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  1. Krendo added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   


    Horse stuff mostly.. premium horse appearance changes for the 200k xp or the skill they give each use.. Fast but very expensive power leveling of horses.. Also max inventory/weight on multiple characters. Max warehouse space. Costumes. Tons of pets until i mashed enough to get 4 t4s.. Ya, i spent a ton.. but no more till awakenings are out for everyone. This was the last straw for me.
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  2. Krendo added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    Here's my purchase history.. Grand total on pearl purchases is  $6,660.00       Give us ALL our awakenings. You may say it's no big deal if a few "normal" spending customers leave but you get a dozen guys like me bailing because of this BS and you think you wont feel the bottom drop out?? I know dam well i'm not the only one playing this game who has deep pockets and spends like this. Remember who pays your salaries at the end of the day. Your PAYING CUSTOMERS do! Keep pissing us off with this kind of crap and you may find yourselves looking for jobs. I'm done spending till everyone, not just i myself (ninjas) get awakenings. I hope some other big spenders do the same. 
    08/29/16 06:2310000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/27/16 07:1610000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful   08/27/16 07:1510000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful   08/27/16 07:1410000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/26/16 09:5110000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful   08/24/16 07:3510000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful   08/21/16 19:1710000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful   08/21/16 13:5710000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful   08/21/16 07:4110000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful   08/21/16 07:3110000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/21/16 07:0610000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/20/16 06:3010000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/19/16 14:1410000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/19/16 14:0310000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/19/16 14:0210000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/19/16 14:0210000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/19/16 14:0110000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful 08/19/16 12:1710000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/18/16 08:3110000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/18/16 07:1710000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/18/16 07:1510000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/18/16 07:1410000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful 08/17/16 23:1410000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/17/16 23:1310000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful 08/17/16 23:0310000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/17/16 23:0210000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/17/16 21:3210000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/16/16 20:2710000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/16/16 20:0310000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful 08/16/16 19:5510000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful 08/15/16 09:4010000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful 08/15/16 09:3310000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/15/16 09:2210000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/15/16 07:5910000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/14/16 15:0210000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/14/16 14:4010000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/14/16 14:2510000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful   08/13/16 18:0410000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/13/16 17:3610000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/13/16 12:4610000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/13/16 00:3710000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/12/16 23:3710000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/12/16 23:0310000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful 08/11/16 21:0310000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/11/16 17:3110000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/10/16 12:2310000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/08/16 17:2810000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  08/01/16 09:386000 Daum Cash$ 60.00Successful  07/29/16 15:333000 Daum Cash$ 30.00Successful  07/20/16 17:0610000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  07/19/16 11:332000 Daum Cash$ 20.00Successful  07/01/16 10:4410000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  06/24/16 09:2310000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  06/17/16 13:2710000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  06/10/16 09:486000 Daum Cash$ 60.00Successful  06/04/16 10:373000 Daum Cash$ 30.00Successful  06/03/16 10:116000 Daum Cash$ 60.00Successful  06/01/16 08:256000 Daum Cash$ 60.00Successful  05/27/16 11:0510000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  05/22/16 10:523000 Daum Cash$ 30.00Successful  05/20/16 16:3010000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  05/13/16 10:4010000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  05/01/16 09:5210000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  04/30/16 08:193000 Daum Cash$ 30.00Successful  04/29/16 23:366000 Daum Cash$ 60.00Successful  04/29/16 10:086000 Daum Cash$ 60.00Successful  04/29/16 09:5310000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  04/24/16 20:221000 Daum Cash$ 10.00Successful  04/22/16 11:5010000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  04/15/16 11:526000 Daum Cash$ 60.00Successful  04/08/16 10:306000 Daum Cash$ 60.00Successful  04/02/16 16:153000 Daum Cash$ 30.00Successful  04/01/16 09:4110000 Daum Cash$ 100.00Successful  03/25/16 10:596000 Daum Cash$ 60.00Successful  03/19/16 12:096000 Daum Cash$ 60.00Successful  03/15/16 14:196000 Daum Cash$ 60.00Successful  03/04/16 17:552000 Daum Cash$ 20.00Successful
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  3. Krendo added a post in a topic 50% Exp Buff Not Working   

    Appears to be about the same response as usual folks. NO RESPONSE
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  4. Krendo added a post in a topic POLL: 5 Costumes every 2 days instead of weekly!   

    I suggest no limit at all. I spent 2 grand in the last 3 days on horse appearance changes for the XP and skills they add. How much do you think I'd spend with no limit costume sales? Don't you want my money?? 
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  5. Krendo added a post in a topic Poll to enable full player to player trading - post Aug. 10th cash shop change.   

    I would be for this only if it were cash shop items that could be traded. Allowing full on p2p trade just enables boss gear swapping and tilting the scales of well geared even more in the direction of the bigger guilds.
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  6. Krendo added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    i spent 100k pearls this week alone using premium horse appearance change coupons. (Yes, id rather spend $ to get XP for levels).. they also can learn a new skill instead giving 200k XP per use. So ya, it's a very easy decision for breed resets. Do it.
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  7. Krendo added a post in a topic How is 100m/week not a lot?   

    i spend that a week on bullshit stuff lol. What podunk region you live in paying 400$ a month for a mortgage? I'd love to see these shanties you are talking about.
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  8. Krendo added a post in a topic August 10th Patch Feedback   

  9. Krendo added a post in a topic What in the world is this??   

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  10. Krendo added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    So much QQ.. just cough up the 15$ people.. boohoo
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  11. Krendo added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    rofl.. I quit before ths launched in march. Was#2 on hanure. Only behind trader. Was only 3 guys in NA at 8k then.. I was top 20 gs in NA... 
    Show me the rank charts and where u are. Server and NA... gs #s have changed alot the last 5 months I'm sure.. like I said.. show me those charts
    and once again. You are missing the point. This game is anything but p2w.. my only point. Through archeage out as example since I dumped 50k in the 8 monhs I played that. 
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  12. Krendo added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    lol, I was full epic plate, 7100gs.. I literally -----slapped morons like you (as I should have with my gear).. I think you missed my point  completely. Simply stating that the people crying "p2w" don't even really know what I means. 
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  13. Krendo added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Are all of you QQ'rs so broke in real life that instead of just paying a piddly $15 a month you cry p2w? U wanna see pay to win go play archeage. People like me who spent 50,000 dollars rolled up on groups of you whiners and gave you something to cry about. Stop the complaining!! Babies!
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  14. Krendo added a post in a topic Did the failstacking system change? A lot of people (not everyone) seem to have problems with failstacking   

    Just do what this game was intended for. Go full p2w! I won't complain one bit. Will be so much easier here than it was getting my full epic plate 7100 gs in archeage lol..
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  15. Krendo added a post in a topic How many Failstacks for Tri: Liverto ?   

    buahahahahaha, there is no such thing a 100% success rate. Not sure where you get your #s from. It's July so I won't assume Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.
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