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  1. Darkreader added a post in a topic Thoughts on how to effectively ban Gold Selling scamming spammers?   

    Havent seen alot of them though, and with how it currently works they are nothing but scammers.
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  2. Darkreader added a post in a topic Thoughts on how to effectively ban Gold Selling scamming spammers?   

    First of all if you wanna report not having to waste 30 of your energy...
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  3. Darkreader added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Open world PVP should be more rewarding if you ask me and the Bounty hunter system will provide a bit more depth to it with the possibility to have at least some kind of reward. It would still have to be worth it though, cause running after someone who has a bounty on his head who is only worth a couple of silvers is not worth it. Karma regeneration might be worth it cause you essentially did a good thing and then maybe just a money reward, provided by the player who issued the bounty and maybe some kind of collectible token so you can save up for rewards that are use full to any player for whatever purpose. Just adding the emblem idea here so it would not cost fortunes for the player who issues the bounty and it still be worth it for the PKer to actually kill the guy.
    Also you should be able to place a bounty on any player regarding if they killed someone or not. This way you can have a PKer take care of someone who is consistently grinding in "your" spot. This all regulated by some mechanics that would prevent abuse ofcourse since that will happen. You'd need some kind of prevention to consistently have a bounty on your head and you shouldn't be able to keep dishing out bounty. I feel if they utilize this well players can use the bounty system to let others do their dirty work, Pkers will have a reason to actually go after ppl.
    So sure we made PKing more rewarding now, but what about the counter part of it, cant we add another thing into this mix. Im pretty sure there are plenty of white knights around that want to protect the people who have a bounty, or simply the regular players. Maybe there is some buff or maybe even a different type of "flag" So that they will be able to protect players having a bounty or no bounty. They should feel rewarded too when they protect you from those nasty PKers so maybe they should be rewarded if they kill a bounty hunter.
    That leads to how you should put it all together. Everyone is able to get a bounty on their head. This is incentive for the PKer to try and kill those people. But then there is your white knights that want to protect those ppl, so the attackers or defenders should get some kind of reward if they succeed. The person who has the bounty on his head will technically gain nothing if he kills the attacker or is successfully protected. He is the guy after all that is simply grinding for his profits. Maybe you could even go so far of issuing different types of guild contracts that define what a player is capable of. Or offer a player a contract to defend you, or hire a hitman to kill someone. Would also make trading alot more intrestring but only if the trade goods, or a part of it could be obtained from successfully raiding a trader. And through contract a portion of the gains could be distrubuted to the players who defended successfully. So a system id like to see is that you could either flag through contract given by your guild master so you could assign tasks, and then even more indept to be contracted by a player. The bounty would essentially be a debuff and disable your flag so you can be defended but also be killed. Now if youre not in a guild that would leave you without a flag but I think such a player should be able to pick whatever he wants to be but with a cooldown.
    Thats really all the rewarding aspects of having a system like that, but now its time for the risks. I can be very short about those, a death is a death with this system. Everyone can do whatever he wants to, but there is always death. So you can essentially fill this in however you like, losing items, losing exp, shattering crystals. You name it, as long as it balances out the rewards. Now to put the karma back into the mix wich I think should stay simple. You do what you are supposed to do and you gain karma, you fail at what you do you lose karma. This ofc having consequences in your environment like guards attacking you and whatnot.
    Now I didn't think this all the way trough of how such system would work out till the finest details. But I think it will allow for a completely player driven PVP experience with plenty to be gained or lost. If done correctly you could even accomplish not everyone wanting to grind and gain their stuff since all the other stuff is plenty rewarding as well.
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  4. Darkreader added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    Thanks Daum, Keep up the good work!
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  5. Darkreader added a post in a topic Any News from Daum about the Explorer s pack problem ?   

    Ikr, in the beginning of this thread i already posted it was noticed, and linked to a response from Daum, but nobody cares
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  6. Darkreader added a post in a topic Why do you get Karma for defending yourself from PKer?   

    Here is a link to it
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  7. Darkreader added a post in a topic Why do you get Karma for defending yourself from PKer?   

    Isn't that in the new scenario they are thinking about, and therefore not yet implemented?
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  8. Darkreader added a post in a topic O I wish the subscription model was still viable   

    I dont mind B2P or F2P or Sub 2 play, what does need to stay reasonable is how all the extras are obtained if there are any, I mean you buy the game starting from $30 I mind you this is acces to the whole game, then again if i want a costume plus weapon ill have to pay $29. A whole 31gb game in one hand but having to spend it again for a costume makes me go wtf XD.
    Well I get that they need to make money somehow, but the cash shop prices are truly ridiculous in my opinion. After all you already bought the game, but need to pay the same amount for a costume. I know keeping a game running costs money, but sometimes, lowering your prices is a much better solution, there is a good balance to be found with what ppl are willing to spend easily every now and then and what ppl might buy only sometimes cause its so damn expensive. I can only hope they'll eventually lower the prices, or make some kind of "packs" that give you a much better bang for your buck. But yeah sure there will always be the wallet warriors that just don't care, but im sure there are also plenty ppl thinking well im out, thats way to expensive for a simple outfit.
    I am happy though that at least there is a Mileage store where one simply could login everyday and slowly unlock all the basic stuff such as inventory space and weight limits, but in all honesty since i bought the game i hoped that all thos restrictions wouldnt apply since you know you already bought the game, you probably wouldn't have had it restricted if it was a Sub either.
    As the game is right now they simply ported the F2P Korean version to a B2P model with the same prices for the cash shop. Here is where I think they kinda made a mistake. Ofcourse ppl will not agree with this. So yea whatever they do to the game make it any of the 3 payment models as long as obtaining the extras don't get ridiculous.
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  9. Darkreader added a post in a topic Launch time for the 3rd ?   

    Maintenance starts at 8:00 UTC (AM for those wondering) So launch will be at noon. Here have a link that works for all timezones
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  10. Darkreader added a post in a topic Any News from Daum about the Explorer s pack problem ?   

    True, Ill just leave it here.
    An announcement has been made , just not in the international section of the forums, for anyone interested in reading the official post you can find it here. A translation has been made and can be found here. 
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  11. Darkreader added a post in a topic Question about cosmetics   

    I think since it is B2P, the costumes in the shop are a little bit overpriced, sure they want to make money but you already paid for the game as well. Solely because in the F2P version the costumes are roughly priced the same. So we pay an entry fee, but the game remains the same. They might as well reduce the prices a little bit in the store.
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  12. Darkreader added a post in a topic Preorder Armor and weapon set   

    I don't see that happening, because selling items bought in the cash shop, or by any means involving real money promotes p2w way to much. And as it is right now BDO is strongly agains p2w and they are doing almost everything they can to prevent it. Also in PM Diary 2.2 its stated that selling bought items on the AH or trading them Player to Player is not possible. 
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  13. Darkreader added a post in a topic Question about cosmetics   

    Unfortunately not, this thread wich you probably read says it all.
    EDIT: I just realized it the same post, was double posted.
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  14. Darkreader added a post in a topic Pre-order title glitch?   

    Might have to do with the sever head start bugs, I would suggest you read this thread.
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  15. Darkreader added a post in a topic A few questions about horses to my fellow trainers   

    Horses pulling a wagon all level at the same speed as if your just riding one solo. So a wagon with 4 horses will level 4 horses at once.
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