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  1. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    I mention easy to get into as anyone can pick up Starcraft. As for mastering? That's a whole other topic. The game becomes extremely competitive the more you learn due to the fact the immense amount of strategy involved. 
    Someone else mentioned this before that EU/NA don't have the same time to dedicate into one game. The person who dominated Starcraft in KR has been playing it for 10 years? Correct me if I'm wrong. What I'm saying is, the western community can't keep their interest in a single game for so long. 
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  2. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    I asked you to fight me. And you lost your shit. That's all there is to it. But thanks for telling me you have insomnia...
    Makes sense why you're pulling shit out of nowhere now. 
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  3. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    Holy shit. How did it even escalate to this???
    Im just showing inconsistencies in your argument. You whispered me in the afternoon yourself before ignoring me. Then apparently whispering me again telling me you're at centaurs grinding which I never got. I clearly saw you at Heidel arena that you're so strongly denying for some reason. 
    Whats with you man???
    And I'm a guy. Control your assumptions man... 
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  4. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    Assuming you were grinding all day when you were at Heidel in the afternoon. Either something's fishy or youre account sharing. Considering I was standing right next to you without a ghillie looking at you at the Heidel arena safe spot noticing you joining RBF. HECK You were on the same team as me one time. 
    Not to mention the first RBF was when you whispered me then never replied back. And what's really ticking me off is how inconsistently you are writing. Sometimes you write perfect, coherent sentences then suddenly it's like your drunk and just pulling shit out of nowhere and making random and false accusations. 
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  5. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    Its the fact that you said I have issues with comprehensive reading then you just said "Are you retarded? Do you know you can enter RBF from anywhere?"
    I mean I quit BDO back in July back then I had 2k RBF points. I don't even touch it now. But why would I not know that? I made it as clear as possible saying that I saw you in RBF in the afternoon. No where did I say that you joined RBF from somewhere. 
    Just go to sleep old man. This is a pain. You're not gonna fight me and you can't even remember what you did last week. You can't even read what I wrote properly without making stupid and dumb assumptions. 
    Just block me and never talk about this again. You're freaking loony. 
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  6. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

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  7. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    Yeah yeah centaurs all day clearly. That's why you were in RBF in the afternoon. 
    Go on chat more bullshit and make some more excuses lol. Remember you saying you were gone because your wife came back that's why you never replied. 
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  8. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    Yeah... when I wasn't online. Well done. I was dueling eiene after two additional red battlefields 2pm GMT. Went offline at 6pm GMT and specifically told eiene the following "going to take a break for node wars" I was fighting eiene on her sorc around 4-5pm GMT. I can't recall the exact timing. Came back 15-30 mins before node wars were going to start to fight a giant from another guild. Continued to fight him even after node wars started before doing node wars. 
    Fought eiene A good couple of fights outside arena on his DK then a good few more on his sorceress later. (4-5pm GMT) 
    How were you in ghillie when a player named Chors was right there? Sitting on the wall in Heidel arena, 1pm ish I don't think I have you in my friends list. Not to mention a warrior. With the name Chors. 
    Either I missed your message when I was fighting or you didn't send it at all. Next time I see your character I'll take a screenshot of it. 
    You messaged me personally when I was doing nothing and straight after I told you to fight me. Never got a reply after that. 
    Go on talk more shit about how you were in a ghillie. Considering I was also sitting in a ghillie for RBF for the 2nd one and 3rd one which was a win
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  9. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    Im arguing to you personally about it. This has nothing to do with super armour or how op something is. I'm going to beat you, take a video of it, upload it and show how good of a warrior you really are. 
    Dont flatter yourself? Stalking you for 15 mins? I was in Heidel arena right next to you then logged out. You were just standing there in Heidel arena waiting for rbf outside your ghillie back in the afternoon. And you entered rbf a couple more times after that. It was one hour before node wars when I logged out and you "apparently" said that you were gonna fight me. Heck you were on my side for one of them LOL.
    And dashing away to get 100%? Wtf. No. Your running, you're going to get black spirit rage anyways regardless. Wasn't like there was just me chasing you. There was a giant and a ranger. Black spirit rage = the amount of hits taken. 
    Annoying thing is you saying you were in a ghillie. The whole time. Go on chat more shit lol. Then again what do I expect from a guy who talks big and does nothing. 
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  10. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    "No -30dp is doesn't make difference. You are right" 
    typical just cherry pick what you wanna hear. Read all of what I wrote. "Oh I'm sorry I forgot armour break. Though I messaged you the exact same thing with armour break before. Not like it makes a difference. Last time I saw you in red battlefield you were running away building up black spirit energy and spamming red fog lol. 
    Implying it's useless since the best combo you use is CC > Red fog. ----- combos lol. 
    Yes, when you want to go reckless to grave lol. And you need speed buff from solar to speed up GD and its still unreliable. Its easier to hotkey GD and do reckless - C - hotkey. It works every time.
    Prefernce. I don't like it. And unreliable I what way? The same combo is being use, except you don't use it with overwhelm down attack percentile multiplier whilst I do. 
