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  1. Oceansky added a post in a topic 2016 ELECTION NIGHT IN AMERICA!!   

    It's so annoying, can't even escape it in Australia. Has US election stuff on every channel. I know the US is a major country and whatever happens will affect the world.
    I have to say one thing, thank god Iam not American and I think Americans are stupid for voting for Trump, as it looks like he's going to win. Why would anyone want such a selfish hate filled, nasty bully as their president? Majority of Americans are idiots, only positive I can see at least it will make some drama and things more interesting and things not so normal. I hope this does not affect Australia too much as I think the US is stuffed now.
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  2. Oceansky added a post in a topic Rediculously broken event drop   

    This was the last straw for me. Iam so sick of the crappy rng I get in this game. From breeding horses I got 20 males, but only 2 females. How ridiculous and then I also get no candy drops. RNG hates me and it really has pissed me off. This game is not fun and I can't stand it anymore.
    I have stopped logging in since Wednesday. This game hates me so I now hate this game. GM's say the rng is working as intended but it's not for me. I get nothing bad bad luck. I feel disappointed and frustrated in this game. So it's about time I wake up and go play a fun, rewarding game instead. There must be some hidden luck for each account. My luck must be -1million. So I get no candies and almost no female horses. And those with +1million have candies raining from the heavens.
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  3. Oceansky added a post in a topic Next level AFK horse training   

    I've thought of a simular idea, but I think we should be able to pay stable masters to train our horses. Such as you leave your horse at the stable for 30hours pay a fee in silver like 1 million or whatever it should be and your horse will be level 20 when you go collect it. You can choose how many hours you want to leave it, depending on tier depends of course on how much of a lvl it gets. You can leave a horse 1/2 an hour or more and get like 100k experience every half hour for your horse.
    You just can't use the horse while it's being trained and you can cancel it anytime. This would leave your character free to do other things.
    That would be a good option so you could do other things, but this would not raise your trainer lvl as you aren't training the horse yourself.
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  4. Oceansky added a post in a topic Increase countdown for reaching finish line during horse races   

    I think the timer could be deleted, they just need to have it so those who get there fast don't have to wait, there should also be an option that you arrive at line, get reward and then can exit right away instead of waiting.
    Horse racing is flawed, don't they test it out and realise what is fun and what is not.
    Most people will dislike not being able to finish and wont bother again. So horse racing is kind of dead. I did a few races last night and it was me and the same 2 others always. Kind of boring. The first race the guy had a very fast horse with all speed skills and finished first and then the rest got locked out as I made it 3 seconds too late which is ridiculous. So got nothing even though I came second.
    Then the next race I had a faster horse and the first place guy didn't so I made it first and didn't wait for him, so he got locked out as I was annoyed he didn't wait for anyone else to finish last time. It was just us 3 racing every time. So I stopped as I felt bored.
    This is seriously making me feel like quitting this game for good. All I've been doing is training and breeding horses and was looking forward to horse racing, but feel like they've ruined it. They can't even do it right.
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  5. Oceansky added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I've been doing some horse racing and each race has 3 to 4 people at most.
    I think it's because of the horrible time limit, it's way too short, people are getting locked out and not finding it fun, such as reach the finish line at 33 seconds instead of 30seconds and end up with nothing even though you finish 3rd.
    It's a stupid system. I think they should get rid of the time limit and everyone that reaches the finish line should at least get 1 race seal. And those with very fast horses that don't want to wait around for others should be able to leave when they want. They will get their reward and then can press exit to leave. As there is heaps of time before the next race, an hour, so don't know why they have to have a horrible 30 second lock out timer.
    I posted in FluffyQuacks suggestion topic on this.
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  6. Oceansky added a post in a topic Increase countdown for reaching finish line during horse races   

    I also think everyone should get a seal once they reach the finish line. As there is plenty of time, an hour between each race. There should be no time lock out and those who finish fast and don't want to wait should be able to leave and others wont have to stress and at least get something for trying.
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  7. Oceansky added a post in a topic Increase countdown for reaching finish line during horse races   

    This is needed as other racers may have sprint, instant accel and drift. And you might only have a horse with sprint or none of those speed skills. And there is no way you can catch up to a horse with all those skills.
    I think the timer is too low. Increase it to 60seconds or get rid of it so that everyone can finish and get at least 1 race seal.
    Not enough people participate in horse races because of this, this time limit is too short and it's no fun to get locked out and then make it to the finish line a few seconds later like 33 seconds instead of 30 and get nothing.
    I've been in horse races with only 3 people and this is probably the reason why, they feel it's no fun and unfair. This needs to change.
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  8. Oceansky added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    T2 male(A) lvl 29  +T2 female lvl 27 = T5(O) male
    Exchange= T5(I) female
    yay a female to go with the male. Seem to mostly get females from exchanging
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  9. Oceansky added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    T2 (A) male lvl 29  + T2 (C) female lvl 26  = T5(I) male
    Even though it's male it's the first time I got that T5 skin. Ugly but I know green horses are fast.
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  10. Oceansky added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Geez how unsportsman/woman like. So can you have charge used on you even if you use a low lvl alt that is under lvl 45?
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  11. Oceansky added a post in a topic Horse Racing - 30 second countdown is too low   

    Yes I do most of the time. So far I've only done 4 races. As at the moment Iam trying to train T2's to get one with sprint.
    3 of 4 races I finished. 2 T5 races I finished 1st, 1 T5 race I didn't finish as I fell off a cliff. A T6 race I finished 6th.
    But I guess Iam not a good example as I only raced the first day and haven't done any races since as Iam now trying to get a T2 racehorse. Have trained 3 and they have all been lemons.
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  12. Oceansky added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I've read rules for the horse race, don't know if it's different for NA/EU. But rules are if horse race participants pvp they get disqualified. So if someone used charged they would of been disqualified probably. Could be non participants attacking as I saw some in horse race thread say they are going to pvp horse racers. So when I race again Iam going to use a low lvl alt.

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  13. Oceansky added a post in a topic Horse Racing - 30 second countdown is too low   

    I don't agree, races are not for cash players only.
    I've never spent any money on horses at all, no skill reset and no breed resets either. But I have horses that only have sprint and can't seem to learn IA, specifically lower tiers, but I refuse to spend money to get skills I want. Iam stingy and don't like buying horses either.
    I refuse to p2w.
    I just race with what I have. Though can't win in T6 as there are those in that race that have drift, sprint, IA. And I only have a T6 with sprint and instant accel, took many breedings just to get that.
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  14. Oceansky added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Fore Chop activates if you are not going at full speed when you use instant accel. I delete Fore Chop and caution at lvl 30 if Iam keeping the horse. As fore chop is useless and annoying, same with caution.
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  15. Oceansky added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    OMG I thought I was the only one who did silly things like that, lol. I've done that before. I went to put carrots in my horses inventory which is F2 and unfortunately F2 is also steal ><
    I accidently did steal from the stable keeper in Velia, it failed I got attacked so ran off. I hate that you end up with negative amity. Geez, Iam no thief. I did it by mistake. lol
    T1 Male lvl 5 + T1 Female lvl 6 = T2 female
    Exchange =  T2 female
    Knew that would probably be the only horse I get from breeding low lvl T1's
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