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  1. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic PM Diary 3   

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  2. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic What is the best beverage to drink for mmos   

    You're insane
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  3. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic A guild for women in Black Desert Online. (Alustin)   

    Ohhh boyyyy, we got ourselves a rally forum in here !
    So, after reading allot of back and forward comments + some irrational post's I just want to say one thing ...
    Girl guilds are great and I've played many games where I have had great experiences playing with and against girls (btw I am a male), but the way you introduced the guild into this community was feministic, you overexerted the notion of male harassment online. "Stalkers" do exist ... to a degree, rarely you'd find a stalker and the degree which they can stalk is totally down to how much you expose yourself. What does this mean? females have to hide more information then men ? well ... even men get stalked by other men but of course females are targeted more, thus leaving them with the responsibility to not share information beyond the game. Now this is not the place to debate whether or not it is right that females have to hide information just because they are female.
    Male harassment is apparent everywhere in the gaming community, from counterstrike to [insert majority of F2P games] but just because females have these experiences or just because you may not feel comfortable, does not make it Ok to portray this guild as a safe haven for female gamers, this conveys an isolate agenda away from the male gender. Not all guys are stalkers ...
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  4. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic What are you guys' jobs?   

    By day I am a student in the UK, at night I am a gamer, weeb, cs:go player and a forum lurker.
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  5. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic Well, I ended up pre-ordering the conqueror's pack   

    I like my money ^^ 
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  6. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic Last Letter Of The Word Game   

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  7. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic Is this game PVE?   

    Practically what I said to OP. + 1
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  8. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic Is this game PVE?   

    The other content is mostly there to support fights ... e.g crafting
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  9. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic Is this game PVE?   

    PvP can be single player in the sense that you alone is fighting against other players. " Major part of the game is singleplayer " .... if you are talking about killing mobs many people grind in groups, also it is only to lv 50 where the majority of a generic player will be "Singleplayer" they will then move on to the bigger content which is not single player.
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  10. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic Is this game PVE?   

    And you say to people, stay on topic ...
    THEY ARE ON TOPIC, the thread is called "Is this game PVE ?" depating for it and against it is all relevent so stop denying people comment with the illegitimate excuse of "Stay on topic". If you want to say this while being correct, Change the title to the FAQ.
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  11. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic Is this game PVE?   

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  12. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic Is this game PVE?   

    Bro, "You may then access such contexts..." Firstly you are digging way to deep into this topic. It is simply stating that you as a player, have the choice to either join a guild and participate in those GvG scenarios or to Partake in the Arena. These specific PvP elements are avoidable, and in no way can a player be forced into this (Unless guild pressure). BUT the OWPVP is an element in this game that is almost like a rule that everyone must abide by, that rule being that anyone can attack you. If you were to say this should not affect PvE players then PvP players can rightfully say "WHY should I be attacked by MOBS, I dont want to be involved" but that is also something that is not avoidable( grinding/leveling ).
    Secondly IN NO WAY DOES THIS FAQ infers that the developers/GM'S/PM'S/CM'S are trying to make this a sandbox PvE, what you did within this thread is ignore the more important content of the FAQ to debate or attempt to expose a loosely worded sentence. Pay attention again, the entire body of that specific FAQ infers that this game is both  PvP and PvE, informing players that firstly it will mostly be PvE driven with the later END GAME content of PvP that which they may chose to partake in. Furthermore it expands on the PvE at the end by talking about professions and crafting. Put everything that I said on a map with dots, add up the dots and look closely. What do you see ? two distinct sides of the game in one simple paragraph, they are both optional of course you would bar OWPVP and mob grinding as those are engraved within the game. And people will just have to accept that. 
    P.S I dont see any point within this senseless thread, any of the answers previously given to you would of done just fine. 
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  13. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic Cooking utensile repair?   

    ... Wrong place buddy
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  14. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic <Grind> - Disbanded   

    Yo, after a ponder i've decided to join. See you guys ingame allot, so I can trust in the activity of the guild.
    Family Name: Bebop
    Player Name: Faye
    KR: I too have played KR, not for long but I maxed out a kunoichi.
    CB1: 31 Sorc, taking it slow for CB1.
    P.S I have Discord already + Conq pack.
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  15. Myst/Fama added a post in a topic Spaces in names   

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