVE BEATEN THE DYE SYSTEM!   

    Lol. DAUM SON.
    They're farming your ass like goddamn moby dіck. Godbless.
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  4. Seynt added a post in a topic 980 TI incoming :3   

    word. They are literally about to hit the shelves @ the same price. Rip.
    Btw that 3.5 processor needs some help. Should have oc'ed that ages ago fam. You're sleeping on quality and you don't even know it.
    you need some milk.
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  5. Seynt added a topic in General   

    Mail and Appearence coupons
    So two things
    1. Is the mail cross server? I'm guessing items that we got from the packages once claimed go to the mailbox in which it stays until we claim it on whichever character. Does this mean I can claim it on a character in Edan or even one in Uno etc.?
    This also leads me to believe that these loyalty points have to be like only daily claimable on one character I guess?
    2. This character appearance 30 day coupon, I read that it was account bound? Does that mean I can change the appearance on character in Edan, and even randoms in Uno or wherever? I mean from it's description it seems like it means only stuff on one server. But when I think of account I think of the account as a whole since like "family name" is one every server it seems so that would be your "account" so to speak.
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  6. Seynt added a post in a topic Where is the PvP?   

    People have come to realize the pvp is unrewarding and a pain in the ass to come back from when your karma is so far in the hole, that it's not worth it to Pk at all.
    Unless its a set GvG then you won't see much.
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  7. Seynt added a post in a topic X   

    Uno is basically Canada, little bit of something but a whole lot of nothing. It would be nice if you stopped by but if you don't that's fine too.
    We got maple syrup.
    'Bout it.
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  8. Seynt added a post in a topic And here we go (Goldselers starting )   

    Usually they are phishing sites. Especially if nothing is offered at all.
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  9. Seynt added a post in a topic Drop items on death ? (PVP)   

    I would't mind even partial loot like hell they can keep their weapons and armor bc I guess I'm a nice guy. But shit, give me your cash or something. Godbless
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  10. Seynt added a post in a topic Cammo suit   

    Tbh I wouldn't exactly know as I main a sorc and I made it the smallest possible size, nor did I know I could dye the suit in the first place. But if it does then that would defeat the purpose of it as it does do wonders on hiding your ass lol. 
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  11. Seynt added a post in a topic I'm allready getting bored   

    So this battleground and instanced arena, are they structured or still based on your gear?
    I mean I understand open world pvp being gear based as that's a given in any mmo to be honest but it would be nice for something a bit more structured. I don't mind pveing to get on par for pvp as even BnS required one to pve to max lvl to be fairly competitive (as to unlock all skills) even though gear was balanced in spvp. Gw2 was my first mmo and I still play it but only for the pvp as after almost 4 years I've gotten to the point that I've done everything I have any interest in doing. BnS is good for pvp but the optimization is horrendous while this game on the other hand has great optimization, combat and even the pve is interesting with zero instances, open world etc. But, as much as I want to love the combat/pvp in this game I can't help but want fights to come down to more skill based, even at high tier lvls than just who has the best gear perchance and how many potions I can guzzle down during this fight to sustain myself. This game has great combat, as does BnS and Gw2 but I just can't help but feel that they are missing on some major potential if even the instanced based combat isn't somewhat balanced. I mean hell even if it was limited to no potion using I'd be happy but even some sort of baseline gear amongst all the players would be great at allowing this games pvp to shine in other ways. Of course this all would only be in the instance based combat or whatever they have planned.
    From the viewpoint of someone watching this game say on twitch for example, the combat is the core aspect that draws people's interest and it's pvp possibilities (though I did spend quite some time just jumping over walls and climbing buildings. I will always love this feature overall lol).
    Overall I have zero issues with open world Pking as that is a cool feature though I feel it needs to be a bit more rewarding. But it would be nice to have something that just seemed a bit more balanced especially if it's instance based as a change of pace.
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  12. Seynt added a post in a topic Server choice   

    Assuming you're on NA
    Edan is the most populated with Orwen fairly close behind while Uno, being the newest of the three varies. 
    During the day all three are usually overrun on all server channels but when it's late,( and I mean around 2-3am est) it can quiet down on some channels with some still being overcrowded and maybe one or two overrun. Edan and Orwen on the other hand will still have all overcrowded and many overrun still (especially Edan).
    Do keep in mind though that there is a ton of guest passes that are also causing massive server fluctuation that will die down after the 7 days are up.
    To be honest, yes it's nice to have a populated server but on the other hand this game is extremely grind heavy in which you will be farming mobs for extended periods of time. Because of this, you will be competing with tons of players for exp and it can be a pain in the ass even when in a group competing with other groups for mobs. 
    Other things to take note of are that Edan is the more "hardcore" server as many of the headstart players and larger guilds went there. Orwen is the "unofficial" roleplay server from word of mouth with still a healthy amount of pvp/large guilds and of course Uno is considered the "noob friendly" server with a little bit of everything.
    Server transfers aren't available at this time and may not be for a while as I believe they are non existent in the previous BDO versions so if you ever think of changing servers you would have to delete the character and start over. Deletion takes 24hours and I believe the name is available for use instantly after deletion. (many say its 30 days but many confirm they have remade characters with no problems). You can however make a character on different servers so if you really wanted to, you can always "test out" servers.
    All of this is completely up to you though.
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  13. Seynt added a post in a topic Not Cool Daum...   

    They be snoopin on your porn folders boys.
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