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  1. Saint added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    'twas a bit dull only fishing

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  2. Saint added a post in a topic Last Names???   

    Either your names aren't unique at all or you're just plain unlucky. 
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  3. Saint added a post in a topic Last Names???   

    I'll ignore how salty and ridiculously stupid you sound and jump straight to the point: Have you thought about trying something unique? I'm 100% sure that if you were creative, this wouldn't be a problem.
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  4. Saint added a post in a topic I HAVE BEATEN THE DYE SYSTEM!   

    Red and Gold aren't difficult to obtain; it's the metallic dyes that are a pain. The dye boxes have an option of providing you a possibility of hundreds of dyes, but of different categories (basic, valencian, calpheonian, etc.). Each category is different from the other in terms of probability. The easiest set is obviously basic, but the more difficult ones like Valencian are rather annoying. In a set of $100 worth of dyes, I may recieve over 100 basic dyes, and 95 other types, but only around 3 or 4 Valencian (if not lower). I've experimented with the specific color boxes already. For example, the yellow green box ONLY provides shades of lime green, but no yellows or greens alone. In order to obtain those nice rare black, golds, and reds you'll need to use the random dye box.
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  5. Saint added a post in a topic I HAVE BEATEN THE DYE SYSTEM!   

    Nice! I originally had my armor in snow white (basic), but it had appeared rather unusual (dark spots and all). 
    The color I had used was Valencian Pure Red. It's the paint the gives your equipment a nice shine and keeps the metallic appearance.
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  6. Saint added a post in a topic I HAVE BEATEN THE DYE SYSTEM!   

    Why thank you. Even though I've ended up with somewhat nice colors in the end, it wasn't exactly what you would call cheap. Obviously I could have cut my losses long before that, but there's always that bad aftertaste when you leave something unfinished. It's a bittersweet ending, and I do envy you. On the other hand, I could've bought myself 3 tanks of gas with that much.
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  7. Saint added a post in a topic I HAVE BEATEN THE DYE SYSTEM!   

    I think it's the shine that's affecting it. It's less apparent when standing upright.

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  8. Saint added a post in a topic I HAVE BEATEN THE DYE SYSTEM!   

    I am done. No more dyes. No more outfits. I AM DONE! Time to go outside and stare at the sunset.
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  9. Saint added a topic in General   


    After donating $300 as an offering to RNG Jesus, I have finally obtained it!
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  10. Saint added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    I swear, this dye system is fking rigged. I had just thrown in whatever dye looked good on this outfit.

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  11. Saint added a post in a topic why are black and white dyes so exclusive?   

    In terms of personal experience, $150 of dyes has netted me 2 pure blacks, 3 snow whites, a ton of gold and reds. The other colors I had just chucked. White seems to be the easiest to obtain since it's in the basic palette. Valencian is the real pain in the ass. My gosh, getting multiple valencian dyes of your liking will break your bank.
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  12. Saint added a post in a topic Black Dye = Impossible?   

    I've gotten black once, in my $100 dye spree.
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  13. Saint added a topic in General   

    Aaaaand we crash
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  14. Saint added a post in a topic Current graphic generation   

    Just buy whatever is cheap. Waiting for the newest card is a neverending cycle. 
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  15. Saint added a post in a topic Make Cashshop items sellable on AH   

    I can't even understand how anyone can sympathize let alone empathize with you. Do you even know what you are saying? Your statement shows how gravely misguided you are. Allowing cash shop items to be sold for gold condones p2w you nimwit. >=(
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