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  1. Wonlee added a post in a topic Caerbannog - Social guild - Looking for likeminded people   

    1) What is your name (and family name)  dean, UNO
    2) What is your favourite class and activity? Kuno...grinding....
    3) What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? depends is a African or European swallow? 
    I would like to join your guild 
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  2. Wonlee added a post in a topic [Croxus] Casual guild recruiting - Moon   

    Hi would love to join your guild if you are still looking for people,
    Main Character : Kuno 56
    Family name: Uno
    Character name : Jadelee
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  3. Wonlee added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 24th   

    Puff and the silly dress outfits were gone.......what a waste of time...how about some real armour for once
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  4. Wonlee added a post in a topic Kunoichi vs Tamer survivability at higher levels (55+)   

    OK, I have a Kuno at 55 and a Tamer at 56, yes the tamer can kill PVE very fast and pull more mobs due to Pet being able to pull 8 mobs as well as the T amer herself.  So with that in mind, the Kuno can only pull 8 mobs at a time, as mobs die other nearby mobs will join the fight to a total of 8.  The Kuno has a different method set of tools for killing and CC mobs by different types of Kicks, sweeps and Jumps because a mob on the floor as we all know get 2 x damage and 2.5 x damge when in Air time.
    Now about the health pot part of the question, use awaking skill here, there is an awaking skill on Shadow Slash which will pop you 10hp on every hit so with 8 mobs and you whizzing around them the health bar will start to rise and refill, but do not go too fast or else you will run into their attacks and loose health again so practice this method and I am sure you will get it.   Also in Awaking skills try using Attack speed and Crit damage where you can this will help you kill mobs faster, Fox Claw and Fatal blow (20% crit on awaking skills) are your friends.
    So with this in mind Shadow Step towards a group of mobs for knock down (2.0 damage) >foxclaw or Black Moon> then run around to replen health if needed with a Fata blow in there to get 20% crit, remember the Fox Claw, Kicks, sweeps and grab are all there for you to CC the mobs on the floor and destroy your mobs real fast.
    I don't claim to be an expert on the knuo but I hope this helps and gets you started in the right path to enlightenment 
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  5. Wonlee added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    Thanks for mentioning the Awaking resets!!!!!!
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  6. Wonlee added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 3rd   

    Holy crap thats a long time downtime!!!
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  7. Wonlee added a post in a topic When's kuno awakening video?   

    Looks great to me so glad I am playing Kuno.......no need to reroll for me.
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  8. Wonlee added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance July 22nd   

    Patch Notes as the Patch is down loading now?
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  9. Wonlee added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance July 22nd   

    Thanks Darum for the world System that server were going down at 08.00UTC...oh thats right there was no message ...you guys really need to get your Customer serivice sorted
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  10. Wonlee added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance July 22nd   

    Well are you going to ban the people who were doing the dup for 50m per hour....let me guess nope?
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  11. Wonlee added a post in a topic When's kuno awakening video?   

    Well while we wait here's a short film to keep your interest up
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  12. Wonlee added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Booked time off work for the Kuno
    I have booked time off work next week in order to get my Kuno to 56 ASAP anyone else doing this, i know it sounds crazy but I have been waiting so long for this class to play.
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  13. Wonlee added a post in a topic Leveling to 55 is to easy!   

    Yes you can level that fast but there more to Black Desert than the level, but congrats on 55 now get to 56 so your ready for awaking weapons when they come along
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  14. Wonlee added a post in a topic Ninja & Kunoichi are coming the 20th of july !   

    Wasn't trying to be cheeky just informative :)
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  15. Wonlee added a post in a topic Ninja and Kunoichi Release Date Announced!   

    Any outfits to show off us to spend money on???
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