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  1. Erewan added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 2nd   

    CEST is not used.... 
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  2. Erewan added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Flying fishes
    When did they add these?

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  3. Erewan added a post in a topic Golden Desert Coin   

    abt 1k energy and shovels spent = 0 coins! abt half of those spent in the NE corner where something appears and disappears... i dunno wtf i shud do! >.<
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  4. Erewan added a post in a topic Kzarka vs Liverto (hidden stats?)   

    So no-one is giving any facts or source information here. Many talk about tests, well may I see those test results please?
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  5. Erewan added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    So, when the second box does not drop rednose for almost everyone, I can expect you to be posting a full retraction with your sincere apologies here then?
    And if you would actually know something about TERA you would know it is P2W to it's core.
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  6. Erewan added a topic in Suggestions   

    i think it wud be cool if dunes wud sift and move and appear and disappear in the desert like in real life... that wud add variety... also rain season cud make the desert full of flowers and flourish for couple days to a week, cud make it an event where we cud collect some rare materials or ingridients
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  7. Erewan added a post in a topic <REBELLICIOUS> All levels | Age req: 30+ | All-round MMO-players | Daily events | Discord   

    i played bdo since CB1, in kr in-between CB's and my joyrney started at launch, i was high tier player in end game competition in big end game guild, i got burned to this game... competition was just too much for me so i took a fairly long break (few months) when i came back most of my friends and guildies had quit, so i was in seek for new guild and this was perfect for me! laid back atmosphere no pressure of doing anything, if and when we loose in node wars its okey cuz we are doing it for fun! this game is not a job for us in rebellicious! we do things solo or in groups and have fun and enjoy it while we are at it! if something like this intriques u, then u shud consider this guild as one opportunity!
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  8. Erewan added a post in a topic [SOLUTION] File is corrupted even after repairs   

    so i need to be some fkin computer engineer in order to be able to play black desert....
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  9. Erewan added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    wtf they giving us free stuff and all u do is QQ like little girl...
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  10. Erewan added a post in a topic FIX: Broken Journal   

    still not fixed....
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  11. Erewan added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Cant mount or draw weapon
    As the title says i am unable to mount my horse or draw my weapon on my main. I do not have this problem on my alt. This problem does not occur on another pc. This problem does not occur on another account. This problem started when i logged in after last maintenance and have persisted ever since. I have deleted version.dat and let launcher check files, i have removed all files and reinstalled completely, nothing that i have tried have helped so far and support remains silent and unresponsive to my ticket even tho i have updated all my actions to it. I have no idea what causes this nor how to fix this and require help.
    FIXED! i took all my gears off and committed a suicide -> fixed!
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  12. Erewan added a post in a topic Cannot mount horse, what gives?   

    did u get this resolved? because today after patch when i logged in, i am unable to mount my horse or draw my weapon
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  13. Erewan added a post in a topic File is corrupted. pls run file recovery if exists   

    im sorry for taking my furstration on u... this aint ur fault and i missunderstood you... if ur pc aint working and u call to tech support first they ask if its plugged in...
    but yeah... nothing seems to help.. i wish they will be able to fix this in todays patch...
    1. i have no programs that has anything to do with BDO
    2. 32gb memory
    3. ive installed BD on 512gb ssd with 100gb+ free space
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  14. Erewan added a post in a topic File is corrupted. pls run file recovery if exists   

    yes i read everything and nothing helped... ur smartass sure aint doing any good
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  15. Erewan added a post in a topic File is corrupted. pls run file recovery if exists   

    this same issue started for after friday patch... never had this before that.... wtf is this and how to fix it?
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