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  1. SKYMARK added a post in a topic Player griefing.   

    Black Desert Online = Sandbox = do whatever the ----- you want = kill people if you want = "grief" them if you want. 
                                                                                       Spoiler alert : Your QQ is useless.
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  2. SKYMARK added a post in a topic How is this guy getting 90 frames per second?   

    Since launch I've noticed the forums filled with mostly shit. But now? Oh my God this is reaching another level....
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  3. SKYMARK added a post in a topic Margoria Screenshot Event [Winners Announced]   

    I think they are trolling us again ,_.
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  4. SKYMARK added a post in a topic Margoria Screenshot Event [Winners Announced]   

    Beat this casuals!! kappa

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  5. SKYMARK added a post in a topic Harpooning in Margoria....please..   

    The quest is done using a normal rod! I'm doing this quest ATM using a normal triple fish rod . Mistranslation of a retarded quest done by kakao . 
    Harpooning works only by standing on a regular fishing boat ( like ----- logic right? )
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  6. SKYMARK added a post in a topic Harpooning in Margoria....please..   

    We need a tissue workshop in the cities :D:D
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  7. SKYMARK added a topic in General   

    Harpooning in Margoria....please..
    Like for real , I've  been harpooning in vabadin sea , jurr sea , magoria sea zones and most of the times i get Cuttlefish...I barely get 1 yellow per 10mins? ( Master 1 fisher ) Like cmon...what is going on with this useless feature...Buggy animations , buggy mechanics , 10decades of minigame and yet 90% trash loot from it..
    Kill me please
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  8. SKYMARK added a post in a topic Golden Treasure Chest???   

    It's dissapointing to get 0 communication in this regard 
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  9. SKYMARK added a post in a topic Margoria treasure map?   

    I think it's useless  
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  10. SKYMARK added a post in a topic I just found a big nope location....   

    I will...and I will record this time  . Soon..
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  11. SKYMARK added a post in a topic I just found a big nope location....   

    I was idiot enough not to turn off UI ;_; and to think about other people's contrast.. I can see pretty well what's there on my monitor ^^. Ooops
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  12. SKYMARK added a post in a topic I just found a big nope location....   

    I went under the map basically  Found a small hole when my OCD kicked in " WHAT IF THERE IS TREASURE!?!?" even when I knew they are not in game...
    I thought I will fall to my death or something but apparently it's all water there. 
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  13. SKYMARK added a topic in General   

    I just found a big nope location....
    Okay, so since Margoria was live, I've wasted my entire yesterday to try and find golden treasure ( with no luck apparently because I'm sure 99.9% that they are not in game yet) whilst doing the questline.
    I've found a decent amount of underwater hidden caves/rooms but none were hiding something :'( , till I started doing the final quest for the Margoria Treasure Map.
    I can say the rewards were "treasure" themselves but my stubborness pushed me to search and search till I found out this....
    WellWellWell    What do we have here?!? I was thinking into yoloing it and dive in but I was afraid so I don't get teleported to a safe location ( I still had to finish the quest down there)
    One day...I will return

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  14. SKYMARK added a post in a topic Golden Treasure Chest???   

    Can't answer this questions to be honest . I ve been searching yesterday the whole day . Patch notes are silent in regard and there are several posts about it aswell with no answer.
    I guess they are not in game  
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  15. SKYMARK added a post in a topic CM's Please Respond - Gold Chest in Game or NO?   

    Haha , I flipped hard when I saw that dude's comment about them not having a clue about the game..this is hilarious . It's like in cartoons where someone gives you a product to sell regardless of you knowing what it can do to others. 
    I have never seen any delivery like this....It totally avoids the term "professional" from both parties ( kakao and pearl abyss ((think pa is more responsible tho)) ) .
    I have tried not to be negative about this game , I'm usually tolerant and acknowledge the gaming industry and how marketing works but man...this is just silly and unprofessional..at least in my opinion.
    I was hoping finding at least 1 golden treasure  or at least a legit answer whether or not they can be found in game....
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