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  1. Vindicar added a post in a topic Fail stacks a fail since last update   

    Looks like I pushed somewhere it hurts.
    You are like 2 who "felt" like "something was wrong".... just like everytime a patch kicks in...
    Bing in serious numbers if you wanna discuss something like that.
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  2. Vindicar added a post in a topic Fail stacks a fail since last update   

    the nature of randomness seems hard to grasp for idiots.
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  3. Vindicar added a post in a topic Now that all the GMs have moved to the new forums can these forums be a lawless wasteland?   

    What does OP mean by "Now" in the title ?
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  4. Vindicar added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

     Even thou it's obviously a troll or an attention-wh0ring post ima answer... because stupidity piss' me off.
    Question answered itself :
    BDO is not for the "now generation".
    Most poeple like OP claiming that there are no skill required in BDO always forget that moment where you fight someone/group with equivalent power... what does the difference then ?... Skill...vice...brain... all those thing you don't need in either WoW or GW2.
    You can't play 16hour a day or spend 500$/month ? So what ? ... Oh right you won't have the exact same "full gear" character as anybody else instantly ! But Guess what ! Some poeple are fine with the wide diversity in power in BDO.... SOME EVEN ENJOY IT ! SHOCKER !
    F u CK tar D  OP. I wish you harm.
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  5. Vindicar added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    "Karma Bombing" is still a trend ? Wow...
    Basically there is no "karma bombing"... only anger-management issues and stupid poeples.
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  6. Vindicar added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    Ahaha some smart-a$$ should really stick to real life and stop wasting theire time being the smartest dood on BDO forums...
    Ridiculous and sad.
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  7. Vindicar added a post in a topic Old class, new class? Shouldn't matter.   

    Hello.. wiz here... I don't understand....

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  8. Vindicar added a post in a topic Why does Valencia suck?   

    nvm what I said earlier ! Velencia sucks, don't go there ! Ever ! Thx !
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  9. Vindicar added a post in a topic Why does Valencia suck?   

    What a load of crap and whines... I recently returned to BDO and you know what ?
    Valencia is just fine !
    It was fine at release.... it is even better now with spots 2.0 and boss' mobs... and PILA KU.
    "no loot" in valencia ? Yeah right... mostly BiS... but let's ignore that...
    No exp ? yeah right that's how I did lvl 57-59 in less than a month without nolifing...
    I really didn't miss the "make the game how I want it " bandwagon.
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  10. Vindicar added a post in a topic P2w only been here 2 weeks   

    acting like that, neither are you.
    If you are just a MMO addict you are far from being the coolest kind of gamers.
    BDO's paywall is still there if you can't play 20H/day + camp the marketplace.
    Even then there's still to much CS only stuff.
    Tell me how house ranking are not PURE old school hardcore p2w.
    Tell me how buying Artisan memorys isn't a huge help in advancement ?
    Tell me how the overall pricing of the CS isn't outrageous ?
    What about everything revolving around horses ? Pure milking...
    Yes game is still enjoyable even with all this crap... but denying it is insanity.
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  11. Vindicar added a post in a topic Wealth rank #1 on Uno is....Gold spammer   

    If they didn't adjust theire prices it's because poeples buy.
    It's hard to believe some "gamers" are that stupid ... but some are indeed.
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  12. Vindicar added a post in a topic Next Big Game?   

    You are a bigger idiot.
    not fun and useless comment on internet doesn't makes you cool.
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  13. Vindicar added a post in a topic Kakau/PA why should I spend time and money on game before my awakening?   

    And your post is usefull and you're not acting like being better ?
    Just wow...
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  14. Vindicar added a post in a topic Kakau/PA why should I spend time and money on game before my awakening?   

    That's already what he's doing.
    Went from active to afk riding.
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  15. Vindicar added a post in a topic At Sausan what does it mean by "Leave"   

    "oh those pesky players dare contest the spot ? it's not nice : go karma bomb them !"
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