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  1. Cloudx1987 added a post in a topic Ingame fireworks show at midnight   

    Really? ... When do YOU think it is? ... Good god people are dumb.
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  2. Cloudx1987 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    Yes, I'm not that stupid. But thanks for the help. AT THE TIME OF POSTING THIS, I had a 530MB Patch, Well beyond the Mediah update...THAT'S why I asked that.
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  3. Cloudx1987 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    Thats it? ... 554MB for misaligned NPC titles?
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  4. Cloudx1987 added a topic in General   

    Help with "rented" item return for contribution points.
    I have NO idea what is rented. I spent HOURS trying to see what was.
    I have no fences or crops rented.
    No items in ANY character's inventory or warehouse.
    No items equipped on any character.
    It says I have rented: 10 .. I'd really like those 10 contr. points back! ..any suggestions?
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  5. Cloudx1987 added a post in a topic Ability to change Chat Color and Size   

    Giving it another boost, this needs to be done!
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  6. Cloudx1987 added a post in a topic Compensation for extended maintenance   

    This is the best thread I've ever seen, You guys are hilarious. Seriously tho, stop being so entitled so something even WoW does (Who pay $15 a month PLUS expansions) .. Not a single person -----es about extended maint. .... WHICH is for making the game better, lol .. idiot
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  7. Cloudx1987 added a topic in General   

    Do they post the patch notes after the patch? .. 893 MB Patch today?
    I don't see any posts on this at all. So I apologize if I am jumping the gun. ...Everybody else is getting this 893MB patch right lol? ...It's not just my PC being lame?
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  8. Cloudx1987 added a post in a topic If you hate it...why stay?   

    Because, it's the combat (sex irl) ... They hate everything else about the game (relationship) except the combat (sex)
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  9. Cloudx1987 added a post in a topic Ability to change Chat Color and Size   

    I want to give this thread a bump, because most (nearly all) other MMOs give the ability to change font colors. And with how much customization you have in this game, I am shocked that you cannot. Please give us the option to change font colors, I REALLY hate that whisper font color (And I want my Arial Font lol)
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  10. Cloudx1987 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    It cost 30 energy before you REQUEST a chat ban. And now it cost 15. Period. Requesting, mind you .. Not even actually banning.
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  11. Cloudx1987 added a post in a topic Where is my guest pass?   

    What are you even talking about?
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  12. Cloudx1987 added a post in a topic Looking for a Guild to Join. I am on Orwen Server   

    Sorry I meant to ad my other IGN, It is: Robato Aruje (Meaning Robert Alger, After my Grandfather)
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  13. Cloudx1987 added a topic in US Guild   

    Looking for a Guild to Join. I am on Orwen Server
    I'm new to the game, but have been playing MMOs for about 15 years now, ever since Ultima Online / Everquest 1.
    This is my new MMO I will put hard work into, and I am looking to join an active guild for PvE or PvP.
    My IGN is Andelu Aruje (Andelu is Andrew in Japanese and Aruje is Alger in Chinese, My name of course)
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  14. Cloudx1987 added a topic in General   

    Is there a way to get further "Foliage Rendering"?
    The grass/trees seem to render VERY close to me, rather than it very far away, and it looks REALLY bad.
    I have the game maxed out in settings, but didn't know if there was an config file?
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  15. Cloudx1987 added a topic in General   

    Where is my guest pass?
    I just bought the game, I am new .. so work with me lol. It isn't on my account page, and I have a friend that would like to try it before he buys it (When it's live, of course)
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