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  1. Akesuke added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    This is soo so funny hehe
    I like the reasoning because it's kinda true
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  2. Akesuke added a post in a topic <Aethereal> The casual, but serious Guild! [PvP/PvE/Node Wars/Life Skills/Social] [Recruiting for Node Wars]   

    Hi and welcome to all new applicants , hope to meet everyone in game soon !
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  3. Akesuke added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Hi, imo it's not only the other player that have to adapt but everyone so ... if someone is not liking the conflict situation then it's possible to follow Situation A yourself
    BTW even if there are never bad situations for me (proof) ik there are bad situations for other players and I think the ideas are nice and hopefully something changes in the future for them, just try to enjoy the game atm and be happy neway
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  4. Akesuke added a post in a topic What song are you currently listening to?   

    First video feels kinda embarrassing but yeah ... it's nice that they make a tour in Japan, their songs and voices sound so nice umm I want to check the lyrics !
    Ah ! BTW why they are "Japan version" ? Sound seems softer, I like it and voice is clearer than live session (but still can't understand, checking lyrics now)
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  5. Akesuke added a post in a topic Something something chatty 🎭   

    Little report made on request by friends and some people and showing the consequence ...

    Little unhappy situation is that @ClownX (also banned on forum) is "friend" though maybe no more ... at least hopefully everyone is a little bit happy with quieter chan chat
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  6. Akesuke added a post in a topic Something something chatty 🎭   

    Mystery solved !
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  7. Akesuke added a post in a topic Forum Mods and You!   

    @Nacario image is so cute rawr 
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  8. Akesuke added a post in a topic BDO makes a truly wretched first impression   

    Hi, I only play GW2 and silly mobile games besides BDO and it wasn't easy to adapt at first but with time, friends and guildies it's fun to learn umm unfortunately some people may receive a bad first impression without having someone by your side but yeah I suppose games can't fit everyone's style, right 
    Anyway best wishes to find your fav fun game 
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  9. Akesuke added a post in a topic when is the kamasilve update NA   

    I think that after an announcement in public (like youtube) about an update then the customers maybe want another announcement in public about the correction ? (regardless the reason)
    Maybe it looks like a stealthy correction (like "whoops maybe no one noticed ! " ) and the customers feel fooled because they have to ask on the forum first ...
    ... not directly CM Aethon's fault but maybe it's the collective responsibility of the staff ...
    ... not wanting to sound impolite btw, sorry, thanks for keeping everyone always updated 
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  10. Akesuke added a post in a topic Paying for names   

    Dremlock really does that kind of roleplay ... sigh ... 
    BTW leave Tennin alone ! I'll spank ya !
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  11. Akesuke added a post in a topic Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!   

    Latest reply from the staff in the other relative topic 
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  12. Akesuke added a post in a topic Player to player trade system.   

    There are always chances for exploits, like the shoveling one *dig dig dig*  ... though about player trading it's kinda funny how some people try to analyze the contrary of that system first of all (when that actually should be the job of the game team) 
    Ah well anyway many of my friends that wanted to play in a more "social" way have already left and probably they won't come back because they moved on, it's okay 
    I think the players-base has already been selected for its preferences, which seems to be okay with both the lack of exciting group content and significant player interaction (it's not bad there are other activities to do)
    Without caring for a long time about important matters:

    ... it's imaginable how long the player trading situation will take to change, anyway atm best wishes for everyone to enjoy the game and have fun 
    WTB fancy items and more friends, I will gift pearls 
    Just joking, I'm not that dumb and desperate FYI (sorry if I offend anyone )
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  13. Akesuke added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    @PanpanTheGreat @CarlaDream @Lady Minuit @Nyrante and me have the same problem ... can't post on the new forum and it seems that the staff is investigating about it:

    "At the moment some users encounter troubles about posting messages on the new forums .. They are investigating to find and fix the problem."
    Please @CM_Praballo let us know here when it is fixed, kind regards.
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  14. Akesuke added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    Is the captain sailing and looking for  on the forum too 
    ... hopefully @ClownX can enjoy sailing time 
    Anyway I'm flying to the new forum 
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  15. Akesuke added a post in a topic Thank you 💝   

    So many accidents !
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