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  1. Qzling added a post in a topic Lunar's first node war   

    gravity just don't get it, there's a reason no one would wanna join them.  Megaphone recruiting also shows they are desperate.
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  2. Qzling added a post in a topic Valk AP/DP - Required   

    If you want to check your gear and skill. Go do couple rbf. If u can get over 100+ pts every game then u are competitive 
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  3. Qzling added a post in a topic Mediah Liberation   

    why u need superarmor when u get desync 
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  4. Qzling added a post in a topic Earrings?   

    1 red coral is going to lose 3 ap for 7 acc(from tri tungrade) .  personally i think  its still worth it  when you can reach 230 ap with kutum offhand. i will have to test it out with the new 12% acc buff when the patch arrives to tell 
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  5. Qzling added a post in a topic Suggested Changes   

    so true. Warrior will never get CC'd less grapple while offense . Valkyrie get cc left and right while we perform our  hideously long combo 
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  6. Qzling added a post in a topic What would be required to PVP correctly?   

    This won't work on US server. You will see the giant charge to you and you try to back chase.  Then u will be in his hand already cuz of desync
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  7. Qzling added a post in a topic Earrings?   

    1 tet red coral earring seems still needed for evasion build.  you can see the video above.  I can barely damage that ninja with 236 AP.   he has 329 dp
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  8. Qzling added a post in a topic Aakman guide?   

    Not worth the time if you are looking for money. For exp yes 
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  9. Qzling added a post in a topic lol   

    There can never be equalized pvp when class is not balanced.
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  10. Qzling added a post in a topic Nouver preorder   

    depends on classes , for ranger /sorc probably 400m+. Other less popular classes 300m+
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  11. Qzling added a post in a topic Earrings?   

    not just 4 ap. 20% more black spirt too
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  12. Qzling added a post in a topic [help] Gearing and Farming   

    you not making enough money at sausans  is becuz of your pets.  ppl are out looting you.  make sure leader put the loot on special deal and have 4 t3+pets will help. other wise i will suggest you go to elric shrine and solo.
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  13. Qzling added a post in a topic Hastiludium bug   

    This skill work only 50% of the time. 
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  14. Qzling added a post in a topic How to target further?   

    with black spirit rage, F skill's range become huge,  try to pan your camera up instead of down, i found it helps alot,  also pay attention to the red cross on your target.
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  15. Qzling added a post in a topic Valkyrie Buffs on KR 12/29/2016 :D   

    wtb grab in awaken stance, this is my number one wishlist
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