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  1. Nischana added a post in a topic Evasion or AP for Sieges?   

    Well a proper Evasion Build is not a low cost build.
    The Idea is to become unkillable and still do enough DMG to kill everything that is not a Evasion Build. And alot of i-Frames makes you even harder to kill.
    And depented how evasion on DK scales it can be the stronger build.
    And 250 AP would be even more idiotic, because going full AP is just full on stupid and a waste of Money, the only class that can think of it is Witch/Wizzard.
    If you swap out the offhand you need Tree Spirit Belt and Red Corals for sure, and even with that you would not come close to be able to hit the Build i posted. Assuming 1 Evasion = 0,75 Chance to Miss. And 1 Accuracy = 1% Chance to Hit.
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  2. Nischana added a post in a topic Evasion or AP for Sieges?   

    If you go evasion Saiyers if for sure the way to go.
    Ive played around abit with numbers and saiyers has insane value in terms of Stats. IF 1 evasion is 0,75% chance to miss for DK too you could make insane evasion builds on dk since saiyers gives Acc and Evasion.
    If you go something like this it will be allmost impossible to get decent hits on you without a accuracy offhand and you have a ton thanks to saiyer, bhegs and dk:
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  3. Nischana added a post in a topic Total Cost of BDO   

    How the ----- should real money help you to get TET or even PEN.
    Ok Memorys are nice to get up to TRI but then they would loose in efficiency to speed up your progress since your bottleneck moves to Concentrated Black Stones, they are allmost impossible to buy in large numbers, atleast in EU it feels like you could rather farm then yourself then trying to buy them.
    And like 1000 EURO to Perls are only like half a Million Silver, thats poket money.
    Even if i assume you can use all this money for Artisan memory to boost up your progress you only would manage to generate 4 Billion Silver with this Money, ok thats a bit more but we talking PEN here. But i doubt you would be alot faster since the Bottleneck would be Concentrated Black Stones.
    Bottom line is real money cant rly help you to get anything in BDO, the only thing it can to is make the times spend more effektiv.
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  4. Nischana added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    Its proven that Kutum IS bad for pvp.
    It has a hidden AP bonus for pve it seems that makes it good for pve (could be accuracy only working in pve too )
    But the accuracy in PvP is next to non existent its like 1-2 accuary. And Kutum just for the defensive stats seems not worth it. Since it gives 10 evasion or something on TED and like 12 dmg reduction.
    Source on Kutum accuracy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H4M9vXw3xV0NwLO1xvqDMu-KVRY9CWLY5dccHt0oDOQ/edit#heading=h.aouvkw9t13du
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  5. Nischana added a post in a topic nouver or kutum??   

    What accuracy buffs even work in pvp ?
    Well i guess that means you need even more accuracy.
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  6. Nischana added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    well there is a rumor going around that dk takes 1,5 times the DMG then other classes. And that would make him a one hit even for low AP evasion Builds.
    In the next week or something i plan to make some test based around DK defensiv scaling to see if he takes more DMG then other classes and how he scales with evasion.
    Maybe i post my results in the Forum.
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  7. Nischana added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    What dos having a DK in KR to do with anything other then trying to use a killer agument like "i know i have played DK and thus i know its totaly way more OP then Sorc", it is a bullshit argument and proves nothing other then you subjektiv opinion is that DK "feels" stronger. This could have many reasons and DK is more OP is only one of many.
    The Videos that started the Thread dont prove that DK is op too, since against the most classes in 1v1 he fights kinda even, if anything its more a agument that DK is balanced if you use the other strong classes as reference Frame to determin if dk is to strong.
    Saying look, DK has 3 i-frames on low cd with no cost dos not do anything here too, why ? Because all classes have diffrent skills and you can only judge the full kit.Its like saying Ninja has two graps, and since DK has non dk must be bad and ninja OP, its a pointless argument that takes one point of the class that is "strong" and compare it. Pointless.
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  8. Nischana added a post in a topic nouver or kutum??   

