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  1. Xzelor added a post in a topic Numbers, I miss Numbers   

    PShhh of course i haw like a thousands of times 
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  2. Xzelor added a post in a topic Numbers, I miss Numbers   

    Adons in this game are banned ? I mean this was hypothetical question i deffenitly did not mean it other wise O_O
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  3. Xzelor added a post in a topic Numbers, I miss Numbers   

    is there demage ore dps range addon for BDO ?
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  4. Xzelor added a post in a topic I just realized that I don't play in group in BDO because ...   

    my friend i was thinking of AI as small helpers but as waifus, yess now i feel sad that i can run around with 3 waifus, that was my favorite part of dragon dogma as well 
    ah and i made a discord groop for people just chilling and relaxing, for people who do not mind siting in ther seiling boats and active fishing 
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  5. Xzelor added a post in a topic Numbers, I miss Numbers   

    so true and i think nubers are better then words at least when fighting, and ewen the knowledge system can work with that 
    all tho this game truely needs a DPS info like how mutch demage dos my kamsylvia slash (my faforite dark night skill) 
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  6. Xzelor added a post in a topic I just realized that I don't play in group in BDO because ...   

    well me pleyng longer and giwing up and buyng the dark night awekening costume cos its cool and i haw seen all the color combos on my normal armour so here hoping the do get profit and meke some more pve content, ore rushing it hre like with chars and aweikenings. GW2 had raids eventuali but its own, this games raide like dungeons cold be awesom open wolrld and sutch but not so big Zerg fests like the world bosses at the moment are 
    but thanks i will check out the KR pve content 
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  7. Xzelor added a post in a topic so no one knows what discord is ?   

    well i doo know taht people know what discord is but no one was shilling thre groops and well BDO is not very party frendly u know 
    and can i join 
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  8. Xzelor added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    DPS(demage pere second) range is a hiden stat as well because AP is not it and i get the argument point as well that people are gonna shame people who do not haw enugh range like in other games, but we alredy do that if u are under 100 ap and dp and are over lvl 50 u are a noob an GTFO 
    thats a side note tho, if my 1000% attack skill hits 100% of the time and some one who has 200 Ap his 1400% skill hits 30% of the time we shold be be able to see it and meybe build our characters acording to our dps range, and yess i get that STR DEX INT VIT are boring and ewrybodi uses them and useing only two stats is good but AP(atack points) DP(defens points) do not work like two simple stats no there has to be hiden shit in them and sutch nonsens  
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  9. Xzelor added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    I must state I LOVE BLACK DESERT, still wehn i strated pleyng and was looking at Liverto and Kazarka
    Ap: 18-22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dp: 0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Item effect: critical hit lvl+ 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               enhancment effect: AP, accuracy incrise
    Ap: 18-22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Dp: 0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Item effect: critical hit lvl+ 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               enhancment effect: AP & accuracy incrise         
    So one costs 9 mill and the latter costs 95 mill so, me looking for better weapon and being reasonably smart i think ,,oh wow i spend 9 mill for a basicly the same wepon  oh cool´´  So all whe like the hiden stats and stuff, i get it its fun and we do not haw to know ewry thing but, That right there is not hiden that right there is two smae wepons sold in different price ranges one is yellow and another one is blue, afther plyng MMOS for 20 years id go with the blue eny dey cos it is cheaper, but we all know kazarka is better but from who from where and how, we do not see ewen ower dps range,
    That is why this salts our apples                                                                
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  10. Xzelor added a post in a topic I just realized that I don't play in group in BDO because ...   

    The to much Solo was one of reasons i took a good long brake from BDOso yeah, but in ESO partyng with peple in the world map is not so poppular as  as well but u alweys get an party invite when dealing with elit mobs and anchors, and yes this game needs harder mobs that u cannot groop and spank, a low defens wery high attack and high hp like in ESO so yeah DesertBlack i Agree this game is good but its rough opal
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  11. Xzelor added a topic in General   

    Numbers, I miss Numbers
    For some reason i miss numbers when hitting things, but fore some reason it dos not bother me in ESO, but here hmm i guess i wanna see my hard earned duo laverto pay of, it did not bother me when i was running around with yuria but i guess afther 80-140 mill of stones fragments and duplicates i wanna see my labor at work, ore i haw played to mutch maplestory reasently 
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  12. Xzelor added a post in a topic Any Black Desert Telegram group(s)?   

    amm if there are non you can make one, and invate me, i was looking for discord users but telegram works 
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  13. Xzelor added a topic in Off-Topic   

    so no one knows what discord is ?
    So again do you people use discord for guild stuff and other such needs, and if no one knows what discord is i recommend looking it up it is good program 
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  14. Xzelor added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Eny Discord users
    Looking for people to play with but i like to use foice chat ore some thing els cos in game chat is too hmm tedious, ore just people i can chat about the game ewen if we happen do not play at the same time 
    all tho the better question is do eny one wanna join my discord server 
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  15. Xzelor added a topic in General   

    cutscenes do not start
    So i restarted a class and for some reason all cutscenes skip it dos not even gives me a skip option, my first run with the story i skiped most of it, but the story realy is ´´intresting´´ so i naow i haw context, so is there a check in options that i missed ore something els 
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