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  1. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Least played class?   

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  2. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Least played class?   

    give me a second to get worked up and fall for this shit bait.
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  3. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Least played class?   

    I've quit Valkyrie for Maehwa post awakening. Valk sucks. Reacting to classes is not a fun way to play when it comes to end game PVP. Maehwa ftw, at least I can blow people up and actively move around in case lag isnt on my side. Instead of guarding, waiting for a mistake and then LUL desync, grab, reckless blow GG reset?
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  4. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Kakao, can we please talk about Karanda?   

    k. Op wanted to know why the timer was different/ longer than Zaka's. whether you like it or not it's a reason and a pretty solid one at that. If more people had access to end game weapons they would have less incentive to play actively. That's why Nouver is getting put off. It's an item they know everyone wants more than Kutum, just take a look at how often people drop everything to go fight Kutum. Because Nouver is going to be the next hot item, the next dandelion. 
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  5. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Pirate grinding   

    like... I dunno in an hour but every time i hit max weight soloing i have around 1.5k
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  6. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Kakao, can we please talk about Karanda?   

    but it gives more AP even though its just 2 at the same rank. and yeah the skilsl scaling better means that the weapon itself is better. it allows you to access more damage potential.
    I know that is what you want, but Im just giving an explanation for wh ythe timer is the way it is. and yes it is superior. I know it's almost like comparing apples to oranges but really it's more like comparing a cake to a cake with frosting. both are similar but Dande is better. The reason you get a zaka is for more damage, Dande gives more damage than a zaka could. Im not saying a dande can replace a Zaka it cant, but just look at the order in which KR and WE decide to TET our items. We get Dande to TET first because it takes priority, it takes priority because it is better. 
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  7. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Kakao, can we please talk about Karanda?   

    because her weapon is superior to zaka, they have to make it more rare. it's why we dont have a dandelion box in RNG event rolls like lauren's family box or GM advanced Lucky boxes. They are allowing us to have more frequent access to Zaka weapons since so much time has passed. now the new hot item is the dandelion and soon Nouver. So it currently has to stay much more rare than Zaka to keep players actively reaching for it. 
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  8. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic I Feel Cheated   

    Lol. just more hair options is what he's saying dude. anyone can make a dark tone. all we get is curly hair modifiers though. Need more dread locks. Need more afros wtf.
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  9. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic I Feel Cheated   

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  10. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Awakened weapon   

    I think it's actually 50% and also your awakening skills scale much better than sword skills. Maehwa blade is rapid fire, MAehwa Spear is like 1 big hit.
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  11. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic I Feel Cheated   

    Except I didn't call the Ferari dumb (BDO) Don't build a straw man...
    I said it was dumb, it being the idea of not having snake skin leather (if you want to use that exaggerated analogy). The thing is, that type of reasoning is purely subjective.
    The iPhone 7 has no headphone jack, some people think it's dumb, some people don't care. But no one is saying that the phone is dumb. It's a great piece of technology. I just think that this great piece of technology is missing some neat feature and I think the lack of those features is a dumb idea. purely subjective. 
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  12. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    Some Flowers Bloom, Some whither away and die...

    yet some Change with the Season...

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  13. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Valkyrie vs Sorceress   

    Passive doesnt work if they outgear you, and we cannot contro lthat. Because there is no resistance to high AP. they eat through my 291 DP and thats my punishment for playing passively. The gear level thing isnt accurate, because if you eat a single lawnmower it leaves you with 50-60% of hp, and thats just from one skill. you cant really say that 'you can now formulate a counter attack' when the sorc has used an iframe dash followed by a skill that offers protections and cc and high damage andthe rest of her options open after, she iframes away to reset her cooldowns.
    Im not attacking you, im just applying this to my experience. Undergeared sorcs I can beat or trade decently.
    Getting behind them... im really curious to know how I would do that when they vanish in preparation for their violation attack. once they appear the swing is instant, and even if you reacto n the first frame, the frames you use to dash behind them is not an iframe you will take damage or worse, get cc'd because backward dash doesnt provide super armor. its just fast and flashy. it also provides them with a frontal guard to prevent a counter attack, and in my experience they disappear right after. so timing a W + F to connect a cc at the end of their violation doesnt work for me.
    Im sorry it sounds nice on paper, but I would really need to see it in action to believe it. I need to see pvp videos of a valkyrie successfully counter a sorc with the sorc not making a mistake, I dont think thats too much to ask. and if it is then that says something about our class
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  14. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Take a moment to list what you don't like about Valkyrie   

    it feels like my CC doesnt do well to punish my opponents some of the time. maybe its due to lag. but I feel as though a sorc should be punished for dashing headfirst into me, me reading it, and then using purification to stun. instead they dodge it entirely and proceed to vanish int oa frontal guard Violation or mow the lawn.
    but if we W + F at an improper moment, we get slammed for it (you wont see a sorc punished for spamming their iframe, or a giant for using lava splitter into his earth breaking CC  leading to his grab). So either give us more forgiving options to engage that makes people avoid certain attacks, or nerf other classes.
    Also they need to change our passive to critical resistance. Seriously, +10% Cast speed what does this even mean? They intentionally made our attack slow ( sword of judgement for instance) and I use this outdated skill (at least in regards to it being replaced by lancia skills) because this passive was in the game before they decided to even give us awakenings. 
    So they designed the class with slow attacks and said let us give them a 10% passive boost in order to increase the offensive capabilities, but here is the thing... What are we comparing this 10% boost to? We do not attack at the same rate or with the same mechanics as any other class that uses casting speed, what I mean is you will not see a Sorc or A wizard say "wow that Valkyrie casting speed is fast in comparison to mine". Because you cannot compare the speed of a melee attack such as SoJ with like Chain Lightning.
    So I just find it really questionable that they designed our class and gave it a 10% buff that we have no option but to use. it just feels like a lousy passive. if that 10% buff represents a arbitrary number like say 70 base casting speed. Then the Valkyrie class is a class with 70 base casting speed and no passive. and if the class would be unplayable or extremely difficult at 63 base casting speed (-10% passive) Then why the hell is it designed this way?
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  15. NiTianErXing added a post in a topic Valkyrie vs Sorceress   


    This is the Life of The Valkyrie. But in all honestly, it feels like shooting in the dark. Because I will see the direction they are dashing in, and then use purification, and it just wont connect. so it's either timing, or im completely wasting my time if they have a free cc immunity engage.
     Or you have to turn around when they disappear in order to use violation but I guess they reappear mid guard stance (unless you opt to move out of the way but then how exactly do we counterattack), so again the stun will not work.
    If you eat violation ( guard it with good judgement) by the time they finis h the swing its time to MOW THE LAWN, frontal guard and CC, again no time to retaliate.
    The few times Ive caught sorcs is when they dont attack, like if they are strafing around shooting useless skills at me, or by chance. and chance doesnt work most of the time when any good sorc knows to just iframe around till im on my back and we know how that story ends.
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