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  1. Calibix added a post in a topic Hidden stat advantages from Levels   

    The only discernible advantages are access to more skills (and skill points from having likely grinding more) and base Hp increase.  It was 30Hp more for me as a sorc.  Any other supposed stat increase is tinfoil until somebody proves otherwise.  They haven't.
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  2. Calibix added a post in a topic Trade Change   

    Huge buff for anyone who doesn't have exorbitant amounts of time to cherry pick channels for good sell prices.
    Wasn't KR initially 100%? Why are we getting 110? Not that I'm complaining...
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  3. Calibix added a post in a topic Black Spirit Claw!   

    Yeah. Most aren't that impressive but if you wanted the extra xp for some reason the option is there.  Personally only use the trade one as the xp is hard to come by and trading has the most functional gains for getting master or better.
    Edit: The trade clothes did get +1 luck when used with coupon. Can't speak for the others.
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  4. Calibix added a post in a topic Max Energy went down by 1 after maintenence   

    I have 407 max energy.  Playing since launch.  In that time, I have spent less than 30 hours actively trying to raise max energy.  Outside of amity game which can be avoided by spamming greet and ecology most energy is easy to get simply by playing the game without much if any extra time spent.
    People are drastically exaggerating the "effort" in getting a lot of energy.  Furthermore, losing one energy when you have 493 is inconsequential.  That one energy is not going to impact anything in any meaningful way.  500 to 499 I might have felt for you.
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  5. Calibix added a post in a topic Black Spirit Claw!   

    Equipment tailoring coupon on the in game clothes from luxury vendor.
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  6. Calibix added a post in a topic Valencia needs tweaks   

    I go to Valencia daily.  I have m2 trade so ocean fishing to Valencia is very profitable (7 to 9 mil, 1 to 2% trade xp at m3 per 5 to 6 hours afk).  I generally work split doubles so time efficiency and opportunity cost are very important when you have at best 2 to 3 hour sessions.  On my way back I usually try to spend my daily grind buff at crescent.  The xp is ok, the money is garbage, but it has a large enough rotation that can support my clear speed, has a mob that I can't one shot and might actually move my hp bar, and most importantly is rarely contested.  While it actually works for me, Valencia is extremely lackluster to pirates/sausans, even when contested.
    I do agree with the above poster that most people exaggerate the claims of how much money they make.  Trash loots are the only thing that drop regularly enough to actually warrant a comparison (pirate coins being the exception, scrolls I'm mostly looking at you).
    People keep telling me do Pila Ku.  I tried it once in a duo/trio way back.  It was great money, don't remember the xp.  Tried solo when I broke 220 ap and it was pretty comparable to crescent but less skill xp, farther, and higher risk(which isn't a bad thing necessarily.  I'd rather grind with full attention required than with just enough attention that I can't watch Netflix required).  To be fair, I've only logged a few hours there solo(59 sorc 220/232/263 Tri RCE x2/Nouver).  Maybe I'm doing it wrong?
    edit: I have no issues contesting a spot or PvP in General. I just have limited time so when I can actually grind I want it to be grinding not contesting.  My days off assuming I can play lengthy sessions I'm more open to other places.  But if you have shit luck and find some karma bombing/entitled mob-stealing scum bag who'd push you out of the line at the grocery store before he dares waste his precious time(but ----- yours) on every channel I'm not really sure it's any more efficient than what I'm already doing.
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  7. Calibix added a post in a topic The third most spoken language in the world, will Black Desert be in Spanish?   

    You can't even spell the name of the country right so...
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  8. Calibix added a post in a topic The third most spoken language in the world, will Black Desert be in Spanish?   

    Even if you were only referencing that, which was not clear, you still missed Puerto Rico.  Don't be ignant.
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  9. Calibix added a post in a topic The third most spoken language in the world, will Black Desert be in Spanish?   

    Did you forget to check the part of North America called Latin/Central America?  Pro tip, its more than just Mexico.  Not to mention Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic...
    edit: I'm American, I'm fully aware of our lack of of an official language.  We a country of immigrants, it makes sense.
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  10. Calibix added a post in a topic Just goes to show how many dont have PEN   

    Like I said early, do you believe everything that's told to you?  Why would a business lie to us amirite?  Troll on Plunge, troll on.
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  11. Calibix added a post in a topic Just goes to show how many dont have PEN   

    Original claim is the infographic, thanks for proving me right.
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  12. Calibix added a post in a topic Just goes to show how many dont have PEN   

    Prove him wrong.  If they are so clearly accurate it should be just as easy for you to show all of us the validity of the infographic.  Anyone who actually plays this game can tell those numbers seem way off.  The burden of proof is on Kakao, not us the consumer, or do you believe everything that's told to you without proof?
    Your guild sucks then :p.  I've bred 3 t8's personally before I gave up breeding.  At least 5 other people have at least 1 t8 currently in a ~65 member guild.  The numbers are a joke, you guys just have bad luck.
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  13. Calibix added a post in a topic What is your gear score?   

    Full Tri boss armor (Tree).
    Tri Kzarka/Nouver Tet Dandy.
    Tri RCE, Duo Cres/Basi/Ogre.
    Moderate spender, only character actually played since launch.  Current project worthwhile stacks 63, 46, 46.  I work split shifts so I'm not a big grinder, nor do I care for it, nor care to contest premium spots when I have limited time. Consider myself well geared but not top tier.  A focus on time efficiency (active and afk) really helped push my income, fs, and gear higher.
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  14. Calibix added a topic in General   

    Calph Crate theorycrafting
    Assuming you have all nine nodes for Calpheon crate timbers, all your workers for said timbers are stationed out of Calpheon, and your lengthy afk sessions are generally 5-6 hours or more, which type of workers would you use and for which node for the most efficient and balanced timber production?  Keep in mind birch has the lighest workload (150/100/100) and is generally shortest distance, whereas cedar and fir are the same workload (150/150/75) and pretty equal to each other in distance, but longer than birch.
    I realize you could min/max the workers further by sending from different towns, but for the ease of this discussion (and my processing) we'll consider from Calpheon only.  About to head back to work, eager to hear others thoughts.
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