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  1. emory added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    1 Guardian Seal, 1 RCE, the rest are hards and sharps.
    someone in my guild got a crescent ring a few day ago
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  2. emory added a post in a topic Questions about Kydict's Crystal and Processing   

    combat xp and no
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  3. emory added a post in a topic Game lagged while enhancing   

    The gm replied with, "We are aware of the issue, and are working towards a swift resolution. We will also be taking individual action shortly."
    Not sure what they are going to do. Probably some gm blessings or black stone boxes lol.
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  4. emory added a post in a topic Game lagged while enhancing   

    lol i wish mine went to tet at 0fs. O well. 
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  5. emory added a post in a topic Game lagged while enhancing   

    nope, i clicked once, and thought, hmm is this lag? and i just exited out. opened up the inventory and see what just happened. then i just saw the duo go to tri for a sec then pri
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  6. emory added a post in a topic Game lagged while enhancing   

     I'd rather have my 35 fs back unless they give me a lot of memory frags and artisans.
    And since they still haven't given me a word on this issue, I don't know whether I should stay logged off until they do a rollback or something, or log in and do other stuff. This is pretty frustrating.
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  7. emory added a post in a topic Game lagged while enhancing   

    I hope too lol, or I lose like 100mil for no reason
    Well, I didn't think they'd compensate me since they didn't compensate ppl who had their gems broken due to lag. But worth a try, I guess. 
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  8. emory added a topic in General   

    Game lagged while enhancing
    I was just trying to TRI my Kutum Dagger with 35 fs. I had 5 concentrated weapon stones and a DUO Kutum Dagger with 100 durability. I clicked enhance, the game lagged so I exited out of enhancing screen. A few seconds later the message of Enchantment successful showed up and followed by 2 Unsuccessful message. Now I have a 4 fs and a 80 durability PRI Kutum Dagger.
    I have sent in a ticket almost 2 hours ago, no response yet. Anyone know whether I'd be compensated for this? If not, I'll just suck it up, log in and keep enhancing.
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  9. emory added a post in a topic Did they ever fix the serendia special?   

    o, so that's why there are so many sharp destruction alchemy stones sitting in marketplace. This is pretty dumb.
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  10. emory added a post in a topic Most annoying thing in Black Desert    

    Yeah, I hate that as well. But since you gotta wait 15 minutes to change channel anyways, it doesn't really matter. I'd be nice to not have a limit per channel and just let us turn all of them in.
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  11. emory added a post in a topic Flying Mounts   

    This game doesnt render things that well. zipping across the sky would loom horrible. That korea dude Bong has that gliding mount, you can see how the game fails to render stuff.
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  12. emory added a post in a topic Would leave all other MMOS if there was Dungeons and Raids; so create a few?   

    I think instead of doing daily and weekly scrolls, we get key pieces to make a dungeon key for that particular boss. Or something along the idea of that. 
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  13. emory added a post in a topic Make BDO great again. Just 1 change. ONE SINGLE CHANGE!!!   

    What about, when you are low level, you can only be at low level places. But when you level up, the low level places scale to you.
    So for a lvl 10 player, level 60 mob is still lvl 60 mob. But for a lvl 60 player, lvl 10 mob becomes lvl 60.
    And as for the money scaling, maybe increase drop rate a bit every level up, or unlock better loot at higher levels.
    These are actually already a thing in the game, just in a different area. Like in gathering, as you level up, you get more per gather. And the higher the gathering level is, the better rare mats you cab get whereas at lower gathering skill you can't.
    Be nice to mix the scenery up a bit every time i go grind. Also all the areas can be enjoyed instead of just the few good spots.
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  14. emory added a post in a topic Golden chest   

    Yeah i have encountered this problem. Sent a ticket to support, gm told me it's due to latency, and other people had opened it, but due to some kind of lag the chest still shows in game. He also said it'll be fixed soon.
    I'm pretty bummed how this happened to me twice now, at the same place too, the one next to heidel pass.
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  15. emory added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Yeah, I know the 100% static price, we just got it today. I've been waiting for that for some time now. But seeing how there's a possibility of having 115%, I don't know whether I want to cash my crates in now or wait.
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