    Sorry but you are retarded if you tihnk i was running away to build up my 100%. Like yea everyone who runs away is going to build up 100%. Just tell me HOW. Because when i run away, im going to repot and im gaining HP not 100% rage rofl. You are full of shit. 
    This was high level retardation here. I mean come on. Whilst your running taking damage what goes up? No black spirit rage right? I swear I'm losing brain cells. 
    You stated 58 when we discussed heavily before. Even if you hit 59, you still lack experience in different scenarios.
    I think we stated this about 3 times. 1v1 warrior 58 vs lvl 60 wizard. undergeared fighting at pirates. Won with little to no effort. As for experience what works for you works for you. Best example I can give is how I don't rely solely on violation as my main source of damage and how I juggle amulet to scythe which is clunky for other players. Or how you don't bother with solar flare > overwhelm. Because it doesn't work for you. 
    Its cute that you are linking Oneup`s vids all over again lol. I`ll show him this thread tomorrow cuz hes sleeping now
    Don't worry man I'll even tag him. @Oneuproad there. Funniest thing is you assume I'm linking oneuproad for no reason. He's currently the only warrior who puts up videos that uses his head and currently the best example to show warriors balance. And ofc doesn't fight trash players. Not the best anymore, he lost that after awakening release but better than anyone else uploading videos at the moment. 
    And no im not gonna fight you, you know what ? YOU want to prove something, grab your warrior and go and fight Eiene and show us if you can back up your claims because you are talking too much in "theoretical" scenarios. Go and show off how to play warrior. You are that one giving advices and linking oneup vids.
    What do you think I was doing in velia 4 for? Stroking my -----? I was fighting eiene not on my warrior since that doesn't even have dande nor boss gear but on my sorceress. Each fight went like this. Violation > TBS dead. Or violation and dead. First one to CC wins basically. It was crap and it was boring. When I do get gearfor my warrior the first thing I'll do is that and I'll rub it in your face.  Though whats ticked me off the most is you now backing out in fighting me. Seriously shows the warrior mentality now. Then again what do I expect from a guy who talks big and does nothing. Would've been a perfect time to show how great your combo is.   
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  11. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    Oh I'm sorry I forgot armour break. Though I messaged you the exact same thing with armour break before. Not like it makes a difference. Last time I saw you in red battlefield you were running away building up black spirit energy and spamming red fog lol. 
    Pretty interesting combo right? Still waiting for that fight haven't seen you online since or in velia 4 at the very least.
    The kick is used to stop the useless animation of "reckless" blow. Sorry even I make mistakes. 
    But yeah apparently I'm theory crafting when the combo actually works. 
    Theres another's case of him using the exact same combo in Eiene video too.
    I dunno if you're trolling at this point. DP is useless on warrior? Soak up 1 or 2 hits? Probably NA AP build yeah. Musa, ninjas and sorceress are hitting around 11 times in some cases with one skill. 
    Now I know for sure you haven't been reading anything that I said. I mentioned before that giant would still need super armour, that I change my mind on "completely removing super armour" that certain classes need it more than others. That "certain select skills" don't need super armour. 
    Warrior is currently the only class that has a spammable super armour which is on block. Making him in certain cases impossible to CC unless using something like merciless. Classes that actually need super armour are stuff like Valkyrie and giant. The main CC classes for node wars. Less so classes such as tamer, musa, maewha, warrior, sorceress. Heck the only AOE super armour CC in any of these classes is from warrior. And he has the worst one in the game.
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  12. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    Yeah and we laughed because your gameplay of warrior was hilariously bad. We being people in discord. 
    Right let's do this. 
    I stated the following about grave digger, "What isn't balanced is stuff like warrior block or randomly spamming grave digger to hope you tag the enemy to inflict knockdown and heavy CC debuffs. There's no safe counter play to those attacks except range."
    I actually gave and agreed with grave digger still having counter play. You know your idea of "using your head". Though I mention "reliable" since you're not going to have frontal block abilities 100% of the time. Because there's a thing known as cooldowns. 
    No the game isn't balanced around warrior that's beyond stupid. You don't balance around one class because each class plays differently. From your idea of balance, wizards that can break through warriors block and still one shot them, they were balanced around warrior. Sounds dumb doesn't it now right?
    What about witch and wizard passive accuracy and accuracy multipliers? Balanced around warriors form of accuracy? God no. They're boasting 30% accuracy multipliers on multiple skills with higher ap scaling by far. 
    This statement just ticked me off lol. "The last thing your mistaken is that warrior played poorly isn't strong and infact it's super weak" Just read that statement again. Read it? Good. You the pro warrior from NA. You think a class is weak if it's played badly? What? Every class played poorly isn't weak. If you ----- up you get punished. You the get deleted on the spot. That's what that video was showing. It was showing a warrior with probably the best kit in the game to avoid all CCs GETTING CC'ED. 
    Warriors kit is designed to CC chain combo, solar flare > overwhelm > wreckless blow > kick > switch > grapple > grave digger > slashing of the dead. 
