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  1. Kirves added a post in a topic Can blasting or slugfest get super armor plz   

    like I said 1v1 I have no problems with wizard
    wiz aoe shits on devestation, and we do not farm level appropriate mobs at even close to the same speed
    sausans and pirates sure, we're pretty quick (still not sure if faster, don't think so) but places like pila ku, sulfur, aakman witch and wiz leave us in the dust 
    slugfest has superarmor on the last hit which is better than nothing but when you compare kit to kit they just have more
    that being said I DO think berserkers are in a good place and relatively balanced...there's just a few classes that are outliers that the devs said they didn't want to nerf and instead wanted to buff the other classss (berserker included) 
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  2. Kirves added a post in a topic Which region brings in more $$   

    US doesn't have a spending cap like KR and we have people with more money than sense
    people drop $150 every weekend just  to sell pearl costumes...
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  3. Kirves added a post in a topic Ty for last buf but why there is no info about nerfs we got ?   

    How often are you getting blasting off in pvp?
    honestly I haven't really noticed any change one way or the other
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  4. Kirves added a post in a topic Can blasting or slugfest get super armor plz   

    1v1 i can fight pretty much any class and do pretty well except well geared/well played ninjas
    1v1 isn't the problem and it's probably what witch is weakest at (still not bad at it though)
    looking at the "overall game"
    witch/wiz grind faster than other classes
    witch/wiz does significant aoe damage
    witch/wiz can do decent damage from range
    witch/wiz have heal
    witch/wiz have PA which is the best buff in the game for group fights
    witch/wiz have mana shield adding to their tankiness
    witch/wiz have brokenly high acc modifiers
    witch/wiz have superarmor or frontal block on most things
    pro tip don't tell people to look at the "overall game" if you play a witch/wiz because looking at the "overall game" your class broken af
    do you pvp?
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  5. Kirves added a post in a topic 58 Witch, Single Dad LF Guild   

    Athereal is a good bunch of people and I think you would be happy there
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  6. Kirves added a post in a topic To Those Insisting PvP is "Dead" With These Patch Notes   

    lol the necro...also look at all the optimism that something would replace the shit system in place now
    karma bombers still running wild in 2017
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  7. Kirves added a post in a topic why not just remove pvp in this game?   

    holy shit a quality post from irrelevant
    rarely have I seen him post where I agreed with everything he said
    bro I wish
    if anything it wouldn't give you the location the first time you checked, just the ch
    change ch and recheck to find them
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  8. Kirves added a post in a topic Vertex Hosted 2V2 PvP Tournament   

    Really sucks that people always try to ruin events like this
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  9. Kirves added a post in a topic Trading vs Pure AH.   

    I think the thing you're missing is master 2 trading 
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  10. Kirves added a post in a topic Did the Buff to DP get reversed?   

    significantly cheaper to tet/pen tho
    in the end I think pen boss gear would be better but if you're poor and running an evasion build rocaba is definitely viable
    Also I only have 301 dp 3600 hp and a 248 ap wizard can only hit me for 70% of my hp with his 100% when I'm down
    no idea what's happening to all you 320+ dp people
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  11. Kirves added a post in a topic xcoronahost.xem, CPU usage after 5/3 maintenance.   

    Set priority to low
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  12. Kirves added a post in a topic Vertex Hosted 2V2 PvP Tournament   

    i don't know of any vertex zerker with 550 gs...or any zerker for that matter
    highest geared zerker I think is silverback and I don't think even he has made it to 550
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  13. Kirves added a post in a topic Sieges went from sheild wall+ranged support+initiators to wizards+fodder   

    Since when were zerker slow moving heavy hitters?  Launch preawakening was garbo for damage and if you knew how the class was quite fast
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  14. Kirves added a post in a topic Vertex Hosted 2V2 PvP Tournament   

    Depending on the team comp even 500+ gs can be viable if played well
    obviously more gear is better but there's a lot of players with 500ish gs that I think would do quite well in a tournament like this
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