    PvE : Kutum (since test have prooven it has some kind of hidden pve dmg)
    PvP: Nouver
    you need the same accuracy with Kutum then Nouver it got prooven many many time allready that the accuracy Kutum gives is near to non existent like 1 or 2.
    One of the references for Kutum : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H4M9vXw3xV0NwLO1xvqDMu-KVRY9CWLY5dccHt0oDOQ/edit#heading=h.aouvkw9t13du
    And you need way mor accuracy then Bheg + Red Coral to hit a real Evasion build. Overall evasion is way easyier to get then these massiv amounts of accuracy.
    DK has some accuracy bonus on the skill but you need atleast Bhegs + Red Coral +tree Spirt Belt and Alchemy Stone (and kzarka weapon ofc) to have a good chance of hitting a evasion build that still can do DMG if you mean the full evasion builds on witch/Bersi just to be cc/buff bots you should get PEN Ring of Good deeds too.
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  9. Nischana added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    I allready did make some points that got ignored if you ignore everything else but flaming well.
    And ofc no one will prove anything. The only thing you can say about dk is that he is not too strong depented on the reference frame.
    If you take the strong classes as reference frame he is not too strong.
    If you take the weak classes as reference frame he is too strong and so half of the other classes too.
    And if you say sorc, bersi, warri, witch are not as strong then dk, yes than this thread is about sorc, bersi, warri, witch, because you need to define the reference frame to judge DK.
    And you cant make a judgement without reference frame.
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  10. Nischana added a post in a topic Memevasion build guide!   

    Jea sounds reasonable, maybe someone could even try centauer and sicil, with the new AP Rings in the build the massiv AP from TRI Ogre might not be needed. And Evasion is good in massiv amounts.
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  11. Nischana added a post in a topic Memevasion build guide!   

    if you mean for the build i postet no, the centaur belt is massiv, it gives insane amounts of Evasion.
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  12. Nischana added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    According to the forums everything is OP and unplayable bad at the same time.
    Sorcs crying about not beeing the king of pvp anymore that can one button kill anything, thus they are unplayable bad, while classes like kuno and ninja use sorc as a example of a "strong" class.
    And so on and so on ppl crying about how bad ninja is and other ppl claiming how op Ninja is.
    I bet if i look hard i find ppl claiming witch and wizzards are super bad cause they have no "mobility".
    Bottom line is, dos not matter if EU/NA are a bunch of crybabys, it wont change anything, they will do what they want with the class "balance" and thats it.
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  13. Nischana added a post in a topic Memevasion build guide!   

    This build seems amazing, but i would swap out Ring of good deeds with Ring of Crescent Guardian and wear bhegs/giath. And you could wear centauer Belt then.
    That would result in 4 accuracy loss In trade for :
    400 HP
    14 DP
    4 AP (And Room for improvment since ive calculated with III Rings)
    10 Evasion (from Centauer Belt again only calculated with III)
    200 Stamina
    1 atk/cast Speed
    ofc the cost of the Build would go up but it makes more as the next step since you can go for IV Belt/Rings then and get a massive push in AP and Evasion.
    Link to changed Build (on Kuno) :
    Sources for calculation:
    I did read Evasion got nerfed on KR again, any infos on that ?
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  14. Nischana added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    Jea but he fights similiar geared opponents so it dos not matter. And i think everyone would agree that DK is easly among the very strong classes like Bersi, Sorc, Warri , Witch.
    But judging from the Videos of this guy it seems not nerf worthy or alot harder to hit then any other good class.
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  15. Nischana added a post in a topic Awakening iframes are joke?   

    Well if you take the video posed as a source alot of toolkits are op as ----- , most strong duelling classes go even against dk, and a sorc crying about it is just insane. So no the DK toolkit is not op. Its at the same strength level then all other good classes like Sorc, Bersi, Warri.
    So jea its a argument, you could say dk is in line with all the other strong classes, and dos not need a nerf, but the weak ones do need a buff.
    Or you could argue that the classes like sorc, Bersi ,Warri and DK are way too good and need a Nerf. In this case jea the thread would be about is dk in the List of nerf worthy classes, and i think he would be.
    I did not name Wizzard/Witch here since the only source of the complaint are 1v1, and they are not that good there.
    And i would say buffing the weak classes makes way more sense, like a dmg buff for Kuno for example.
    But overall, no the DK toolkit dos not seem to op in compare what other classes like sorc, witch, bersi, warri can do, so its not nerf worthy if these classes are not nerf worthy. And since Witch/Wizzard and the other classes in question are at the same state for month now i doubt dk will be nerf worthy.
    The only thing i can see is getting nerfed is the Range AE DMG because of big scale battles.
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