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  1. Cheshire added a post in a topic Custom Music System (Like Mabinogi)   

    I would love to see this! (Once a mabinogi player, myself) Unsurprisingly, nexon kr likes it too and brought it to Maple Story 2, recent Steparu jam session example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM-mzhTBph0 (just another example to add to the growing list of musical MMOs)
    Just a fun way to promote social interaction and I don't see anything wrong with that, totally has my support if it were to ever be added as a future feature.
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  2. Cheshire added a post in a topic You can't be serious with these servers.   

    Now it'll definitely get Daum's attention.
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  3. Cheshire added a topic in Suggestions   

    Premium Dye Subscription
    So this has been a part of KR's cash shop for a bit and I recently noticed it wasn't listed in the recently announced NA/EU cash shop. I thought it would be nice to introduce something like this sooner rather than later to NA/EU before everyone ends up permanently dyeing all their outfits and the value of this feature declines. 
    For those that don't know, the Premium Dye Subscription:
    Allows a player to dye their outfit in any color from every palette. Allows a player to change colors at any moment while their subscription is active.Purchasable in 15/30 day subscriptions. BUT the equipment reverts back to its original colors once the subscription ends.BUT you can't dye an item that has already been dyed with the "permanent dye". (I would prefer this changed.)BUT you can "white-out" a permanently dyed part with another cash shop item, probably the "bleach" item (gross.)So what good is this when we already have a perfectly good dye customization system? It removes the RNG of finding or waiting to buy off the AH the perfect dye to match your favorite outfit. It's also a totally optional thing and in no way could it harm the game (as far as I know). This would be a hugely valuable feature for players planning on collecting costumes and like to alter their color schemes frequently. 
    Wouldn't this defeat the purpose of buying Dye Box Sets from the cash shop? Not quite. For those who would rather not renew a subscription every month and own only one or two costumes, it would be way more cost effective to simply buy dyes off the market or RNG with the cash shop. Though, I haven't confirmed it, I believe you can sell the dye you receive from dye boxes, but you cannot sell the dye boxes themselves (based on PM Diary 2.2). 
    These are just my thoughts. I'd like to know what you guys thought about it. Discussions, yay~
    It didn't occur to me till this was posted by Steparu:
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  4. Cheshire added a post in a topic A brand new player's big concern: Great char creator, but male classes are way too pigeonholed...Customization you say?   

    Why do I feel like I've seen this discussion somewhere before.. 
    Oh wait, I have!

    There are plenty of discussions about what you're trying to achieve. Please stop making new ones, and utilize the very useful 'search' function.
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  5. Cheshire added a post in a topic Forum Suggestion   

    Here's another useful site for guides:
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  6. Cheshire added a post in a topic Naming System - Allow Spaces in Character Names! (and 2 of same character in a row)   

    I believe you misread the guideline. You can have no more than 2 repeating characters in a row. Meaning you can name your characters Anna, Betty, Cathleen, etc. You're right in making 3 characters in a row not being allowed though, except it's already implemented.
    My character in CBT1 was Hook. With two O's.
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  7. Cheshire added a post in a topic PVP/PK counter   

    I don't see anything wrong with adding in a PvP kill-counter. You could put it in the character information page and it'd be a simple but neat way of promoting friendly competition between PvPers. I personally wouldn't add rewards or anything, but a title would be cool!
    Not sure how this would turn Black Desert into "just another MMO". It's just a statistic for people who enjoy numbers.
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  8. Cheshire added a post in a topic Monster Factory - Polygon   

    That green taco.
    If only they uploaded a character template. I'd totally run around CBT-2 looking like that  
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  9. Cheshire added a post in a topic The Future: Kamasylvia and Dragan   

    You're totally right, it looks like the pillars are actually roots. I'd love for it to be an idea behind dungeons in Kamasylvia. 
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  10. Cheshire added a topic in General   

    The Future: Kamasylvia and Dragan
    With all the fuss and disapproval over some of PM Diary 2.2's updates, I thought I'd lighten up the forums with something to be excited about and look forward to, new stuff! Even though we won't be experiencing it for quite some time over here in NA/EU, what do you guys hope to see in these unknown lands? I'm personally excited to see Elven and Dwarven architecture and all the lore behind them too. What if we got some new classes along with these regions? Hype.
    Elven region: Kamasylvia
    Dwarven region: Dragan!
    Photo Credits to PM_Belsazar and the DAUM EU/NA Team.
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  11. Cheshire added a post in a topic Will you still buy this game?   

    Your poll isn't very kind to PvPers who are still going to invest in this game (like myself). 
    The bounty system is a WIP, it's a concept, and they're looking to improve or abandon it based on feedback. So it's not the end of the world for those who oppose it.
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  12. Cheshire added a post in a topic A new upcoming competition   

    From what I've seen of Bless on Steparu's channel, I find the combat to be rather dull and generic. It's got some notable features including a monster taming system and flying mounts, and its definitely launching with more party and PvE content than BDO- it's even seamless open world (though the dungeons are instanced). It's also got some RvR and GvG mixed in. It also trumps BDO in terms of character customization in races/genders and class selection. 
    It could be competition, but not for NA/EU. Even if it is on the Bless team's agenda to release it in the West, we probably won't see it until 2018. It's also bound to have some drawbacks that we'll wait to see once it launches.
    Here's some gameplay from Steparu's Channel: 
    Maybe threats on the horizon will motivate PA to develop more awesome features. 
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  13. Cheshire added a post in a topic Pearl pricings for NA   

    Just wait for them to release an official statement in the next PM Diary in the announcements section of the forum.
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  14. Cheshire added a post in a topic To those complaining about PVP - nice message not mean - please look inside ^,...,^ Mooo   

    I want every hot topic issue to be resolved with a moo moo story from now on. 
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  15. Cheshire added a post in a topic Do you like the way that bdo awakenings are now?   

    It's more about class balance than simply a new weapon. Awakenings are not a new class, it's an enhancement to your original class. I believe awakenings are, as Thievery explained, designed to make up for the shortcomings of each class. It's not meant to be a "use or don't use" but more of a "use when necessary". For example, warriors' downfall were their lack of sustainability and AOE selection, their greatsword makes up for this. Likewise, rangers struggled with close quarters combat, their awakening elemental swords gives them a fighting chance now. Berserkers lacked mobility and reach, their awakening gives them that speed and range.
    Awakenings are meant to be used fluidly and interchangeably with main weapons to allow each class to adapt to all scenarios as the flow of battle changes. To decide to use only one or the other would put yourself at a huge disadvantage. With that much power behind the function of awakening weapons, I'd understand why it's something you earn at level 56.
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