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  1. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    PVP is not optimal, but there is nothing else to do.
    Both of your ideas inhibit PVP, that should not be a goal, as there is literally nothing else to do in the end game except kill a million more of the same mobs that you have already killed, chop a million more of the same trees, catch a million more of the same fish.
    Your second proposal would go a long way to ending most region war pvp.  Is that your goal?
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  2. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic Please stop pretending that boss armor giveaways are altruistic.   

    rednose is about 15 mil per unit on uno, which is about the price of 20 memfrags.
    So the question becomes do you want 400 loyalty or 7 million silver (the price difference)..  Personally, i would rather have 400 loyalty. 
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  3. Wyrdmake added a topic in General   

    Please stop pretending that boss armor giveaways are altruistic.
    Consider they gave away maybe 150k pieces of boss gear for free (the number being a guess).
    What they really gave you is a GREAT reason to give them money (in the form of artisans memory)
    if only 20 percent of the people give them money for artisans memory for repairing the armor that's being upgraded, that's still 30k more people giving them money they would not have gotten normally.
    So, all the people saying how wonderful the company is for giving away free armor, please just stop, its yet another attempt to your cash.
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  4. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic Red Nose Day - Why So Serious?   

    Best joke:
    Black Desert Online is run by a professional company.
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  5. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic why the game are dying?   

    That is why the game is struggling, horrific mismanagement and planning.
    Only the white knights pretend the game is fine, and the company seems to think that they are the only game in town..
    Crowfall persistent beta starts in about 3 weeks, BDO should make some rapid changes if they have any clue at all.
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  6. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic Here is Content that is coming the future.   

    The tag crowded is absolutely meaningless unless they provide data to back the claim.
    It could very well exist simply to make people happy.
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  7. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic No QQ post this patch??   

    No one cares enough to qq anymore, kinda sad actually.
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  8. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic So how are the official numbers looking?   

    If you played at launch and the month following, you can tell how much smaller in population the servers are.
    I think UNO is healthier than most, but it's clearly hurting.
    If i had to come up with a guess, lets say we are at about 100K concurrent users (and at any given time, maybe 30k of those are not afk)
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  9. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    You calculations are meaningless..  You are neglecting artisan's memory, which is absurd at this point.
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  10. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic Do Kamasilva Blessings effect boss bundles?   

    From my own experience, I have opened over 150 giath bundles and 70 muskan bundles while using kama blessing.
    No helm, no boots.
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  11. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic How Much is To Much   

    The white knights will claim otherwise, but the gear system is a terrible design.  A person could spend 20 hours to farm up two ogre rings and blow them both up, leaving nothing to show for those 20 hours except a few more failstacks.
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  12. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic What motivates you?   

    If you are asking these kinda questions OP, it's past time to move on.  
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  13. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic Red Battlefield is dead now   

    They do not care about battlefield, they want your cash..
    Now they might give you a pearl shop battlefield buff, if you got the coin.
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  14. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic R.I.P motivation   

    Any remotely negative post about BDO will be immediately assaulted by the Forum's White Knights.
    They do not care what you have to say, if it has merit or even remotely valid.
    They are fanbois that cannot bear to hear any thing thats not positive about bdo.
    I get your frustration with the RNG in this game.. One player has to invest +500million silver to get an item to tri,  another player might get it done for under 100 mil.  This isn't about skill or hard word or determination, its just plain dumb luck and it's not good for the game's longevity.
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  15. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic Business > Game   

    Stop thinking DAUM is the little brother in their business deal.
    Daum is the HUGE company with all the power, pearl abyss is a tiny development studio.  When Daum says, do this, then pearl abyss is the one that jumps to attention, not the other way around.
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  16. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic Please let the night vendor sell memory fragments   

    How can you POSSIBLY be against this?  Who would be against more readily available memory frags?
    If not the night vendor, mob drops, daily scrolls, some method that would ease their acquisition in game is clearly desired.
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  17. Wyrdmake added a topic in General   

    Please let the night vendor sell memory fragments
    Break up the monotony of seeing armor stone after armor stone.. Throw some memory fragments in there.
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  18. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic The Failstack dillema   

    BEFORE they introduced the +16 gear, you could expect a piece of +14 reblath gear to get to 25 fail stacks 7 out of 10 times.
    This is CLEARLY and UNDENIABLY no longer the case.  Now you are lucky to get a Piece of +14 gear to 15 or 16 stacks 3 out of 10 times... And that i would consider fairly lucky.
    They changed the numbers, to make it easier to get to +15 gear, to catch new players up.  And in doing so, they made reliable failstacking on NON boss gear incredibly difficult.
    Now what part of this system don't i understand?
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  19. Wyrdmake added a topic in General   

    The Failstack dillema
    Is anyone STILL thinking that failstacking is just as hard now as it was two months ago?
    Where you could ROUTINELY and EASILY get 25+ failstacks on reblath armor, you are lucky to get to +15 these days.
    Now boss gear, that stuff you can failstack easily on, but normal gear, gear that doesn't require memory fragments to repair, yeah right.
    I wonder will there be any NON PEARL SHOP relief on this rather vital issue?
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  20. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic Hyped for Minor Fix   

    New massive network upgrades for the Pearl Shop servers.  The pearl shop cannot be allowed to lag or give even the slightest delay in the taking of your cash.
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  21. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic Ya'll ever gonna fix the servers?   

    Buy more valuepacks, then poor bdo can sc----- up enough cash to get some new potatoes.
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  22. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic So, How long till we shift to Free to Play?   

    Are they paying you to white knight like this?  Is it enough to get a value pack at least? 
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  23. Wyrdmake added a post in a topic Allow guilds to transfer silver to each other, final war is just a waste of time   

    EXPLOIT? Really?
    Now it could be reasonably argued that using the channel selection screen to bypass the need to be in a safe zone when changing channels was an exploit.  It was purposefully circumventing the rules for expediency.  But final war has literally no other purpose than to transfer funds from one guild to another.
    If it's totally fine to transfer silver to your "enemy", why would it be wrong to transfer it to your "friend"?
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  24. Wyrdmake added a topic in General   

    Allow guilds to transfer silver to each other, final war is just a waste of time
    It seems like the main use of final war is simply to send cash from one guild to another, eliminate this waste of time and just allow a certain amount of silver to be transferred between guilds every few days.
    You were reasonable enough to remove the need to go to channel selection screen (to avoid the safe zone requirements for hopping channels) as a time saving step, please consider doing the same thing with final wars and guilds.
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  25. Wyrdmake added a topic in General   

    So, How long till we shift to Free to Play?
    End of the Year?  Definitely before next summer...
    Step one was ensuring a way to monetize the free players (put cash shop items in the auction house)..
    it would liven up the servers a bit, we clearly have fewer players now than say two months ago.
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