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  1. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    How the ----- do you get 41 stacks on grunil, I've +15'd 4 items now with 5 stacks on durable. Could hardly make it to 20 stacks b4, kudos to everyone who already has tri boss gear.
    Any updates about the odd number servers? They still lag like hell after the update
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  2. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic Gear Progression   

    If I understand you, usually you'll be working on your grunil set until you get boss gear which drops from bheg, muskan, hebetate, red nose, and giath. It can drop from both world and scroll bosses now + the bonus cache you get for completing the scrolls. In terms of boss gear you'll be starting all over. Grunil at TET is usually from people using it as a fail stacking set while building stacks for end game gear like boss gear. After DUO anything that fails to enchant to TRI,TET,PEN degrades and drops another level. You can safe enhance basic gear to TRI but it is generally never worth the investment.  
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  3. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic Security alert?   

    Having the same problem, I'm in game for about 10 seconds then booted right away. No windows defender here just malwarebytes. Good excuse to just play D3 season on my day off.
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  4. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic new outfit thoughts   

    This new outfit made me want to reroll to warrior even more
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  5. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic How do you win Bid?   

    You don't 
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  6. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic Do We Get More Coupons?   

    Wait there's a 30% coupon?!
    rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble!
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  7. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic Anniversary Value Pack Merv's Pallet Doesn't Work   

    Its happened many times in the past with the 7 day packs, you have to send in a ticket in order to get a 7 day mervs given to you. You really THINK they'd have been able to FIX this by now since this problem has been happening since they started giving free 7 day packs. 
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  8. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic Fix this broken market   

    How would the theory of evolution and survival of the fittest pertain to every player fairly getting a chance? 
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  9. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic first impressions on DK now that youve played her yourself   

    Awakening I think its in 1 month as they are trying to catch up to korean bdo so they don't have to update 3 separate games (or that's what I heard).
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  10. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic Don't you want my money kakao!   

    Why give you 20% off when you consumer whores will cave in and pay full price later.

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  11. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic Snowball Fight RBF Event?   

    Do it like guild wars did it
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  12. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic #*^! Wizards/witches   

    Oh look another uneducated wiz/witch mad because he gets rolled by awakened classes. You got some nice comebacks, guess that's why you just spam magic missile and expect to win. 
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  13. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic #*^! Wizards/witches   

    That pissy over getting your ass handed to you a few times by awakened classes? Really what's changed since b4? Were there nerfs to wiz/witch after they were buffed due to awakenings in korea? Instead of getting all defensive just say, whats changed since all the wiz/witch op threads we used to see? Oh right a few classes got awakenings now. Wait like everyone else had to and quit your -----ing. 
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  14. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic #*^! Wizards/witches   

    not like your class has been buffed for months in preparation for awakings or anything....
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  15. GUNDAMNIT added a post in a topic Compensation for last Awaken Class Release   

    Maybe you should've pooled your resources so you could be one of the people already getting a TET dandy in the first 1 hour that awakening has been out. No one forced you to make 2 classes with both TETs lol. 
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