    In this combo you can't escape, and there's no recovery. Notice how you don't start with grave digger because you still got the down attack % multiplier from overwhelm? Because it'll do more damage like this. 
    What does removing super armour from grave digger do in this combo? Nothing. What does it do in your combo? It stops you from using it for no reason because it leaves you open. 
    Btw warrior is easy. All classes are easy in this game. Once you got that combo down on warrior and becomes muscle memory you end up winning all your fights after that one CC. Hence why oneuproad wins overgeared players with 160-190-187. 
    And finally, "thirdly I would advise you look at that video i posted a bit ago because that was me, and I am a very decent player, and believe it or not a child could counter gravedigger, and thats if gravedigger was the only skill used, and that says alot. sorry but you've really backed yourself in a corner."
    And I quote myself, "What isn't balanced is stuff like warrior block or randomly spamming grave digger to hope you tag the enemy to inflict knockdown and heavy CC debuffs. There's no safe counter play to those attacks except range."
    Notice how I mention safe counter play, ranged attacks? Notice how I said it was counterable? Notice how I was talking about ease of use and kill time for balancing? What is grave digger? An easy to use skill. What is warriors kill time? At geared 200 ap accuracy build roughly under 2 seconds which is how long the CC for grave digger lasts but slightly longer since the debuffs lock you in place for slashing of the dead to hit. 
    The only one backed in the corner now is yourself. Assuming I never played warrior in the first place or any other class. Takes a couple of seconds to see my profile and how long I've been part of the community. That's excluding the time I played in KR too. 
    But yeah let's share 1 hour of gameplay vs a bad sorc whilst the recorder also plays warrior terribly. I wonder how hard you'd rage if you fought me. You'd probably be shouting nerf sorceress because they kill me in one violation haha or that I'm overgeared. 
    Moaning at you aside, this nerf only effects bad warriors. If your so good why are you so defensive? No good warrior bothers to open with grave digger anyways. And removing the super armour from it effects the bad warriors who randomly spam it hoping they'll CC the enemy.
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  13. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    Where warriors play like this? And you're lecturing me about warrior ability and skill in pvp lol. Like you can't outplay heilang or wizard TP as a warrior either which just made me giggle.
    You don't even understand what Valkyrie kit is used for assuming I'm talking about their super armour. 
    And you think this whole argument is about warrior being op. When in instance it's all about kill time and ease of use. 
    You made your statement clear on your subject on the issue. You frankly believe all aspects of warrior is perfectly balanced and every other class is vastly superior than you in every other way. 
    Funny thing is you thing is you think everyone has a grapple and every class has a counter to grave digger and warrior block. You also assume players will 100% have certain skills ready to avoid your skills in all situations whilst playing the idea of your warrior class being weaker than everyone else.
    All I see here is a inferiority complex with a mixture of EXTREMELY bad warrior. You should come on EU for a few days. 
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  14. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    Bit personal but are you on EU? Or NA?
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  15. Berlioz added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    How are you taking so much damage as a warrior????? Free back attack? Are you standing still? Free damage on grave digger? Like 100% of the time you're going to have your frontal block skills off cool down?  Like all classes have frontal block skills like a maewha? Most of the classes who trade with warriors grave digger will be trading with another super armour ability  e.g getting the heavy debuffs on them. 
    Where are you even coming up with most of this stuff? You act like repositioning on warrior is a difficult task. Like it has the worse mobility in the game. Which is probably held by witches/wizards. They're the ones that should be complaining about being attacked in the back not a warrior haha.
    Also you assume that everyone can continuously attack like a sorceress to tag you at the end of your dash. How are tamers, maewha, musa, witches and wizards suppose to hit you in that time frame? 
    Btw not once did I say warrior was impossible to kill. Just time consuming which is good. But  the bad warriors should get punished further for playing badly. If you make a mistake you should get heavily punished for it. Not rewarded. And to be fair most warriors just sit there and turtle taking free hits. I'm sorry the quality of warriors back in march last year to march this year is just hilarious. 
    As for comparing grave digger to other classes ULTIMATE black spirit rage abilities. I dunno. I don't even understand the comparison. I mean one requires black spirit rage whilst the other has a 10 second cooldown was it? I forget. Oh and super armour, debuffs and high damage and CC that has two tap effect. 
    Musa ultimate, sorc ultimate, giant ultimate... you know what they have in common? They only CC the enemy and in giants case also heal him. You know what you can also do? Easily block them, escape them and also CC said enemy because they either have frontal block or nothing at all cancelling the ultimate cast time if you're fast enough. 
    Now onto the main point. Why the ----- is a warrior jumping in a group of enemies? Oh that's right because it's easy and he won't get punished for it. 
    Which is the whole point of this super armour argument. Why are you taking the role that is made for giant and valkyrie's which do what you do better, because their whole kit is designed around that? Not just one single ability that warrior has which is used on a whim and the good warriors don't even use for CC because the damage is far more important.
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