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  1. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic Hard / Sharp shards droprate increased? Marketplace full today   

    Sucks to be you OP. I hit a lucky streak and ended up with 7 hards and 6 sharps across two alts today. 
    Dat RNG Doe. 
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  2. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic PVP Class Post awakening   

    Having played with 3 of them so far, it's my experience that they do not massively increase your AP in awakened stance (while some of the new skills are new bursts with high dmg not all of them are) . Also the modifier actually works where your offhand scales part of your awakened AP, but your main hand AP is ignored by your awakening to the best of my knowledge.
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  3. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic PVP Class Post awakening   

    They are a massive jump in terms of being able to do things previously not possible without the awakening weapon. 
    Outside of that they don't magically OP your char. They just give you a wider variety of play options and counters. In terms of actual power they are on par with your regular weap depending on what enchant lvl you've managed to get your awaken weap too. 

    My point was they are not some magical "my class is now OP b/c my actual combat power has grown exponentially" button. Hence why people use BOTH and not one exclusively and why people were still able to compete with awakened classes as non awakened classes. 
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  4. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic PVP Class Post awakening   

    Truth. The awakenings are not some major huge power jump they are literally just new weapons that come with a new skill tree that attempts to address and reinforce the base classes by filling in their combat gaps. 
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  5. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic PVP Class Post awakening   

    The last time I fought rangers as a Musa in KR was last week. (these were random open world gank attempts)
    With my awakening I was able to easily dodge, block, and stun lock them if they tried to come in close with their elemental sword. 
    This was only 3 rangers though, the rest of them that I usually run into are smart and stay at range and try to shotgun me down. 
    That being said the rangers that did stay at range did use the awakening weapon when I got close and they needed to try and escape. 
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  6. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic PVP Class Post awakening   

    idk why ppl keep saying ranger is top tier class in KR post awakening when if a ranger uses that awakening on a melee class they can be easily dodged and demolished via CC locks

    It's an ok awakening, nothing spectacular by a long shot since it is very easily countered by melee. 
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  7. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic So Ninja or Kuno for strong PvE and PvP ?   

    It seems like with the counterparts this is always going to be the case with the kits, and the awakenings make it even clearer. Even the witch/wiz ones sound like they are going to be this same division   
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  8. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic kibelius angel costume   

    when musa/mae launched they added them for those classes for a limited time, so they may do the same for nin/kuno
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  9. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic So Ninja or Kuno for strong PvE and PvP ?   

    Only way you'll feel powerful as either one is to learn all their moves, combos, and cancels inside and out,  to the point of muscle memory, have good gear and excellent reaction time. They are extremely unforgiving classes and extremely difficult to play effectively. 
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  10. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic New underwater graphics in Korean version   

     oh shit they are amping up for the sea overhaul with all the new underwater content and naval combat hard @.@. 
    ~my body is ready~
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  11. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic alright folks , lets make it a revolution on the cash-shop stupid prices   

    Stop right there. 
    You thought that a B2P game would have no cash shop.......even though literally all of the major B2P MMO titles have cash shops.
    Just......-.- *heavy sigh*

    the rest of your post was shyte too, it's just that's the biggest part of your BS
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  12. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic Remove the level restriction on shoveling   

    And from where I'm standing it looks like you're crying a little too easily and readily over a change that is not that serious. -shrugs- 
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  13. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic Being a paying customer makes less and less sense   

    You're literally just pulling things out of your arse now. 
    You keep saying that they are definitely going to put in lock boxes with boss armor in it.  Source?

    "80% no lifers ,20% paying customers"  <--- numbers you made up completely. And also being a so called "no lifer" and a "paying customer" are not mutually exclusive. 

    Getting boss armor or a Kzarka is not going to take you 2-5 years, this is extreme hyperbole at it's finest

    Your 1-5 list thingy is a complete joke seeing as how all of the scripts used to exploit bosses have been shut down.

    You don't have to be a "no lifer" to be awake at odd hours, not everyone keeps the same hours. 

    And, yes, yes you should quit if you're this simple and unable to enjoy something b/c others have more than you do at the moment. 

    Suck it up butter cup 
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  14. LoreleiRose added a post in a topic Being a paying customer makes less and less sense   

    I'm sorry that you are upset that people who have dedicated more time and effort into the game are farther ahead of you, but this whole post is just a long load of BS mate. Hyperbole, imagined future situations, and fairy tales. 
    Fact: People who have more time to spend on MMOs will always be ahead of those who don't have as much time. 
    Start living in reality instead of this imagined world where everything in life is fair and balanced and no one can get ahead unless you can progress at the same pace. 
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