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  1. SavagePunk added a post in a topic Show us your sexy characters and screenshots   

    flower power ninja
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  2. SavagePunk added a post in a topic TET or Quit - RIP   

    This thread is sponsored by:

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  3. SavagePunk added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening   

    will stream all week and next week, the new awakening will take a while to learn seeing as we are forced to use both stances we have to keep switching back and forth. ^^
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  4. SavagePunk added a post in a topic ninja awakening stream 23/06!   

    its happening in 30 mins guys and gals
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  5. SavagePunk added a post in a topic Playing in Korea (ask me)   

    yes its random
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  6. SavagePunk added a post in a topic ninja awakening stream 23/06!   

    6:30 hours to go guys, then our streams will be live
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  7. SavagePunk added a post in a topic Playing in Korea (ask me)   

    no but I see it live every node/siege we have ^^
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  8. SavagePunk added a post in a topic Best Overall Class?   

    There is no best overall class, each class has a unique play style and covers a seperate role in pvp. You should be asking yourself which class suits you and your playstyle, watch some videos and/or try each class out. I can not stress this enough, play the class that you have fun with and then get really good at that class and master it. 
    every class will have its ups and downs along the way, this is why you should stick to a class that you have the most fun with.
    This is not the type of game where you can switch to the class of the month every time and stay competetive.
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  9. SavagePunk added a post in a topic Playing in Korea (ask me)   

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  10. SavagePunk added a post in a topic Playing in Korea (ask me)   

    It actually varies from item to item. 
    Green: Bares Neck PRI = 5 stack, Duo = 15 stack, Tri = 25+ stack (only with green you can pretty much use the same failstacks for all items)
    Blue: Blue Coral Ring PRI = 15 stack, Duo = 25 stack, Tri = 35+ stack
    Blue: Mark Of Shadow PRI = 20-25 stack, Duo = 30-35 stack, Tri = 40-45 stack
    Blue: Blue Coral Earring PRI = 20 stack, Duo = 27 stack, Tri = 35 stack
    Yellow: Ogre Ring PRI = 25-30 stack, Duo = 40 stack, Tri = 55+ stack
    This is from personal experience, in the end it does come down to RNG
    Seeing as from now on you will only be upgrading yellow armor 16+I will just give you the stack for yellow. ( remember you guys will have force enchant to +18 available)
    +16 = (20) stack, +17 = (27) stack, +18 = (35-40) stack, +19 = (75-80 stack, +20 = (90+) stack
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  11. SavagePunk added a post in a topic Playing in Korea (ask me)   

    That depends on the items itself, if they are in high demand people will pay upwards of tripple the original price.
    Both classes are fun to play and bring a lot to the table, especially now that Ninja awakening is coming tomorrow and kuno a month later. Both classes require a lot of skill to play, with the kuno being more forgiving in the mistake department than ninja. They are the most difficult classes to play right now and ar ethe hardest to master.
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  12. SavagePunk added a post in a topic Ninja "within the next two months"   

    Your seeing this all wrong guys, they allready implemented Ninja and Kuno for you guys, its in one of those Dye bundles. Go buy thousands of bundles, get lucky and maybe get the ninja out of one. Atleast you will have enough money from selling Dyes to completely deck out your Ninja/Kuno when you manage to get them in a bundle.
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  13. SavagePunk added a post in a topic Please Rewrite Class Balance   

    If you cant handle complexity of skills/combos on certain classes then switch to a class that is simple.
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  14. SavagePunk added a post in a topic [VIDEO] 632 Dye Boxes is it really p2w?   

    they also never said that they will never add p2w, they kept that door wide open.
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  15. SavagePunk added a post in a topic About that American flag missing from the game..   

    American football is for plebs when comparing it to rugby. I would love to see any US football team go up against new zealand rugby team.
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