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  1. Krahazik added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Make custom quick slot character bound, not family bound   

    Not sure what your referring to or asking about here? Are you talking about the hotbar quickslots ( 1-20 )? I have 2 characters and both have drastically different assignments as both characters have completely different skill sets.
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  2. Krahazik added a post in a topic Worker names   

    I would like this as well. Or some way to mark what task they are regularly used for. If not a name, a job designation or something. Logger, Miner, Farmer, Workshop Worker, etc. Even something like that would help with keeping large numbers of worker strait.
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  3. Krahazik added a post in a topic How do I add funds ot my guild?   

    I would not be worried about loosing "Guild Funds" if I had the ability to make deposits into the guilt account. Selling off 100k silver worth of items is pointless for replenishing guild funds if there is no way to actually get the funds into the guild account. I have millions in my personal accounts. I do not worry about loosing money on my personal account because replenishing is not that hard. A bit of grinding the right mobs, fishing, etc. But none of that can be employed to replenish guild funds at the moment.
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  4. Krahazik added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestion - Player Workshops
    This is another suggestion related to player houses. This time for the various workshops.
    First part is aesthetic. Allow players to enter their workshop and have it look like the type of workshop it is. Maybe even see your workers working there at some of the tools.
    Second part is functional. Allow the player to use the workshop just like a worker.
    I understand that there are some workshop tasks which the play can already perform via the production task, but there are a number of crafting functions which can only be performed at a workshop.
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  5. Krahazik added a post in a topic Suggestion - Usable Storage Houses   

    Correct. Basically just adding more locations (with a cost, one you pay anyway) to access the town warehouse for putting things into storage and taking things out of storage.
    If you want to use the gold change or rent a container, or other tasks done at the manager, still need to visit the manager for those.
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  6. Krahazik added a post in a topic Mail System "Letters"   

    In-game letter style main for friends and guild members would be nice. A lot of other games have this and its a nice feature.
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  7. Krahazik added a post in a topic Voting for Linux client   

    I'll can my vote for Linux support.
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  8. Krahazik added a post in a topic Allow us to ride in wagons (as passengers)   

    I would love something like this as well. If I have a wagon and 2 of my party members are on foot, this would make traveling together much easier if they could hop on for the ride.
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  9. Krahazik added a post in a topic Suggestion - Usable Storage Houses   

    The idea wasn't to separate the inventory. The window would show the complete storage for the town just like the storage manager does.
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  10. Krahazik added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestion - Usable Storage Houses
    This is a suggestion related to the houses that are purchase din towns and used for storage. I am not sure how many people have actually visited these locations. I do on occasion out of curiosity.
    The first part of my suggestion is just aesthetics. Filling these storage houses with stuff, crates, boxes, barrels, etc. Make it look like a place used for storage.
    The second part of my suggestion is usability. Make it so that player can interact with the crates inside the storage house bringing up the town warehouse window. In this way the player can access their town storage inventory from any house they have set for storage. This would be limited to the inventory only. None of the other functions of the storage manager would be provided. This would not eliminate the benefit of the rented storage crate from the storage manager.
    Allowing players to access their town storage from their storage houses might reduce some of the clustering seen around the storage managers.
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  11. Krahazik added a post in a topic How do I add funds ot my guild?   

    Will we loos our deposit if we fail the quest? The deposit is the reason for the over thinking.
    Never in any other game have I ever encountered quests that read like a setup for failure.
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  12. Krahazik added a post in a topic Guild Gathering Quest Not-Specific?   

    Easy, as in a guild of 3 people can easily complete the "small" gathering quests? Since the quests do not provide any information, how do I know if a quest is "more" than my guild size? Whats the minimum for a "small" quest? 3- 5- 100 - 1000 members?
    Easy is another relative term. What is easy for a guild of 500 to complete is not so easy for a guild of 50.
    For some of my friends getting head shots with a pistol in most first person shooters is "easy, where as I am lucky if I can hit center mass with a rifle and a scope at range.
    Without points of reference and exacting details, terms such as Easy, Hard, Small, Big, large all become meaningless.
    Its like saying an object weighs 500. Without a point of reference the number is meaningless. 500 what? ounces, pounds, grams, tons. Depending on what measurement scale is applied can have a significant impact. On the scale of the difference between a child can lift it with relative easy to needing a crane to lift it.
    I can probably lift 500 ounces. 500 tons on the other hand, not happening.
    And that is my problem. Lack of information with witch to identify scale and place things into perspective.
    Another example was a trade quest to transport "something" for a villager. And that is all the information provided. Vital questions such as "What is being picked up?" "How much of it is to be transported?", "What is the pickup location.", "What is the delivery location?"
    These are vital questions that MUST be answered in order to successfully complete the quest and yet they are not provided.
    Will the quest need 5 trade wagons to transport the goods or 50? Without knowing what and how much, there is no way to know, and thus know way to know if my guild will ever be able to accomplish the quest.
    A guild with over 200 people might consider a trade mission needing 50 wagons to be a piece of cake or "easy" where as a guild of 55 people might consider fielding that many wagons "hard." Again we come back to scale.
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  13. Krahazik added a post in a topic How do I add funds ot my guild?   

    Just ran into another poorly written guild mission. A Trade Mission. Transport good. That's it that's all. Nothing more to the quest. Again makes it impossible to know if we can do the quest or not. Critical questions are not answered, such as What is to be transported and how much of it? Where is the pickup location? Where is the delivery location?
    I quote "A villager requested an urgent delivery mission." that is the entire mission description. Pathetic and hugely uninformative. So they need 5,000 elephants delivered from a city in a level 100 area to Velia? I do not know? That may seam completely ridiculous or it may be completely reasonable to a guild with the right number of people and wagons. again, I have no idea. Reasonable is a very subjective concept. Whats reasonable for a 20 man trade wagon convoy is impossible for a 2 man farm wagon convoy. again, a mission with a complete lack of information in which case I can only assume accepting the mission will lead to a guaranteed failure at this time.
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  14. Krahazik added a post in a topic How do I add funds ot my guild?   

    At the moment we are a small guild and I am not sure if we have enough people to accomplish any of the guild quests. To make matters worse, there are no details about the quests which makes it impossible to make an informed decision. For example the gathering quests, read like a setup for a guaranteed failure no matter how big the guild through the use of non-specific terminology in the completion requirements. Namely "enough supplies" which could be anything.
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  15. Krahazik added a topic in US Guild   

    Guild Gathering Quest Not-Specific?
    Ok just getting into he guild thing and have run into an issue which is throwing up a major red flag for me.
    Looking at some of the gathering quests and there are no details. The only things mentioned are vague on-specific terms such as "this village" and "enough supplies"?
    Enough supplies? What is that? 10,000 logs and that's it? or something impossible such as 5,000,000 logs, 30,000,000 stone, 800,000 lead ingots, 890,000 iron ingots? Maybe enough supplies is 500,000 wool shirts? Or how about 900,000 diamonds and 300,000 logs?
    And must gather "enough supplies" in 2 hours?
    "Enough Supplies" is a rather subjective and very broad ranging term for a quest. No quest should ever use such non-specific terms in its completion requirements. That's easily a setup for guaranteed failure through hidden requirements that are impossible to accomplish.
    Which brings up the question of what happens to the 30k deposit for the quest? Do we loose it if we fail? Another red flag for impossible requirements. A quest we can not complete no matter how big we are with a guaranteed loss of funds.
    Guild Supply mission with an objective to have a certain amount of resources in the town warehouse to complete, BUT no idea what resources are needed or in what quantity.
    Am I missing something?
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