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  1. bernac added a post in a topic are Bares useless weapons?   

    thanks guys ill change to yuria and try sell it
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  2. bernac added a topic in PVE   

    are Bares useless weapons?
    hello as title says are Bares bad weapons for pve? i see so many people recommending Yuria weapons for everything and i wonder if i shall keep upgrading my Bares axe.
    • 3 replies
  3. bernac added a post in a topic New Graphic Card for BDO.   

    thanks a lot for the info , well at least now i hope  its obvious that card is the problem , ill search for a medicore card that can play at around medium settings
    any suggestion for around 100-150 euros are welcome
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  4. bernac added a post in a topic New Graphic Card for BDO.   

    yes when i change to better quality its unplayable i loose a lot fps with optimized mode its around 25 which is ok but i still get those freezings
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  5. bernac added a post in a topic New Graphic Card for BDO.   

    thanks for the info and it shows this
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  6. bernac added a post in a topic New Graphic Card for BDO.   

    sorry for being noob but what is i vram named in after burner?
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  7. bernac added a post in a topic New Graphic Card for BDO.   

    this is the link for afterburner downloaded like a week ago so dont have much clue about it though ill link another one once i get freeze spike when  i grind it happens often
    -----> this is how it behaves when i grind http://imgur.com/3ynLeYP
    btw game still plays when im frozen, i still move, use skills and potions etc.
    its just my screen that freezes but still responds to commands.
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  8. bernac added a post in a topic New Graphic Card for BDO.   

    vid usage doesnt seem to go above 3-4 in afterburner
    textures and everything set to low
    my problem basically is freezing for some second spikes
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  9. bernac added a post in a topic New Graphic Card for BDO.   

    vram seems to be 2048, i play optimized mode
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  10. bernac added a post in a topic New Graphic Card for BDO.   

    i have
    Intel Core i5-2400 3.10 Ghz
    8GB Ram
    64 bit
    Nvidia GeForce Gt 530
    and i just wanna get rid of micro freezing you guys think that card is the problem or anything else?
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  11. bernac added a post in a topic New Graphic Card for BDO.   

    any cards around 100-200 euro that can play decent?
    my GeForce Gt 530 doesnt play very well and i get micro freezings
    id be happy even in optimization mode if i dont get those freezings
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  12. bernac added a topic in Technical Issues   

    screen freezing for few seconds game but still responds
    hello i have a problem with the game i get my screen to freeze but the game still responds to commands ,
    for example when i freeze and dodge to the left my character my character actually performs the move so its my fps falling from 20-25 to one for some seconds,
    also i dont seem to have lag issues since the game responds good outside of that freezing.
    currently playing optimized settings and my computer has:
    Intel Core i5-2400 3.10 Ghz
    8GB Ram
    64 bit
    Nvidia GeForce Gt 530
    also you think its a pc problem that i can solve or i need some upgrade?
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  13. bernac added a topic in Berserker   

    defensive gear bad idea?
    hello , you guys think by adding some defensive gear parts on the class would be a bad idea for grinding mobs?
    i like the class but im receiving nasty damage at times and i dont like kitting to reuse my potions all the time , you think by adding some defensive accessories would do any good?
    currently lvl 30 exping at orcs.
    • 8 replies
  14. bernac added a topic in Suggestions   

    make a German server?
    hello in short words Alustin is becoming a German server although its international ,wouldnt it be better if you created an exclusive German server to attract German players there since they are  huge country and have their own language and a lot of them dont even speak English so we dont have any form of communication any way.
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  15. bernac added a post in a topic when i click start noting happens   

    mine got fixed by going to start type: Run, type :CMD ,and then: netsh winsock reset ,i hope it helps all of you
    i discovered it by luck im not pc expert it just worked after trying a million different things
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