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  1. Holy added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Just came back to BDO after a few months off
    I stopped playing in the beginning of february this year and just came back to the game.
    I play Witch and am wondering about the hidden changes (if any) that I seem to have noticed.
    1 being the frontal block when swapping from staff to orbs, was this changed in any way? I used to be able to block on command whenever i wanted to with this ability, and now in duels it seems to never work at all anymore. Is it my desync with the server or has this been changed somehow?
    2, I see that they allow you to cast Spellbound Heart while in awakening form with orbs now. Are there any other skills you can do this with now also? I remember reading something in January or February about the devs making more pre-awakened skills available to use in our awakening form, one being our healing lighthouse..... but that doesn't seem to work as it still switches you to staff when you cast from hotbar.
    Thanks for any help/insight.
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  2. Holy added a post in a topic Mind Training is useful?   

    It always worked, could tell with all the witch awakening skills by the animation before landing hits. I tested it for hours in duels in the arena with it non invested and also fully maxed for my allowed level.
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  3. Holy added a post in a topic Do you think they should set pearl sales a bit higher in the market place?   

    I don't think you get the point.
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  4. Holy added a post in a topic Do you think they should set pearl sales a bit higher in the market place?   

    well they allow you to only sell 5 costumes a week... if you could spend 100 dollars and get more money per week then i think they would be doing that instead.
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  5. Holy added a post in a topic fix for crappy fps even with a potato   

    ahh so this is what causes my fps to drop like hell over time....
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  6. Holy added a post in a topic RNG Killing this game   

    I wish it were like this.
    rich players will be able to reach tet and pen easier than everyone else because all it takes is money. money is the bottleneck... with alot of money you can keep failing and keep enchanting
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  7. Holy added a post in a topic Humorous   

    "kiting ogre" you werent strong enough to deserve the loot. get owned noob lawl
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  8. Holy added a post in a topic Resistances vs Evasion build   

    I dont get 100 floating resist.
    only grapple, stun and knockdown. 
    gems and ruby necklace.. its real simple. i play witch 
    evasion from offhand... dmg resist from tet armor... what am i sacrificing? ap pretty much.
    because 40% isnt much? dont ask me, ask the devs why.
    ninja/kuno/tamer/ranger/valk and wiz cant grapple me consistently, and if they miss 1-2 grapples its gg pretty much.
    thats why evasion is important, if you are able to evade a portion of a multi hit attack you are indirectly resisting the cc since the hits need to land on you to cc you. then you have 60% resist that helps vs the other portion of the full attack... then you have the blocks and super armor as more layers of defense that players need to get past.
    Alot of people are saying the witch block is bad but I like it because of this.
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  9. Holy added a post in a topic Resistances vs Evasion build   

    all defense is important, you cant rely on just one layer.
    thats why having 100% cc resist is good. not using rbf adamantium in the shoes is a dumb move as you are making yourself weaker vs knockdowns.
    ideally you want full resists, evasion and dmg reduction. movement speed is a luxury that doesnt really do shit.
    I thought this was common knowledge. I dont have any tests cause I know this from my own experience (I have 100% stun, knockdown and grapple when I pvp) Only players that can grapple me consistently are zerk and warrior. Tamer and Ninja/Kuno just complain when they duel me cause they cant ever grapple me.
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  10. Holy added a post in a topic Was it Worth It?   

    I don't really buy mmos to 'explore' and whatever else you said counts for 'entertainment value'. 
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  11. Holy added a post in a topic Resistances vs Evasion build   

    You are supposed to have 100% CC resist so that when they use items that reduce CC resist you maintain 60%.
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  12. Holy added a post in a topic Accuracy and flow skills   

    i usually dont like to talk shit about people's post but most of you "info" is not fact at all lol...
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  13. Holy added a post in a topic Resistances vs Evasion build   

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