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  1. Pheace added a post in a topic Buying Liverto on Market   

    how do you manage to get the wrong liverto?
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  2. Pheace added a post in a topic Serendia U1 not safe   

    Seems clear. You were afk botting near mansha's and someone killed you, despite you trying to defend yourself when you noticed. L2P scrub
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  3. Pheace added a post in a topic Solution for Marketplace Bots   

    That's great. So everyone who didn't log in after the maintenance where they implemented it can wait months on their liverto queue
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  4. Pheace added a post in a topic Solution for Marketplace Bots   

    This. Keeps surprising me how many of the people shouting bots seem to have no idea how the marketplace actually works.
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  5. Pheace added a post in a topic Marketplace bots...   

    Mistake on my part, I thought they meant bypassing the bidding system but it was bypassing the captcha. Which ... really isn't that important because 0.12 seconds or none, really not a big difference in the end, either's too fast.

    Like I said, the biggest issue is the items that don't have a bidding system protecting it, and the fact that even the bidding system favors people who bid early (though it's still pure RNG there)
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  6. Pheace added a post in a topic Marketplace bots...   

    between 15-30 mins
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  7. Pheace added a post in a topic Marketplace bots...   

    If anyone was against the change I'm sure they might be. How is that related to this thread though? I'm the only one that came close to complaining about the new system in this thread and I'm arguing for more/different restrictions.
    That doesn't change the fact that a lot of the people complaining about sniper bots aren't even aware of how the marketplace works. Heck a lot of people think they got sniped if they see "failed to purchase" (a message that arguably needs to be changed because it doesn't make clear what happened at all)
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  8. Pheace added a post in a topic Marketplace bots...   

    Not seen a single shred of proof for this. At best I've seen a video of one filling captcha and winning the item right away. Guess what, that happens with legit people too. If the first guy making a bid wins the RNG, that item's gone.
    And if you think sitting in an endless reservation queue for a liverto is going to be better...
    If anything they should've made it so the bid extends for the whole bidding period and everyone got a fair RNG shot, rather than someone winning the moment the winning number is rolled.
    That and some sort of bidding system for lower priced items as well.
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  9. Pheace added a post in a topic Do you want "Armor remodel system/npc"   

    Not the best way to put it given recent comments made
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  10. Pheace added a post in a topic I know people who got 10+ tree spirit belts   

    Most damning in that sense was the ranger hacker video of the guy who was banned after doing a string of world bosses. He ended up getting the good loot in most of them. That pretty much proves that top DPS heavily factors into getting the good loot imo, which means it's rich getting richer mechanics. It would be a lot better if it was actually pure RNG.
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  11. Pheace added a post in a topic Market Bots   

    Then what was your point in quoting me at all? In that same post I already acknowledged the effect it had on items that didn't have a bidding system.
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  12. Pheace added a post in a topic Market Bots   

    I have, they can fill in captchas. Whooptiedoo. That doesn't instantly hand them a liverto from the marketplace. At best they get to be some of the first people rolling the dice.
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  13. Pheace added a post in a topic Market Bots   

    Again... you can't snipe a liverto... at best you can be one of the first people to roll the dice whether you might get it or not.
    Marketplace bots worst effects are the items that don't have a bid phase like trace of savagery up above. Expensive items have a bid phase, where people often don't even realize they were in time. Whenever it says "Failed to purchase" you made your bid in time, you just didn't win the bid phase 'lottery'. 
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  14. Pheace added a post in a topic Best ways to P2w part 2   

    Ow good, where would we be without Epeenephrine's daily p2w troll bait threads.
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  15. Pheace added a post in a topic Red Nose Armor bugged or useless?   

    Isn't this weekly vs daily?
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