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  1. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    At least I didnt esc-escape even though I was more tired than an old man on his deathbed with hands cold as ice. Yes it was super bad performance of me those fights, and I could counter the video with some duels, OW-PVP etc. where it shows how I usually play - but not sure I can be bordered with the time it takes to make such a video..
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  2. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Your gf did mention something about it
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  3. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    grrr @PoorJoy faster than me  

    best edit tool I seen in my life

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  4. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    https://gyazo.com/09ee8cf5d9dc1b9fd7829220f4ec0395 real time , catch me if you can
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  5. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Do people really still don't know our home channel or is it just you again? :thinking:
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  6. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Only guilty men react with aggression like that. Fumbling for ways to try and change the subjects or throw trash.
    When confronted with the truth you start to trash, and that was literally the reason you ended up being called out and now in your defense you trash more and lie more. Sad but hey that's how you react I guess.
    Yes I wanted to plan, and yes I wanted to make the guild better - that demands you actually talking and working on things.. Winging sieges like some prefers, leads to a raid running around in Calpheon not knowing what to do for 30mins like headless chickens or getting sandwiched in Valencia because some in management didn't wanna plan for the unexpected to guarantee a 1v1 vs Sovereign.. That all people saw and know, and people can only wonder why 65% of a guild left - they are all retards in your book?? Well then.
    You can have your opinion of me as person and player, that's fine I couldn't care less. I must do something right to be able to be accepted and respected by good players in the community and be part of what I have been. Though it's quite clear and people can see that with your aggression that you speak out of your ass, you haven't even fought me on wizard and warrior you never gave me any lessons. Try take a deep breath and stop to think before you just throw trash at people. 
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  7. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    First of all, during all your absence and doing shit all but get paid - didn't even do that ONCE a week warrior training you were supposed to give, for the payment you got. We were trying but with all the deep-rooted special treatment to old Harmony members, and what not it was impossible to do anything. You clearly have no clue what I did and didn't - since I recall after I left the game out of frustration that sieges were being winged and not planned properly.  I got invited back and other officers wanted me back as officer, their words not mine "We want you as part of the management, you are literally the best officer we have"  
    I among others had been very frustrated about how things worked, we tried to change them for the better, but couldn't - we still stuck around for WAY TOO LONG to try and fix the guild that only were "top" because of it reputation, 100man attendance and therefore got dodged.. I personally and others had decided to leave long before we lost in Calpheon and Valencia... The brick for me to call it quits.. Was when I called after Calpheon we need to plan a proper siege if we wanna defeat Sovereign, and we need to plan for the unexpected to be able to get our 1v1 fight... People agreed on Sunday.
    Tuesday, I write to you when should we hold the meeting, because I didn't have the authority to say "Wednesday 1900 meeting"  - you say "I can't Wednesday but Thursday", I then reply "Okay 1900?" NEVER got a reply from you... Wednesday night at 2300 when I finally see you online, after waiting ALL DAY.  I go to you on TS. "Yo Oneup, that meeting thursday, can we make the call on time, so we can get this siege planned and make sure to deliver a good performance"  You; "I can't Thursday but Friday." Slack; "Friday, is too late man we gotta plan for the unexpected" You "What do you even wanna plan for?" RIGHT there I go silent and decide to step down as officer and leave asap, because of your incompetence or willingness to put in an effort... And since you wanna throw shit, here is some shit back... 
    When you are first week at the job as leader, don't expect people will back you up for long when they realize you are stealing from your own members... Giving yourself t4 payment, on a balanced payment where everyone should get t2...  Yes math was done, and it was clear that one person had gotten t4 while the rest of the guild had gotten t2 and one t1, which was Navster after he quit. Who was the new guy on the job, Oneuproad... I have kept this a secret because I usually cba drama, but one of the many reason Tris and I left. Those who followed instantly did it on their own. We had not told them anything.. Look in buddy. look in.
    I am out, as you can see on my forum post count, I usually don't waste time to participate in drama. Unless I got something to say. 
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  8. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    As far as I know, I was the one fighting for quality over quantity and not wanting to sit on my ass collecting fat checks uncontested in Harmony. Unlike a certain someone who didn't do shit except being a name in the management, but hey you got your fanboys. I wont tell them all, would be cruel to crucify you like that. Sorry that your guild crashed when we decided, that we have had enough, wasn't our intention - don't be mad bro.
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  9. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Check my edit; Yes calling you out for esc -> esc channel swap and a guild that care waay too much about imagine, PR and kill count to my taste. I personally feel it destroys PvP and is pathetic.. I did though realize my sentence weren't put well together because it came out as you weren't relevant and a top guild along side Addicted - which I then changed the best way I know, since this forum edit function is shit.. 
    I never seen an Enemy player do it, in the time I played against them nor with them. If some do, THAT PERSON fits into the category. I do know though, WE DON'T have RULES that states we have to LEAVE PvP if we ain't in a winning scenario unlike others aka. YOU Octo my friend   Do know that I did though mean, that mindset you have shown the latest month in sieges is respectable.
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  10. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Sorry to the people I like in Addicted, for their personalities - BUT I couldn't care less about that guild nor fighting it. Example below why - this is what you often experience except if they are 3 times as many as you.. Esc Esc - > channel swap guilds, just like Sovereign - are destroying PvP in BDO and calling them relevant or top guilds is kinda pathetic... Atleast Sovereign ManUp'd in the end and came to Calpheon 2 times alone, which made me decide to give them a 2nd chance, because that was the competitive mindset I like to see, but Addicted, what have you shown, why do people have to take you serious??  P.S. no salt for Sovereign and Oldskool coming to Calpheon, they did what they had to do and I personally approve of their decisions.. So I am on the field with Eiene earlier saying over all fun fight and a lot to improve, which is great. 
    Edit: Calling Addicted relevant or a top guild  - couldn't be further from the truth in my eyes.
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  11. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I am okay with you guys having a different mindset and approach on things - but what you really should realize is; We are having great fun fights every week, it is your members getting frustrated of not getting fights - and the reason you ain't getting fights is because you are too big to handle for any single top guild and EU doesn't find it fun to team up. 
    Joining Enemy was the single best thing, I and my guys have done. As PvP-players, we get PvP and people who like to seek out PvP all the time.
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  12. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    Enemy likes Addicted
    Enemy respect Addicted

    Enemy does not want to kill Addicted
    (holy shit this forum keeps adding an old picture.)

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  13. Slacktivist added a post in a topic One Year Anniversary   

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  14. Slacktivist added a post in a topic [Notice] Attendance Message | Known Issues [Updated - 2/23/17]   

    This is happening to me aswell - feelsbadman. 100% alch stone in there
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  15. Slacktivist added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    I dont know whats going on in Harmony, I think I was the 2nd or 3rd to leave, and for none of the reasons which has been stated as far as I have seen at least. People can theory craft away, it is only good fun to read - I wont put any details out there.
    I also do wish the best to everyone who are still in Harmony but also those who choose to leave.
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