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  1. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    Aww, give me my steam, pleasee
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  2. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic xentago joins equilibrium on his alt account and farms and reports himself   

    So... it's basically one dude vs Guild A+X? I somehow don't see how this could be an issue. Did you reverse the roles or is this one dude really oppressing a whole guild?
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  3. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Am I tripping? Somehow...
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  4. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic Making Epheria Sailboat takes that long??   

    Nah, looks like the same boat to me. I will just process a bit of Steel for another 2 cannons and slap them on my Sailboat. That should do it.
    No, seriously.... THAT should do it. Like really really before I have to get another couple thousand Logs, pls!
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  5. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic Summoning people that fish a lot !   

    I noticed an increased drop of Special Carrots out of my Inventory... wait nvm!
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  6. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic Ahon Kirus Armor   

    I just tested it. It will show the skin nonetheless. Tried it with default Sorceress underwear and one with Stockings.
    Only showed the skin on both.
    I like the cape and shoulder ornaments. The lower it gets not so much though. Weapon to bulky. Chastity belt. Splitted armor on legs

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  7. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic Lahr Arcien for Dark Knight   

    I should be less loyal....
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  8. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic Prem Outfit Mismatch   

    Yes, please let us mix sets while maintaining boni. Variety is freedom!
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  9. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic Have anyone seen that 'ghost' horse on market too?   

    To bad that the price doesn't rise while the new owner levels it
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  10. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic Quest: In Search of Higher Processing Knowledge...   

    What is your Gathering rank?
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  11. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic Sea-monster loot-changes maybe in sight?   

    There are only 4 for the Sailboat? You sure we talk about the same?
    I don't mind fighting tough mobs but stupid ocean battles which are uselessly prolonged due to annoying npc movement and clunky boat positioning for cannon angles are not fun.
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  12. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic Sea-gathering question   

    I think it's already dead. I think I have waited for around 2 hours now. 
    Was only away twice. Once changing channel (back and forth) and once back to harbor so unless someone lucky snuck into that window...
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  13. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic April Journal Bug   

    I'm lost for words. Still not fixed!
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  14. Eternal2nd added a topic in General   

    Sea-monster loot-changes maybe in sight?
    I thought gathering the Logs was already annoying and tedious but at least they had their shard drops from time to time.
    For months I had most of the resources for the blue Sailboat accessories in Storage except Hekaru's Process and Ocean Stalker's Skin.
    Market is more dried up than a desert and Ive been keeping an eye on the processed mats long before release. Even logs were absurdly overpriced in supply.
    Now to the question. How is it in Korea. Is there also no supply or are there maybe changes incoming?
    Because I seriously want to drown myself every time I go hunt for a lousy drop of 5 items on one monster.
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  15. Eternal2nd added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Anybody know which dog it is that is being rewarded? Cat can clearly be identified as the striped cat but the dog seems to only closely resemble some of  the available ones.
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