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  1. royalgoddess added a post in a topic BDO just isnt meant for me   

    so basically this is what the post sums up - " hey i am a grown up adult, i don't have time to play this game. Please make the game super easy so i can enjoy end game pvp without putting in much effort. I don't really care how other people with jobs and family also takes there time to gear up to PVP,  regardless how long it takes." 
    Well good luck in your future endeavors. i for once don't want this game to be any easier. Good gear is a progression that comes with effort and patience. It should reward you with a huge sense of accomplishment when you hit that mark. RNG has always been a part of games. Failure upon upgrading is not a new concept. It is here to stay. Both these variables add to the overwhelming satisfaction when you reach that milestone. 
    Selling cash shop items in market place was already the turning point in this game that made gear obtaining easy. Don't need to make it any more easier.
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  2. royalgoddess added a post in a topic How good is BDO compared to other mmorpg?   

    ArcheAge had the right concept and the necessary elements to be a good game. Bad decisions by the publisher is what ruined the game. Needless to say there are way too many retards with lots of money that are supporting that shitty model of a game. So the publisher is unaware of their bad decisions. BDO on the other hand is doing pretty good so far. 
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  3. royalgoddess added a post in a topic Please give the pvers a pve server, don't kill our pvp   

    Nobody is asking for any game breaking features to hurt pvp. Infact if everyone's claim is true and majority of the player base loves pvp then we would have a very small population in PVE server (if it existed) so i don't see how it would break "your" pvp experience either. Whether they add a quest system to opt in for pvp or make a server for pvers it doesn't affect your gaming experience in any way possible. Since there will be plenty running around like you dieing for pvp. I just don't see how people who just wants to play this game for life skills should be forced into pvp if they don't like. 
    This is why i asked for the quest system so you can have multiple toons and pvp on one toon to your hearts desire and the toon u don't want to pvp with just don't complete the quest to opt in pvp, it works for both sides of the coin. The quest already exists in other version so it's not a new feature that people are asking for. 
    you have the whole concept wrong. level caps are not fixed in an mmo. Today the level cap is 55 down the road that may change so you are saying they should increase the pvp level cap again ? that would be extremely bad. As people who love pvp will come to that game and will be stuck behind pve until they levelled up. The current starting cap for pvp is perfect. It doesn't take too long to reach 45 so at 45 you get a quest to PVP. If you complete it then you can pvp along with your level of people ofcourse there will be higher people so it's fair game in an OWPVP. 
    My suggestion simply gives you the option to choose or not. Almost 75% of this games population likes pvp so no there won't be too many people who will opt out. Since once the same people who opt out will eventually come into PVP once they get good gears. It happens all the time. if peole are crushed by the fact that they are low level and cant fight against top tier high level players then yeah they should stop playing games that has any sort of pvp element. 
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  4. royalgoddess added a post in a topic 5M silver bounty - I'm honored!   

    so people in here went from praising the OP, to bashing the Op and if that wasn't enough now they are bashing each other !!!! what's next ? 
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  5. royalgoddess added a post in a topic Please give the pvers a pve server, don't kill our pvp   

    the solution is quite simple. Just give us the quest that allows us to opt in for pvp. If you don't complete the quest you can't participate in OWPVP, as simple as that. No need to split servers. I don't want to be separated from my friends just because i don't like one aspect of the game. 
    If one chooses not to do the quest for OWPVP then they can still play the game and all its contents but just cannot kill or be killed. Once you do the quest then there is no going back. You are fair game. But node wars, naval wars all other public events is fair game for everyone. I think this addresses both sides of the coin. 
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  6. royalgoddess added a post in a topic Would you like to adopt the Korean pvp system?   

    if you leave your room and look at the world with your eyes you will have a much broader vision and understand more than when you sit in your room and look at the world through your small window. 
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  7. royalgoddess added a post in a topic Whiny PVE players.   

    from your tone and the base of your argument it is hard to pass you up for anything above 10 yr old. But please do correct me if i have the wrong impression. 
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  8. royalgoddess added a post in a topic 3600 Pearls for costume? (Yes, this again.)   

    when i was in college i worked 40 hrs night shift, did my classes and had money to spend on games. Where there is a will there's always a way. Just kids these days are little too entitled than back in my days that's all. 
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  9. royalgoddess added a post in a topic 3600 Pearls for costume? (Yes, this again.)   

    you like apples, i like peaches. Doesn't mean you have buy peaches just saying  
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  10. royalgoddess added a post in a topic 3600 Pearls for costume? (Yes, this again.)   

    the game is not good for you. Doesn't mean its not good for others  The amount he spend is subpar below average. There are people i know who already blew $2K+. I myself am busy with another game and it already costed me $3500 since february. So taking it easy on this game now, but friday is payday .... and its a paycheck of $3k well now you know where that will go.
    Daum is satisfied with their cash shop prices because as someone already pointed it out NA is a region of extremely rich mmo players. We have archeage, Tera, Aion, Perfect world (oldest and still going rock solid strong) as very good examples. Everyone here thinking that this game will go free to play soon lol. Well one can only hope.
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  11. royalgoddess added a post in a topic Disgusting, casual pandering patch   

    - Me and my friend when we were in university, he became a lawyer and i became an engineer, he barely had time to play games. Not sure what kind of lawyer you are :).
    - So you are saying the game is all about reaching to 55 as fast as possible and getting the best gears as fast as possible, farming as efficiently as possible ? Maybe that's how you like to play your games. Most of us enjoy the games several other features. The game didn't come with hardcore instruction saying everyone has to play your way. 
    - Since majority of the people in here already have a full time job, family and can manage to enjoy time in a game clearly shows they are extremely well disciplined in their life and fully competent in it as well  to think otherwise shows your lack of empathy in your upbringing. 
    So in other words this is a game and for most of us a way to relax and enjoy. To even think we should take this as seriously as our job is going too far. Only a student will take games seriously...since well what have they got to worry about after all  
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  12. royalgoddess added a post in a topic Daum listens, forum haters wrong   

  13. royalgoddess added a post in a topic Give me the ability to turn off combat exp   

    i feel you. people who enjoys PVE more this can be a problem. But especially since this is a game that was originally focused on OWPVP, it will be hard to implement such a feature right now. The best thing to do is just die a few times at high level mobs. You loose level exp but it doesn't effect ur combat exp. Atleast that's what i am doing for now. 
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  14. royalgoddess added a post in a topic Do some of you actually play this game just for PVE?   

    been playing this game ever since it went OBT in korea and to this date haven't pvped and guess what still not bored. There's a lot to do in this game other than pvp. Pvp is a feature in this game like the several other features in this game. 
    One can have lots of fun with the multitude of feature in this game. Different people have different things they do in games. Most people come in this game not for the pvp but for the pve. 
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  15. royalgoddess added a post in a topic Why are you trying to kill our eye sight?   

    the UI can be scaled up or down, if you're playing at 1080P then i suggest you scale the UI higher normally its set to 80% by default i believe. 
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