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  1. Yugs added a post in a topic Polar Bear Pet....   

    No I got it within like 24hrs. Submit a ticket is my suggestion.
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  2. Yugs added a post in a topic Bidding fail question   

    People will buy it quickly out of the counting phase. You gotta build up your clicking muscles and spam the buttons like there's no tomorrow.
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  3. Yugs added a post in a topic Do outfits deteriorate?   

    Blacksmith if you can't find one: top right corner-->left of minimap-->little box that has npc on it-->select repair and it should set a path for you
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  4. Yugs added a post in a topic EPIC SCREEN SHOTS   

    I really can't find anywhere relevant to post this.
    This February defend your love. . . 

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  5. Yugs added a post in a topic can i transmute an armor with another armor's skin?   

    I don't think so. The best you can do is buy an outfit/costume (on market or in cash shop). Though, with this recent quest rework you should get an outfit as a quest reward but it's pretty basic looking. 
    I know Aion did what your referring to and they don't have anything like that.
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  6. Yugs added a post in a topic Non-Ultimate + Ultimate item: Does the set effect trigger?   

    If there are none on the market you can make one with process heating of 10 3rd grade reforms and a hard/sharp stone.
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  7. Yugs added a post in a topic Non-Ultimate + Ultimate item: Does the set effect trigger?   

    Why not have just bought an ultimate reform stone tho?
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  8. Yugs added a post in a topic Can't log into Edan Server   

    Are people getting this?
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  9. Yugs added a post in a topic Valk awakening trailer finally up   

    A minute and 25 secs of filler to get to the real good stuff. . .
    Not that I'm against the Valk Awakening just not my thing. . .
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  10. Yugs added a post in a topic Fine Fancy Feather   

    Quick google search. . .
    "Someone in the chat finally pointed out to do the beginner quests in Heidel. Go to "Dora Fonti" and do the quest from her. This will give enough knowledge to create the plume."
    Its for fine lightweight plume but it has the same root issue so maybe it will work.
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  11. Yugs added a post in a topic Post Patch Issues   

    Just in
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  12. Yugs added a post in a topic Post Patch Issues   

    Trying to talk to any NPC immediately results in regret. Doesn't open up dialogue then proceeds to disconnect. After that, reconnecting results in getting disconnected before I can even play (right after it finishes loading the channel).
    **Can only join select channels otherwise I'm restricted (This is after barred channel cool down)
    ***!!!Tried new channel seemed to work!!!***
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  13. Yugs added a post in a topic Manual Farms vs Automated Nodes - what's the difference ?   

    Obviously g----- is censored because of:
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  14. Yugs added a post in a topic Feels like EU is being shafted for maint time...   

    I'm upset (with myself). Maintenance is 4am-9am here. I accidentally woke up at 3 (Spring break so no biggy) only to forget, get on and play for 30mins before stopping. Now I'm perusing the forums posting on EU topics in an alarmingly awake stupor-state. 
    I'm sorry you feel that way OP but in regard to maintenance isn't there no time like the present?
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