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  1. Frusse added a post in a topic Most retarded world bosses in a game in history   

    RNG aside, the biggest issue I have with the world bosses is the fact that they rubberband all over the place. When Red Nose changes target he literally teleports around the platform, and like OP said whenever he jumps he just rubberbands back to his original position.
    One moment you attack Dim Tree Spirit from behind, and the next you and 6 other melee fall over dead from an attack you never saw coming, because on your screen he never turned around when he attacked you.
    RNG loot? I'm fine with that, I'm a shitty 55 AP valk and I have received loot on ~50% of my boss kills so far.
    Getting one shotted by a laggy world boss is not so fun though, for melee it's a massive fustercluck. One time on Dim Tree Spirit I died 32 times and just kept respawning and going at it with all I had in order to have a chance at loot, and my ranger friend I was on discord with complained that he died ONCE, -----ing lol.
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  2. Frusse added a post in a topic You listened to the Blader/Plum crybabies now listen to the warriors   

    What problem is the warrior community facing right now? I see people complaining about the class but I don't understand what the issue is.
    Serious question, I don't mean to come off as a douche.
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  3. Frusse added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Hot damn, this thread is on fire.
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  4. Frusse added a post in a topic Waiting for blader like...   

    This seems to be how most MMO forums work, spam threads about subject X until it gets released/fixed and then claim they only listened because the forums raged about it.
    Have you played WoW? This is an ordinary day whenever a class gets nerfed in that game.
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  5. Frusse added a post in a topic Te'Ryn Tec   

    If only they would merge all those blader/plum threads lel.
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  6. Frusse added a post in a topic Waiting for blader like...   

    This: https://twitter.com/IanFleming77/status/719257421496074240
    Maybe you already saw that.
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  7. Frusse added a post in a topic Waiting for blader like...   

    This is some tinfoil stuff alright, I don't think you have to worry about that.
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  8. Frusse added a post in a topic Waiting for blader like...   

    I'm fully aware.
    I too, think that Daum should improve their communication. They must have an internal release date that they are not willing to share. You reap what you sow, and every sane person should have seen this coming. To not share information with your playerbase only increases the frustration, and so rumors and the like starts to spread.
    However, venting all your frustration on this guys' twitter isn't the right thing to do I believe.
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  9. Frusse added a post in a topic Waiting for blader like...   

    What a shitty sunday evening that guy must have.
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  10. Frusse added a post in a topic Waiting for blader like...   

    I feel like this is getting slightly out of hand.
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  11. Frusse added a post in a topic Waiting for blader like...   

    Can't you see the flames of rage all around you? This isn't the right place for optimism.
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  12. Frusse added a post in a topic Blader/Plum comes 20th april   

    Seriously, all these cryptic messages makes me want to pull my hair out.
    So the next content patch will be announced next week, but they gave no specific date. That means that the patch might be revealed monday/tuesday and then released wednesday.
    OR it gets announced anywhere between monday-friday and then released in the next two weeks. He also did not confirm that the new classes will be part of said content patch.
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  13. Frusse added a post in a topic NO Blader on Wednesday!   

    pls no
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  14. Frusse added a post in a topic Blader gear GUIDE   

    Don't lose hope, friend.
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  15. Frusse added a post in a topic Dear everyone who voted in favor of auto-pathing...   

    You're rank 1 in training?
    Great, now you can stay on top with the auto-loop.
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